Best Carpet Color to Brighten up Your Basement in 2022

best carpet color for basement

Basements can be tricky to decorate because they are typically dark and dreary. One way to brighten up a basement is to paint the walls and ceiling a light color. This will also help to make the space feel larger. Another way to brighten up a basement is to choose the right carpet color. Light … Read more

5 Best Color Carpet to Hide Stains and Dirt in 2022

patterned carpet to hide all types of stains

Carpets can help in saving money as there are some colors on which stains are not visible. So, if you have kids or if you are clumsy and easily drop anything then it is better to choose the color of carpets wisely. Usually, darker colors are preferable as they do not reflect light back hiding … Read more

4 Best Type of Carpet for Church Sanctuary in 2022

best type of carpet for church sanctuary

Just like every other place in the world, churches too have to have a welcoming and joyful design and decoration strategy that can attract a range of audiences. The style, decoration, and essence of the church need to emphasize heritage, respect, and peacefulness. These days churches have also started to update and modernize their space … Read more

10 Best Color Carpets to Activate Your Room with White Walls

patterned carpet for white walls and sleek room interior

While this may seem like a trivial matter, selecting the best carpet color for white walls can be critical to the overall aesthetics of a room. A complementary color scheme is often best, with light shades of blue or green working well with white walls. In rooms with high traffic, darker colors may be better … Read more

How to Remove Mold from Carpet?

how to remove mold from carpet

Mold infestation is a serious problem, and it needs immediate intervention. Mold spores are dangerous as they can cause health problems. Not to mention they destroy your furniture, property and other valuable items. Cleaning mold on a hard surface like metal is pretty straightforward. You only need to scrub the surface with a mold removing … Read more

Best Polypropylene Carpet – Colorful Choice to Decorate Your House

best plush polypropylene carpet

Polypropylene is an artificial synthetic fiber. The special technology makes it capable to be dyed into various colors and patterns. What’s more, polypropylene carpet is an economical choice for its low price. To help you get the best polypropylene carpet, in this article, we’ll provide you with considerate guidance to know how to choose the … Read more

How to Get Human Urine Out of Carpet?

how to clean human urine on carpet

Have you ever come into contact with human urine, and felt sick? Probably not, but it happens. If you’ve ever walked on a freshly showered carpet and smelled that harsh smell of pee, then there’s a good chance you might want to try to get human urine out of the carpet. This article explains the … Read more

How to Get Vaseline Out of Carpet?

how to remove vaseline from carpet

Having Vaseline on your carpet can happen either through a spill or by placing it on the floor to make cleaning easier. If you don’t take steps to remove it soon, it will be absorbed into the fibers and become even more difficult, if not impossible, to get out. Here are is a step-by-step guide … Read more

How to Stop Rabbit From Chewing Carpet?

how to prevent rabbit from chewing carpet

Are you having a problem with your carpet being chewed on by your rabbit? Don’t worry, there is a way to stop this from happening. You can find useful information on what caused the behavior, how to keep it from happening in the future, and how to train your rabbit not to chew on something … Read more

How to Get Coconut Oil Out of A Carpet?

how to remove coconut oil from carpet

Coconut oil is a popular household item often used in cooking and skincare. Moreover, you can use it as a natural solution for removing tough stains, including chewing gum and grease from clothing. Unfortunately, when the oil spills on a carpet, it can be difficult to remove, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t remove … Read more