How to Get Peanut Butter Out of Carpet?

The peanut butter is oily. Once you drop the peanut butter on the carpet, the grease molecule can easily penetrate the carpet fiber and get the deeper layer dirty.

To avoid leaving a great mess on your carpet, you should clean the peanut butter as soon as possible. This guide will provide you with the best feasible and simple way to get peanut butter out of your carpet.

how to clean peanut butter on your carpet

Steps to Clean Peanut Butter On Your Carpet

1. Scrape Off the Peanut Butter on Carpet Surface

If you have dropped food dipped with peanut butter on the carpet, firstly you should pick it up as soon as possible.

Then use a small knife or spoon to carefully scrape off the surface peanut. Treat it just as scraping the butter.

Do not try to use the paper tissue to remove peanut butter in this step, the excessive butter may be spread all over the carpet if you scrub the stain.

2. Pre-blot Peanut Butter on Your Carpet

To fast dissolve and clean the peanut butter, you should preprocess these greasy stains with acetone.

Acetone is a mineral spirit, it is quite a useful solvent to expedite the cleaning of oil-based stains.

You can add a handful of acetone onto the stained area on your carpet, then you will find the peanut butter easy to remove.

But if your carpet material is made of modacrylic or acetate, please avoid using acetone since it’ll ruin your carpet fiber.

Check the material before using this solvent. If your carpet is not compatible with acetone, you can just skip to the fourth step.

3. Blot the Dissolved Peanut Butter

After adding the acetone, use a clean towel to blot these areas as soon as possible. Acetone is relatively a fierce solvent so you shall do this quickly in case it leads to any damage to your carpet.

4. Mix Degreasing Solution in Spray Bottle

The spray bottle can help remove the stain more accurately, so it’s advisable to mix the solution in a spray bottle.

Go fetch two tablespoons of dishwashing detergent, then fill the bottle with enough lukewarm water. Get them fully mixed in the sprayer. Moderate heat can help you remove the peanut butter easier.

5. Spot Clean the Stain on Your Carpet

Use your sprayer to apply the mixed solution to the stained area. When you get all the areas soaked with solution, wait for 10-15 minutes to let it lift up these stains adequately.

Then use a dry clean cloth, slightly blot these soaked areas till your cloth absorb enough liquid.

Repeat this step several times until the peanut butter stains are all removed. Clean your cloth in cold water before you repeat this step each time.

6. Rinse Your Carpet with Steam Cleaner

The carpet needs to be thoroughly cleaned after you remove the peanut butter stains. Do not leave the solution dry on your carpet, or it may lead to another mess.

Use your steam cleaner to mop the carpet carefully, it can also help tidy the carpet fiber after cleaning.

Tips to Clean Peanut Butter on Your Carpet

1. The borax can also help remove the peanut butter, it’ll be stronger than dishwashing detergent. If you find it difficult to remove, you can consider using borax to clean.

2. To get rid of residue stains on your carpet, you can consider using an oxygen bleacher. But this can only get rid of the left color stain, not for cleaning the peanut butter.

3. If you do not have a steam cleaner, you can also use a clean cloth to rinse your carpet. Just soak the cloth into clean water and scrub the carpet.