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Primitive Rugs and Carpets

Hokanson has created a series of detailed primitive rugs, tribal rugs, and that are designed to suit your individual tastes. The designs range from traditional tribal shapes, styles, and colors to traditional and stylized animal prints. Our animal or tribal design area rugs offer the decorative elements of modern design, as well as the mystique and exotic beauty of the jungle.

The rugs from our Primitive Collection allow people to express their individuality and also explore new different and alluring tastes in home décor and carpets. Within this series of extravagant rugs, you will unearth the designs that are inspired by the unique customs of African, Moroccan, and even East Indian cultures.

By varying the colors and textures of the weave, we have effectively been able to cover a broad spectrum of design esthetics. We are able to custom scale each design to fit any size and shape of rug. In addition to tailoring your ideal carpet or rug, we can customize them to include any of our special wools, silks, cashmere, viscose and even bamboo. Our animal print area rugs and carpets include tiger stripes, cheetah prints, and of course, leopard spots! These are a very specialized part of our collection that can be tailored specifically to your liking and preference. Go on a safari trip and explore the deepest recesses of the wild – own custom designed animal, tribal rugs, or primitive rugs and carpets from Hokanson today!

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