How to Get Salsa Out of Carpet?

The salsa is a tomato-based sauce. Chopped tomatoes in the salsa are prone to release many natural food colors. If you accidentally drop the salsa on your carpet, they may leave some tough red stains.

To solve this troublesome cleaning problem, this guide will help you know the best effective and convenient methods to get rid of the salsa stain on your carpet.

tips to get salsa out of carpet

Steps to Remove Salsa Stains on Your Carpet

1. Clean the Salsa Remnants on Your Carpet

The salsa contains sorts of minced food. If you spill the sauce on the carpet, there must be some food residue on the carpet. To help you clean the sauce easier, you should firstly pick up all the residues with paper towels.

Do not try to vacuum up these foods since the vacuum cleaner is not capable to handle the wet food.

2. Blot the Wet Salsa Sauce with Towel

The excessive moisture will influence the cleaning process, so you should try to absorb the residual liquid as much as possible.

Go fetch a dry clean cloth or sponge, grab it tightly on your carpet pile, hold for a couple of seconds to ensure it can absorb enough water from your carpet.

You can repeat this step if you find your carpet still dampened till there’s no water stain on the cloth.

3. Mix the Cleaning Solution to Remove Stain

To remove the tough sauce stains on your carpet, you need to compound the designated solution to get rid of these stains.

The dishwashing detergent or borax can all cope with problems for their strong capacity to dissolve food pigments and oil.

Add a tablespoon of detergent into a spray bottle, and add enough lukewarm water. Warm water can accelerate the dissolving process so you can get rid of salsa stains easily.

Get them fully mixed in the spray bottle(shaking up and down at least 20 times), now it can come into cleaning the salsa.

4. Spray the Salsa Stain on Your Carpet

Use your well-mixed solution to get rid of the salsa. When all the stained areas are sprayed with solution, you should wait 10-15 minutes to let the solution react with the salsa sufficiently.

5. Scrub the Soaked Stain with Clean Cloth

When you use your cloth to wipe the stained areas, you’ll find they’re quite easy to remove now.

Clean every stained corner patiently until there’s no red salsa sauce left on your carpet. You should do this process patiently since the residue salsa may get spoiled and leave an intolerable odor.

6. Rinse Your Carpet with Clean Water

When you succeed in removing the tough salsa stains, do not just let your carpet directly dry without rinsing it. Otherwise, the solution may also leave stains or damage your carpet texture.

Fetch another piece of clean cloth or sponge, soak it into cold water. Then use it to clean the carpet area once stained. This is mainly to get rid of the residue solution.

When you find no tiny bubble generated during rinsing, the carpet now will be totally clean. Air it out to get rid of humidity, then you’ll finish the whole cleaning of salsa stains on your carpet.

Useful Tips When Cleaning Salsa on Your Carpet

1. If the salsa has already deteriorated and left smelly odors on your carpet, you can consider using white vinegar after cleaning to remove the odor.

White vinegar is a reliable and natural deodorant, you can directly use it or mixed with equal water.

But ensure thoroughly clean the solution since the acid vinegar may get neutralized by basic detergent.

2. If the stains are quite tough to remove, you can consider using borax or even ammonia to get rid of the stain.

Attention the ammonia mustn’t be used together with chlorine bleacher. They’ll release toxic gas once gets reacted.

3. If you spill too much salsa on your carpet, please spot clean your carpet area by area. Do not let the solution stay on your carpet for too long.