How to Get Frosting Out of Carpet?

The frosting is mostly dyed into a colorful appearance to embellish the cake. Once you accidentally get the frosting spilled from the pot, or if your kids throw the cake at each other. your carpet may suffer a disaster during this period.

To ensure that the beautiful frosting won’t leave any stain on your carpet, you need to deal with it as soon as possible. This guide is dedicated to providing you with the best effective and convenient solution to get frosting out of the carpet.

how to get rid of frosting from your carpet

Steps to Get Frosting Out of Your Carpet

1. Get Rid of The Chunk From Your Carpet At First

To avoid the frosting getting dried and sticking on your carpet, you should clean the bulk of the cake icing on your carpet instantly. Use anything you can fetch to remove the cake frosting. The spoon, knife or fork are all available scraper in your house.

Removing the frosting by this method as much as possible. The cleaning will be easier if you could clean more icing during this process.

2. Mix the Solution with Your Dish Detergent

The dish detergent is quite effective to get rid of the greasy and sticky frosting. It’ll get dissolved quickly in this detergent. Now just go into your kitchen to mix the cleaning solution.

You’ll need a sprayer at first. Mix one part of dish detergent, with 4 parts of warm water in the sprayer. Get them fully and evenly mixed in your sprayer.

3. Dampen the Frosting Area with Solution

To make the cleaning process more easily, you should spray the solution on the frosting area to dissolve the stain. Let the solution stay on your carpet for about 20 minutes, hence they could affect adequately and leave no residue.

4. Scrubbing the Dampened Area with Clean Cloth

When the solution has dissolved the frosting thoroughly, use a clean cloth or towel to wipe these stained areas carefully and homogeneously. You can repeat this step several times till all frosting is removed.

5. Clean the Solution with Warm Water

When all the frosting gets removed with the help of a detergent solution, use another piece of cloth with warm water to rinse your carpet again. This is to prevent the solution left on your carpet and damaging or corroding your carpet surface.

Tips to Get Rid of the Frosting on Your Carpet

1. You can also use borax as the substitution of dish detergent. It is stronger to get rid of the frosting. But you should check the material to ensure that your carpet can withstand the ferocity of borax.

2. Using a steam cleaner is more effortless and more effective than using a towel when you’re cleaning the solution residue on your carpet. But do not use it directly on the frosting.

3. If you find any colorful stain on your carpet left by the frosting, try using an oxygen-based bleacher to remove these stains. While this type of bleacher is not ideal for polyester carpets since it may also affect the dyed pattern on your carpet.

4. If you find the frosting almost dry on your carpet, the first thing you need to do is get it wet with warm water. Do not remove the chuck of dry frosting directly or you’ll risk hurting your carpet.

5. After finishing all the cleaning procedures, remember to air out your carpet in time. You can also use a hairdryer to dry the wet area faster.