How to Get Kerosene Out of Carpet?

Kerosene is flammable and toxic like any other petroleum product and can leave oily-like stains and a long-lasting smell when it spills on your carpet. Therefore, you should clean the spills up immediately as it is a fire hazard. Besides, it can also damage your carpet and attract more dirt and dust when left in your carpet fibers. To help with that, below is a step-by-step guide and some of the effective ways to get kerosene out of the carpet.

how to clean kerosene on carpet

Steps to Getting Rid of Kerosene on your Carpet

If you want to safely get rid of kerosene stain and odor on your carpet, we strongly recommend you follow the guide below. But before we start, make sure you have the following tools for cleaning kerosene from the carpet.

Things You Need

• Vacuum cleaner.

• Paper towels or clean rugs

• White cotton cloth or towels

• Mask

• A bucket or bowl

• Liquid dish soap

• White Vinegar

• Baking powder or Cornstarch

• Sponge

• Dry cleaning solvent

Step 1: Start with safety precautions.

Before you begin cleaning kerosene out, safety should come first because kerosene is flammable and toxic. Make sure you open the windows for proper ventilation and get rid of pets and children out of the room.

Then remove anything that can spark fire out of sight. Lastly, create a barrier around or over the edges of the spill by covering it with towels to prevent the kerosene stain from spreading further.

Step 2: Check the padding below the carpet.

It would be wise to check the padding below the carpet is saturated with kerosene. If it is saturated, replace or remove the padding.

Step 3: Blotting the affected area

Take either a dry white cotton cloth or absorbent towel and use it to blot the affected area thoroughly as much as possible to prevent extensive damage. Discard the towels in the trash bag immediately after blotting the affected area.

Step 4: Cover the stain with baking powder or cornstarch

Pour a generous amount or a thick layer of baking powder or cornstarch over the spill. Then allow it to sit for about 15-20 minutes to absorb the kerosene.

Step 5: Vacuum the baking powder

Use a vacuum cleaner to sweep up the baking powder.

Step 6: Blot the area of the spill with a dry cleaning agent

After vacuuming the spot, pour a quarter-sized amount of dry cleaning solvent onto a dry cleaning rag. Then use it to bloat at the stain as it helps to detach the stain and prevent discoloration.

For the best result, make sure you work from the outside in. To remove more kerosene stain, turn over to the other side of the rag to reuse it when you are done with one side.

Step 7: Use Vinegar and liquid soap to lift stubborn stains.

If any stubborn stains are left behind, you can make a home cleaning solution to lift the leftover stain and fight odor. Simply drop a teaspoon of white vinegar and liquid dish soap and add 2 cups of water.

Stir gently to mix the solution and then dip a sponge into the mixture and use it to blot up the stubborn stain. Rinse and re-wet the sponge in clean water and use it to blot the area repeatedly until you make sure you have removed the kerosene stain.

Step 8: Blot dry the area

Use a dry cotton cloth or towel to dry out the affected area as much as possible by placing a heavy object over the area you intend to blot up. This helps to shorten the blotting time.

Tips to Remove Kerosene on your Carpet

Alternatively, you can also use oil fighting detergent mixture to remove kerosene if you do not have the tools mentioned above for cleaning kerosene. To work with oil-fighting detergent to remove kerosene, simply follow steps 1-3 in the above instruction. Then;

• Mix a ¼ teaspoon of liquid dish soap in warm water.

• Pour the mixture into a spray bottle.

• Spray the water to rinse the area of the kerosene spill.

• Blot the area repeatedly to lift out the kerosene stain and ensure all the soapy residue is gone.

• Replace the soapy water in the spray bottle with clean water and use it to rinse the area you had initially blotted up.

• Take a dry towel and blot the affected area and allow it to dry.

• Sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda on the kerosene stain to absorb the odor. Then, allow it to sit for about 20 minutes or more, depending on the severity of the odor. If baking soda is not within your reach, you can use vodka to cleanse out kerosene and deodorize the odor.

• Finally, vacuum up the affected area to sweep the baking powder.