How to Stop Rabbit From Chewing Carpet?

Are you having a problem with your carpet being chewed on by your rabbit? Don’t worry, there is a way to stop this from happening. You can find useful information on what caused the behavior, how to keep it from happening in the future, and how to train your rabbit not to chew on something else.

Rabbits are known for chewing carpets because they are made of fibers that rabbits enjoy chewing on. This article will teach you different ways to stop your rabbit from chewing on the carpet as well as some helpful tips.

how to prevent rabbit from chewing carpet

What causes rabbit carpet chewing?

Confined and bored

Rabbits need to be able to walk where they want, climb things, dig up things and play with toys. When they are confined in a cage all day, they can show signs of getting restless and bored which is why they will begin chewing on the carpet.


It is common for rabbits to chew on the carpet when their teeth are coming in. Rabbits that are separated from their mother and littermates can also become destructive because they are missing the experience of being around other rabbits and having company.


Rabbits can also get anxious when they’re separated from their companions or if there is a predator in their cage. They might start chewing on the carpet to release their anxiety.


Rabbits need mental stimulation and exercise that can only be found in a bigger space than their cage. When they don’t get proper exercise and socialization, they will seek out other ways to entertain themselves which includes chewing on things.

How to stop the rabbit from chewing the carpet?

Like most animals, rabbits need to chew to keep their teeth at an ideal length. Rabbits will also use anything around them like furniture and even your carpet in order to keep their teeth healthy. There are a few things you can do to help deter the rabbit from chewing your carpet.

Try a bitter apple spray

If you don’t want to replace your carpet, the easiest thing you can do is put a bitter apple spray on the spots that they’re chewing on. This will deter them from chewing on your carpet and it won’t cause any harm to your rabbit’s mouth.

Get rid of the previous owner’s rabbits

Next time you’re getting a pet from a breeder, make sure that whoever it is that owns the rabbit before you do not have rabbits anymore or has put them down (if so, make sure to check for any signs of illness).

Take them out of their cage for a fun

So they’re more likely to choose not to chew your walls instead of the carpet. If they’re not chewing on anything in their cage, they’ll most likely chew on things around the house because they’re bored.

If all else fails, contact a professional trainer for some advice. There is plenty of dog and cat behaviorists who can help you with your rabbit to make sure they don’t chew on your carpet anymore.


There are a few things you can do to help deter the rabbit from chewing your carpet. The best solution to any problem is prevention, so try to avoid the issue from ever happening in the first place by keeping an eye on your rabbit’s droppings, providing them with plenty of chew toys, and keeping them in their cage when they’re not with you. Your carpet will thank you and your bunny will love you for it.