How to Get Eyeliner Out of Carpet?

Eyeliner looks good on your face but not on your carpet. It usually creates spots that are irritating to the eye, and getting them off should be necessary. And although it eventually gets off, don’t expect it to be pretty straightforward since they’re usually made to stick. Here’s how to get eyeliner out of carpet.

how to remove eyeliner from carpet

How to Get Pencil Eyeliner out of Carpet?

Pencil eyeliner usually contains a mix of graphite powder and clay binder, making them sticky. That helps them stick on your skin and resist washing away by sweat on your face.

Therefore, they can get matted into your carpet’s fabric, making them some leg work to remove. However, that doesn’t mean they’re indomitable either since they eventually come off with a bit of effort. Here’s how you remove pencil eyeliner on carpet.

What You Need

  • Warm water
  • Ammonia
  • Clean towels
  • Detergent

Dab the Stain with a Dry Towel

You try removing the eyeliner material as much as possible by dabbing the spot with a dry and clean towel. However, you must be careful not to push it deeper into the fabric or spread it.

To avoid that, dab by placing the towel on the stain, punch and pull to take out as much material as possible. That should help you avoid dealing with too much eyeliner in the following stages.

Create an Ammonia Solution

Create a 1:2 ratio of ammonia to water solution, and vary with the number or amount of stains on your carpet. A single tablespoon of ammonia mixed in a half cup of warm water should be enough for tiny spots with a diameter of about an inch less. Stir the solution until it’s entirely uniform.

Blot the Spot with a Damp Towel

Dip your clean towel in the ammonia solution and blot the eyeliner stain repeatedly. You can rinse the towel and repeat the process until the stain disappears. That should take several counts, but ensure that you use a different towel spot in every blot to prevent worsening the spot.

If the stain still shows, you can use a bleach-free detergent to clean it completely. While the spot stays damp, drop a little detergent and use the towel to clean in a rounded motion. Then, rinse and dry it, and perhaps, take the carpet out in the sun to dry.

How to Get Liquid Eyeliner out of Carpet?

While pencil eyeliner won’t get tougher to remove as much as it stays on your carpet, liquid eyeliner doesn’t give you that pleasure. You must act fast since it can sink into the fabric and get matted, making it an uphill task to remove. Therefore, as soon as it spills, please do the following to remove it.

What You Need

  • Paper towels
  • Warm water
  • Bleach free detergent
  • Clean towel cloth

Scoop as Much Material as Possible

Scoop as much liquid eyeliner as possible using paper towels before it sinks and mats into the carpet. You can do that by blotting the stain without applying too much pressure. Be sure to use a clean part of the paper towel in every blot to prevent spreading.

Wet the Stain with Clean Water

It would help if you took action immediately before the eyeliner settled. That should make it easy to remove with a single wash. Therefore, continuously dampen the stain with clean water using a towel and dab.

Add a Few Drops of Bleach-Free Detergent

Add a few drops of detergent to the stain and clean in rounded motion using the damp towel. Repeat severally until the stain goes away. You can then dry it in the sun or use a wet vacuum until it’s completely moisture-free.

Do Eyeliner Stains Come Out?

Eyeliners eventually come out, regardless of how sticky they are. However, to make the work much easier, you should act quickly to prevent the eyeliner from matting into the carpet’s fabric. For pencil eyeliners, removing it should be pretty straightforward. However, it all depends on how quick you are in removing it.

Wrapping Up

Removing eyeliner stains can be challenging, but acting as fast as you can save you some work. You can stop liquid eyeliner spills from sinking deeper into the carpet by turning it upside down. However, pencil eyeliners shouldn’t be bothersome, and you can remove them at any moment.