How to Remove Playdough From Carpet?

Kids, generally, love playdough. This good-looking and colorful dough putty is a perfect way for your kids to explore their creative side while improving their senses.

However, for parents, this is not something fun because it always leaves messes on your carpets. Not only does the sticky putty get left behind but the dyes used in making the product leave your carpet stained. In this article, we shall focus on how to remove playdough from the carpet.

how to remove playdough from carpet

Steps to remove playdough from carpet

If you find yourself carpet wedged with globs of sticky playdough, do not panic. Below are the steps to remove this sticky substance without damaging your carpet:

Apply rubbing alcohol to a piece of towel and blot the carpet gently

Pour a small amount of rubbing alcohol on a towel and soak up the playdough stain gently to loosen it. Ensure you only soak up the stain, because rubbing will only worsen it.

Switch to the clean spots on your towel while soaking to avoid spreading the playdough as you clean it. Keep in mind that. Rubbing alcohol can damage the adhesive backing of your carpet, hence do not pour it directly on your carpet. Just transfer very little on the carpet via your towel.

Use hydrogen peroxide to clean the stubborn playdough and stains on your white carpet

Apply some hydrogen peroxide on your paper towel and then blot on your stain. Perform this task gently until every bit of the playdough residue is removed.

The advantage of hydrogen peroxide is that it removes even the discolorations caused by the playdough. However, it should only be used on white carpets since it can bleach patterns and colors. Resolve is a stain remover that is effective at cleaning your carpet.

Use mild soap on the stain

Remove the cleaning solution and the playdough dough residue remnants with soap. Apply a small amount of soap on the towel and gently soak up the carpet. Ensure that the soap does not contain any bleaching agents.

Wash the soap with cold water

Put some clean and cold water in a spray bottle and wash away the soap by soaking up the carpet with your clean towel. Only spray small amounts at a time to avoid damaging the subflooring underneath.

Repeat the process until all the soap has been washed away. Cover the spot with a clean dry towel and add pressure to dry your carpet.

How to Remove Dried playdough from carpet?

Allow the dough to dry completely

Let the playdough dry for several hours before trying to remove it from your carpet. Once it feels hard to your touch, it means it has completely dried. Dry play dough is much easier to remove from the carpet than the soft sticky play dough.

Consider freezing the playdough to accelerate drying

Direct compressed air two to three inches away from your carpet and spray the dough stain for about 15 seconds.

Freezing is a great way to harden or rather dry the play dough with less time. You must keep your fingers away from the cold air since it can cause freeze burns if it gets into contact with your skin.

Use a knife or brush to scrape the playdough away

Use a butter knife or a carpet brush to begging cutting or rather chipping away the already hardened dough from the carpet. Scrape repeatedly in the same direction to loosen the playdough from the carpet fibers.

Use only a dull knife or butter knife to avoid damaging your carpet. Do not scrape with a circular motion because it will only drive the playdough deep into the carpet.

Vacuum the removed pieces as you scrape

Use a vacuum cleaner to remove the loosened pieces from your carpet as you continue scrapping. As soon as the playdough is unstuck from your carpet, it should be disposed of.

This step should not be neglected because if you continue removing additional pieces you find risk pushing the already scraped pieces into the carpet, all your word work would be in vain. Therefore, alternate scraping and vacuuming until the entire playdough is unstuck from your carpet.

In conclusion, following the above steps, you will undoubtedly remove playdough from your parent and live as a happy parent with your kids.