How to Get Ramen Stains Out Of Carpet?

When enjoy slurping your hot ramen, the soupy noodles may spill some drops on your carpet. What’s worse, if you accidentally do not catch your ramen bowl, it will get your carpet dirty.

This guide thereupon is to provide you with some feasible and effective methods to clean the instant noodles stains left on your carpet and return a clean carpet to you.

tips to get ramen stains out of carpet

Steps to Get the Ramen Stains out of Carpets

At the very beginning, you should check your carpet material and the manual, ensure what types of solutions and treatings can it take in case you do any harm to your carpet unintentionally.

1. Firstly, clean up all the ramen noodles

The first thing to clean your carpet is to get rid of the spilled noodles.

If the noodles are still soupy, you can use a paper tissue to grab these noodles in your trash can. Then use another piece of paper tissue to absorb the liquid left on your carpet as much as possible.

If the noodles are already dry, you can use your vacuum to clean them directly. If you find any noodles stuck into the carpet piles, use a toothpick to pick them out.

2. Second, mix the solution to deeper clean the ramen stain

If you find the instant noodles left a yellow stain on your carpet, it’s time to use the solution to remove the stains. Here we provide you with several solutions you can easily get in your house. You can determine the solution type according to your carpet type and your actual demand.

  • Salt and Vinegar – best safe solution to clean ramen stains

The salt and white vinegar are all available in your kitchen. Fetch two tablespoons of salt and about a half cup of distilled white vinegar. After being fully mixed, spray the solution on the stains and wait for 10-15 minutes. Then use a clean towel to rub the stain, you’ll find the stain easily be removed.

  • Detergent – most efficient way to save your carpet

If you just spill your ramen soup several seconds ago and have already disposed of the noodles, it’s highly suggested to directly apply the detergent on the stained area and scrub it without water.

After several times of rubbing, you’ll find the stain dissolved with detergent and disappear from your carpet. Then just use water to wash the area again, and your carpet will be refreshed.

  • Rubber Alcohol – easy and hygeian method to clean

Rubber alcohol can be easily found in your house, you can also go to the surrounding pharmacy to get one. It’s advisable to use a spray-head one since you can clean the stain more accurately.

When the stain gets soaked by rubber alcohol for 10 minutes, try to use your scrubber to clean the stain. You can repeat this procedure several times to ensure no stain is left.

It should be noted that if your carpet is dyed in a colorful design, try to use another solution since the alcohol may get your carpet faded.

  • Lemon Drop with Baking Soda – both get rid of ramen smell

Lemon drop with baking soda is a typical method to clean food stains like ramen soup on your carpet. Besides cleaning the stain, it can also help get rid of the food smell left on your carpet.

You can apply a few lemon drops to the stained area. After 5-10 minutes, add some baking soda to the soaked area then use your brosse to brush it slightly. The bubbling effect will lift the stain to your carpet surface, so you can wipe it out easily.

  • Borax – designated for tough ramen stain

The borax is even stronger than the typical detergent to clean the stains. If the carpet has been stained by instant noodles for long, you can ask for borax to help you clean it.

Borax is available in sorts of grocery stores. You can add one spoon of borax and get it mixed with hot water. Then spray the borax solution to the stained area.

When it turns to dry, use a steam cleaner to clean your carpet. If you don’t get one, you can consider renting it in the grocery store or just purchasing one in your house.

It’s advisable to use borax with scented flavor since it can also help remove the ramen smell on your carpet.

3. Last, dry your carpet properly

Do not forget to dry your carpet after cleaning. You can hang your carpet outside to air it out. But please keep in mind that the carpet can not be exposed to sunlight directly for too long.

If you wanna dry your carpet faster, you can use your hairdryer to accelerate this process, remember to switch it to cold air mode in case excessive heat damage your carpet.

Does Ramen Stain Carpet?

The ramen soup includes sorts of pigment ingredients, such as turmeric and curry. These will leave yellow stains on your carpet. Especially the light-colored carpet, like white or khaki.

So it’s necessary to clean your carpet properly if ramen is spilled on your carpet. Otherwise, the dried stain is tougher to deal with.

What’s the Most Thorough Way to Clean Ramen Stains?

The answer is absolutely borax. Borax is a super-strong cleaning detergent that is adopted in many commercial cleaning organizations and stores.

If you find the ramen stains quite tough to get rid of, try to use borax to clean your carpet.

If it still leaves some stain on your carpet, you can consider sending it to a professional cleaner shop.

Can You Use Ammonia to Clean Ramen Stains on Your Carpet?

We do not suggest you use ammonia to clean the ramen stains on your carpet. Most carpets on the market can not withstand the fierce effect of ammonia. Though it can clean stains, it will lead to irreversible damage to your carpet at the same time.