How to Get Taffy Out of Carpet?

The taffy on your carpet will stick the pile together and leave yellow stains that are difficult to wash. It will severely affect the appearance of your favored carpet.

Once you drop taffy unintentionally on the carpet, read this guide and clean it as soon as possible, with our professional and practical methods to get it back to clean.

tips to get taffy out of carpet

Steps to Clean the Taffy On Your Carpet

1. Prepare A Bag of Ice Cube

The ice can accelerate the solidification of the melted taffy on your carpet. You need to prepare a plastic bag and fill it with enough ice cubes.

Remember not to use apply the ice cube directly to the taffy area. The humidity may lead to other problems without the isolation of plastic bags.

2. Apple the Ice Bag on Taffy Area to Get it Freeze

Once you’ve done the ice bag, put it on the gooey taffy area directly. Hold the bag until the sticky taffy turns to be hard and crisp.

3. Scrape the Concreted Taffy with Your Spoon

When you find the taffy concreted, you can go to fetch a spoon in your kitchen. Use the edge of the spoon to scrape the taffy out of your carpet as much as possible. You’ll find the chunks of taffy now is quite easy to get rid of. It won’t stick toughly on the carpet.

4. Erase the Leftover with Your Rug Brush

If there is still some residue stick on your carpet, use the tooth of your brush to scrape the leftover slightly and carefully, repeat this procedure until all taffy is removed from your carpet.

5. Rinse the Carpet with Clean Towel

When you finished removing the taffy on your carpet, use a clean towel with water to clean the area patiently. Scrub the carpet pile to ensure no sticky element will be left on the carpet.

Additional Tips for Removing Taffy on Your Carpet

1. You can consider using dry ice to better freeze the taffy stuck in your carpet. It’ll more fragile to be separated from your carpet. But remember do not touch the dry ice with your bare hand, or you may suffer severe frostbite.

You’ll find the taffy splintered into small pieces when you’re disposing of the dry-ice frozen taffy. A vacuum cleaner can help you get rid of these taffy chips thoroughly.

2. If you don’t have a rug brush in your house, a comb can also play the same role to clean the chunks of taffy.

Just scrape along with the carpet pile gently. Just suds the comb after cleaning the taffy. It’ll be quite a convenient way.

3. If the ice is not available for you, you can consider using a bottle of goo gone to get rid of this sticky taffy mucus effectively. But the goo gone is not for the leather or silk material. Check your carpet material before you apply the solution to your carpet.

4. If the taffy is just sticking on the top surface layer of your carpet, you can also consider shear the pile to cut out the taffy area. This will be the best effective way to clean. But only for those loop pile carpets.

If you decided to do so, we suggest you choose a professional carpet shear to trim the carpet with taffy. The sharpness and flexibility is highly ensured compared to regular scissors.

5. If the taffy leaves some brown stains on your carpet, you can consider using baking soda or borax to spot clean the stains. These are both helpful detergents when coping with tough stains.

6. If your children often accidentally get the candy fall on your carpet, You can consider overlaying a carpet cover to protect it. Especially if the carpet is loop pile type, this will get you free from many cleaning troubles.

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