How to Get Oil Pastel Out of Carpet?

Oil pastel, as fun as it is, can be a bit of a bother when used on the wrong surface, for instance, your carpet. If you find yourself in a quandary where you have to get oil pastel stains off your carpet, you need not worry too much, as there are a couple of ways to remove the oil pastels. Here is a step-by-step guide.

how to get rid of oil pastel on carpet

The Immediate Cure Before Clean Oil Pastel on Carpet

If the stain has not yet settled in, then you can scrape the paint off. This, however, is not sufficient in making sure that all the stains are gone. To ensure that you get rid of all the stains that remain, you will have to run the surface over with some ice cubes.

This will harden the remaining stains. Then, apply some rubbing alcohol, let it settle for a couple of minutes, and then use a paper towel to get rid of the remaining stains.

If the stain persists, or if you want the process to move faster, you can use some dish soap after applying the rubbing alcohol. Repeat this process a couple of times to attain your desired outcome.

Rub some dish soap onto the stain

After a couple of minutes have passed, you can rub a small amount of dish soap on the stain. Once you have done this, use paper towels to wash over the stain, and then rinse it over with some hot water. If this doesn’t get rid of the stain entirely, repeat the process until you achieve the desired outcome.

Three Solution to Remove the Stains

Use of chemicals

Note that there are various chemicals that you can use to remove oil pastel stains from your carpet. For instance, you can use paint thinner and turpentine.

To effectively remove the stains, you need to dip a cloth into the paint thinner and the turpentine and then dip the cloth into the stain. It would help if you blotted the area using a clean cloth to remove any remaining residues. Although it may be tempting to rub the stain, do not do so because it will make the stain stick.

Before using any of these chemicals, it is advisable to wear protective gear like gloves. You should also open the windows to keep the room properly ventilated. If you are concerned about the lingering odor, you can sprinkle baking soda on the treated area.

Use of white flour

Using white flour is a very natural method of removing the stains of oil pastel from a carpet. All you need to do is to sprinkle the white flour on the stain and allow it to sit. You should then vacuum the flour. The flour will act as a sponge and absorb the oil pastel stain. Check to see the color change on the flour, which indicates that it works.

Use borax

You can also use borax, which is simply sodium borate and is a common household cleaner to remove oil pastel from carpeting. If you use borax, avoid inhaling it, and maintain a safe distance between it and your mouth.

Additionally, ensure that you wear gloves. You can also use turpentine and paint thinner to achieve this. Since oil pastel is oil-based, simply scrubbing the affected surface with water will not do much.