How to Get Transmission Fluid Out of Carpet?

A sudden braking may tumble down the transmission fluid in your car. If you do not tighten the cap, the gear oil may get leaked from the bottle and pollute your car carpet.

When confronted with this situation, do not panic at first. Check our professional cleaning guide to get rid of this trouble as soon as possible.

how to clean transmission fluid on your carpet

Steps to Clean the Transmission Fluid Out of Carpet

1. Blot the Excessive Fluid with Your Paper Towel

When you find your car carpet get dirted, firstly you should park your car somewhere nearest to clean this mess as soon as possible.

Grab tightly these stained areas with pieces of paper towel, this can help absorb much excessive fluid in your carpet to simplify the following cleaning procedure.

Repeat blot the carpet till there’re no wet stains appearing on your paper towel. If you didn’t have any paper towel, anything that can absorb liquid can be helpful in this situation, such as a newspaper, towel, or even paper bag.

2. Detach Your Carpet from Your Car

The narrow space in your car is not ideal to thoroughly clean the transmission fluid. If your car rug is detachable, you should dismantle it from your car instantly, in case the fluid further pollutes your car.

If you install a fixed carpet on your car, you may first need to detach the seat, and then remove the carpet entirely from your car.

Do not let the transmission fluid stay on your carpet overnight, or it may leave unremovable stain and odor on your carpet.

3. Soak Your Carpet in Solution

Fetch a large bucket that can contain your carpet, fill the bucket with enough lukewarm water, and add at least 1 cup of degreasing detergent into the bucket. Fully stir the water to get them evenly mixed. Then soak your carpet in the bucket for 3-5 hours.

During this period, you should return to the bucket every single hour, and stir your carpet in the bucket to ensure all the polluted areas can be exposed to the solution. The transmission liquid will be gradually dissolved in the bucket.

4. Brush Your Carpet in the Bucket

When the carpet is entirely and thoroughly soaked, use your brush to scrub the stained area. You’ll find the transmission fluid vanish from your carpet.

Brush patiently and carefully till you finish cleaning all the fluid stains.

5. Rinse Your Carpet with Clean Water

When the carpet appearance returns to neat, rinse it in clean cold water at least two times. This is to get rid of all potential or residue transmission fluid or solution on your carpet.

6. Air Out Your Carpet Outside

Before reinstalling it to your car, remember to air out your carpet outside to get rid of all humidity. The wet carpet is hard to turn dry in the dim environment in your car, and the humidity will hurt your carpet pile and surface.

But do not expose your carpet directly to the sunlight for too long, otherwise, it may get damaged due to overheating.