How to Get Rid of Ants in Your Carpet?

If your carpet is neglected to be cleaned frequently, or if your room condition is always damp and dim, your carpet may suffer an invasion of ants.

This guide thereupon is to help you solve this troubling problem with highly effective methods. Go through this passage to get rid of the little invaders in your house.

tips to get ants away from carpets

Best Efficient Way to Get Rid of Ants in Your Carpets

1. Use Ant Bait Killer to Kill The Ant Queen in Your Carpet

Ant bait works quite effectively in defending sorts of an ant invasion in your house. The ergates will carry the bait to their nest, once their queens eat the ant bait and died, these ants will become an army in disarray, and eventually all die.

Be sure that the ant bait is settled around the carpet instead of putting it on your carpet directly, because the food crumbs left on your carpet surface may be more attractive to the ants.

This is the most cleaning method to wipe out ants on your carpet since you won’t see any pile of dead ants on your carpet during this process. It’s quite practical if you are in fear of insects.

ants baits to get rid of ants in your carpet

2. Try Ant Powder if There’re A Large Amounts of Ants in Your Carpet

Ant powder can cope with severe ant invasions in your house easily. If you find a group of ants crawling on your carpet, you can spray or pour the ant powder directly on these ants to kill them directly and efficiently.

Also, you can apply the powder around the edges of your carpet to isolate these ants, then they’ll die soon within a few hours. After all ants died, use the vacuum to clean the dead ants in your carpets.

Remember to avoid touching it directly with your skin, otherwise, you may get some chemical hurt by the ant killers.

Eco-friendly and Economical Ways to Get Ants Out of Your Carpet

If you wanna find an easier and non-toxic measure to kill ants in your carpet, you can consider adopting these natural ways to reduce harm to your carpet and your health.

1. Use Baking Soda to Remove Ants in Your Carpet

Baking soda is easy to find in your kitchen. It can effectively get away the ants hidden in your carpet.

You can mix the baking soda and sugar with equal parts in a bottle, then sprinkle it around your carpet.

The sweet sugar will allure the ants, while the bubble effect of baking soda can kill the ants once they eat these natural baits. With less cost and risk you can clean all the ants easily.

2. Vacuum the Carpet Directly

If the ants are not in a large swarm, you can use a strong vacuum to clean them directly. This is the best feasible and simple way to clean ants in your carpets. The only thing to notice is that ensure the high power of your vacuum since the ants may get stuck in your carpet.

vacuum carpet to remove ants in your carpet

How To Prevent Ant Infestation In Your Carpets?

1. Avoid Eating Foods On Your Carpets

If you’re eating snacks or drinking beverages on your carpet, the spilled food crumbs or sweet drops may fall onto your carpet surface. This is a huge allure to the ants. And it’s the most common reason that incurs an ant infestation in your carpets.

2. Vacuum Your Carpet Regularly

The vacuum cleaner does not only clean the dust and food crumbs hidden in your carpet, but it also prevents your carpet away from getting dampened.

Clean your carpet regularly, and as frequently as possible, so there’ll be no ideal place for ants to setting nests in your carpet.

3. Maintain the Attic and Floor Under Your Carpet

Ants often settle their nest in the rotten woods, since it can provide a dampen and dark environment with enough nourishment.  So you should check these areas regularly, if find any problem, just maintain or repair it immediately.

maintain the attic in your house

Can You Use Raid to Get Ants Out of Carpet Directly?

It’s not advisable to use raid directly on your carpet. Though it can effectively kill the ants, it may leave some stubborn stains that are hard to remove. Some chemical ingredients in the raid may also lead to damage to your carpet.

Can You Kill Ants In Your Carpet with Vinegar?

Actually, vinegar is not a fatal killer to ants. Vinegar is mostly used to prevent ant infestation. The pungent acid smell is a good repellent for ants, but the vinegar is not strong enough to kill these ants directly.

Besides, if you spray the vinegar directly on your carpets, it’ll leave an odor for a long time. So it won’t be a good idea to use vinegar to kill the ants.

Will Ants Eat My Carpet?

Ant does not feed on the carpet fiber. They won’t gnaw a hole on your carpet surface. If you find any hole on your carpet, this means that you may suffer other pest infestations at the same time.

If you find it difficult to solve, you can ask for a professional on-site parasite expelling service to save your carpet.