How to Get Honey Out of Carpet?

Honey is a great and sweet treat. However, cleaning it is quite challenging, especially out of the carpet. This is due to the fact that honey is viscous and sticky because of the different types of sugar that it contains. Additionally, honey contains tannins, a dark pigment that can leave stains on your carpet. Despite getting honey out of the carpet being challenging, there are ways that you can use it.

how to remove honey on carpet

Steps to Clean Honey Off Your Carpet

1. Using a knife, scoop out the honey. 

You will need a dull knife like a butter knife to ensure you do not cut the carpet during the cleaning process. Scoop out as much honey as you can with your knife, wiping it clean with a paper towel after each pass. You should remove as much honey as possible from the stained area for easier removal of the honey stain in the next steps.

2. Combine 15 mL dish soap and 237 mL warm water in a mixing bowl or bucket. 

(15ml is equivalent to 0.51 fl oz while 237ml is equivalent to 8.0 fl oz).

Using liquid dish soap is better than powdered detergent since it can easily dissolve in warm water leading to an excellent cleaning solution. You can also add around 15 grams of baking soda and 120 ml of vinegar to the solution that you have mixed in a bowl or a bucket to make the solution stronger.

3. Using a damp sponge or towel, dab the stain.

Take a damp sponge or towel or cloth, and dip it in the cleaning solution. After dipping it, remove and dab the honey stain.

While dabbing, do not rub the honey since rubbing will get the honey stain deeper into the carpet fiber, which may lead to a challenging cleaning process.

4. Followed by absorbing the liquid using a clean, dry rag. 

After the stained area of the carpet is coated and soaked with solution (warm soapy water), take the dry clean rag and start soaking it up. While doing this, you should ensure a bowl or pail is nearby for the purpose of wringing the rag.

You should repeat the sponging and absorbing steps until the honey stain has disappeared completely.

5. Take a damp piece of cloth or towel and use it to wipe the area clean.

You should use water only to dampen the piece of cloth or towel for this step. Using the damp piece of cloth or towel, remove any cleaning solution that may have been left behind by dabbing.

If you do not clean up by dabbing the cleaning solution that may have been left behind, your carpet may likely attract more dirt and grime.

6. Dab dry

Take a clean rag and soak up any water spillage or soap leftover since leaving any leftover water or soap may lead to mold or mildew formation underneath your carpet.

How to Get Dried Honey Off Your Carpet?

Dried honey may be on your carpet due to unintentional spillage without you noticing. Getting dried honey off your carpet is not much different from removing just spilled honey. However, you will have to a different process. You will need hot water and a rag.

You start by soaking the rag into the hot water and then dabbing it on the dried honey stain on the carpet surface. This will help in melting the dried honey and making it wet.

After that, you may try the scrapping process if possible. If not, follow by making a cleaning solution and then taking a sponge and dipping it into the solution.

Follow this by taking the damp sponge and dabbing the honey stain. Again, do not rub since the melted honey stain might sink dipper into the carpet fibers.

After dabbing, use a clean rag to absorb the liquid, then follow by cleaning the stained wet area with a wet cloth to remove any cleaning solution left behind to prevent attracting dirt and grime.

Finish up by dab dry, which will help in soaking up any water and soap left over to prevent the risk that may be brought by the formation of mold or mildew undeath your carpet.