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Oriental Carpets and Rugs for Sale

The Oriental Collection is a group of custom designs that have been created to impart the essence of Asian influences.

For oriental carpets and rugs to have an authentic look, they must be handmade. At Hokanson, we use highly skilled designers and artisans to ensure you get the look and feel you desire. Some of the designs, woven into the carpets, have a simple Asian touch, while others are completely oriental in feel. They reflect the mysteries of the orient in today’s tastes and colors. Any of these designs can be custom colored for your unique taste or completely redesigned using your own influences and colors.

Within in the Oriental Collection is the Alexander Collection, which contains a series of four very special designs that have been inspired by period silk kimonos from Japan. The Alexander Collection has many historical Japanese elements. Traditional kimono designs were primarily inspired by nature. As a result of these influences, our artisans have made use of bamboo, orchids, and other traditional Japanese plants in their detailed creations. Our crafters have also added traditional and vivid colors into the carpet to create more intricate designs to emphasize the beauty of Asian culture in our oriental carpets and rugs. If you look carefully, you can even see stylized elements of water and shoji screens! Each piece has been hand tufted, carved and beveled in varying pile heights or levels using our very fine worsted wool, silk, and silk/wool blended fibers. By carefully choosing the softest and calmest of colors we have created the essence of peace and tranquility so often associated with all things Japanese.

Tell us your Zen inspirations and we can create your own custom Alexander rug that will give you your own feelings of serenity and calmness. Browse our exquisite selection of oriental rugs for sale today.

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