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The Lakeshore Collection is a group of designs that were created using several different weaving techniques in the background along with a hand tufted design accents in our luxurious silk. These unique weaves and designs tend to the transitional and contemporary. Each weave is a unique technique that appears to be hand stitched either in a cross-over or a basic needlepoint stitchery. Intertwined with the hand stitching are varying hand tufted designs. Our artisans have recreated their visions in stunning soft tones of silk which complement the hand stitching. This technique results in a thin rug with an interesting sense of depth resulting from the different pile heights. While the hand-stitchery remains low and tight, you can vary the pile height of the silk design. The effect is very unique and they add a very interesting texture and focus to your room. Let us know what colors and design inspire you and let us create your own custom rug from the Lakeshore Collection.

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