How to Get Soup Out of Carpet?

If you fail to hold the bowl steadily, you may get the soup spilled on your carpet. What’s worse, if you get borsch or cream soup spilled, they may leave tough stains that are difficult to remove. The spice and grease in your soup may also lead to cleaning trouble if you don’t clean your carpet carefully.

In this guide, we’ll provide you with convenient and feasible methods to solve this problem. Take our available measures to get soup out of your carpet now.

how to get rid of soup on your carpet

Steps to Clean Soup out of Carpet

1. Clean Up All the Soup Residue on Your Carpet

If you get the soup and the contents all spilled on your carpet, you should clean the solid residue as much as possible. Once it gets dried and stuck on your carpet, it’ll be quite a challenging work to remove the contents.

For this reason, grab the foods residue directly with your paper towel as soon as possible. You should pick them up uprightly to ensure no more stains are spread on your carpet.

If the food is clammy that covered with thick sauce or soup, do not use your vacuum to clean it since it may clog your machine.

2. Absorb the Soup As Much As Possible

If the carpet is still wet after you clean the residue food, you should use a dry clean paper towel to absorb the liquid in humid areas as much as possible. Clutch the towel with your palm, cling it to the wet area.

Repeat this step several times, then you’ll find the carpet gradually dehumidified. When there’s no water stain appearing on your paper towel, you can set about to clean it.

3. Mix Solution to Dissolve the Soup Stain

The soup stain can’t be removed simply by water rinse. You should make up a bottle of detergent solution to get rid of the greasy soup stains on your carpet.

To cope with regular soup stains, the general dishwashing detergent will be the most effective ingredient that is available in your house.

Add one tablespoon of dishwashing detergent into a sprayer, and fill it with warm water(no more than 140°F, or the heat may influence the detergent effect).

Get the solution evenly mixed in your sprayer, then you can take it to clean your carpet now.

4. Spray the Stained Area to Rinse Your Carpet

Use your sprayer to spot clean the stains. The soup stains will be easily dissolved by the detergent solution.

When these areas are fully soaked, go fetch a piece of clean cloth. Blot these stains with your clean cloth. You’ll find them easily removed.

If there’re still unremoved stains, you can wash the cloth with clean water and blot these stains again till all be removed.

5. Rinse the Carpet with Clean Cold Water

When you finish cleaning the soup stains on your carpet, don’t forget to get it rinsed with clean water.

Use another piece of clean cloth, dip it into cold water and scrub your carpet patiently. This is to prevent any solution residue left on your carpet and leading to unexpected trouble.

Tips to Clean the Soup Stains on Your Carpet

1. Sponge can also be used to absorb excessive soup on your carpet. When you spill too much soup, for instance, drop the whole bowl on your carpet, the sponge is better in this situation.

2. When you’re ready to rinse the carpet with water, you can also use your steam cleaner. It’ll be more effective to get rid of the residual solutions.

3. If you find any stain quite tough to remove, you can consider using hydrogen peroxide. But do not apply it on the polyester carpet. Check your carpet material before bleaching.