How to Remove Red Clay Stains From Carpet?

The red clay is prone to leave stains on your carpet.

This guide is to help you thoroughly clean the red clay in your carpet. Check the professional methods to renew your carpet now!

how to remove red clay stains from carpet

Things You’ll Need to Get Rid of Red Clay From Carpet

  • A Spray Bottle
  • A Bottle of Borax
  • A Bottle of Ammonia
  • Cold Clean Water
  • A Vacuum
  • A Steam Cleaner
  • An Old Toothbrush

These stuffs are necessary since cleaning the red clay is to some extent a tough work. You should prepare these elements well in case there are still some stains left on your carpet.

Borax and ammonia can be easily got in grocery stores and in supermarkets. They’re the main detergent to clean the red clay stain on your carpet.

If you don’t have a vacuum or a steam cleaner in your house, you can consider purchasing one for further use. They work efficiently and effectively compared to using a cloth or towel to handwash your carpet.

Steps to Clean the Red Clay Stains on Your Carpet

1. Vacuum the Carpet

At the very beginning, you should vacuum the stained area of your carpet carefully. This step is to remove the loose soil and dirt on your carpet, then you can set about the deeper cleaning.

2. Use Borax Solution to Clean the Stain

Firstly, prepare a cup of water, and a tablespoon of borax, mix them fully and evenly in the spray bottle.

If the borax is not available for you, you can also consider using Murphy’s oil soap directly instead of the mixing solution. When you get this well-mixed solution, spray it on the stained area.

borax to remove red clay stains

3. Brush the Stained Area on Your Carpet

Use the toothbrush to brush these stained areas softly and smoothly. This is to accelerate the process that the solution penetrates carpet fibers. Otherwise, you can’t clean the red clay effectively and thoroughly.

When you’ve done this work, just let the solution dip in the carpet for about 20 minutes.

4. Use Your Steam Cleaner to Clean the Carpet

The solution now should have totally resolved these red clay stains. Switch on your steam cleaner and mop on the stained area evenly. You’ll find the stain easily wiped out.

If you don’t prepare a steam cleaner, you can use a cloth with cold water to spot-clean these areas.

5. Use Ammonia to Further Clean the Stain

If you find some stains too tough that still linger on your carpet, the ammonia can help solve this problem.

Add one cup of ammonia in the bucket, and fulfill the container with enough water, then evenly stir to mix them.

Insert the solution into the sprayer, and spray it on the residue stains. Then use a clean towel to scrub the carpet. Your carpet will reappear to clean.

You can also consider pouring the solution into the steam cleaner directly, it’ll be more efficient to use a steam cleaner.

6. Remember to Dry Your Carpet

After all the stains are removed, remember to air out your carpet or use a hairdryer to get rid of the humidity in your carpet. This is to prevent any residue hurts your carpet.

What if the Red Clay Stain on Your Carpet is too Large?

If your spill too much red clay on your carpet, we suggest you clean the carpet area by area. You can spot clean the stain in batches instead of trying to clean the whole stain at one time.

This is because if you try to clean the whole carpet in one turn, you’re liable not to clean the chemical detergent in time, then these strong bleachers may get your carpet faded.

Will Red Clay Stain on Your Carpet?

The red clay will turn muddy once it gets wet in a humid environment. Then it will get concreted on your carpet and leave an unerasable stain. For fear of this situation, you should clean your carpet as soon as possible if you get it dirted by red clay.