How to Get Eyebrow Wax Out of Carpet?

In the event that you accidentally knocked over and dumped an eyebrow wax glob on your carpet, don’t worry—it is not irreparably damaged. To get wax off your carpet fibers, the ironing method can be a lifesaver in this scenario, follow the simple and reliable procedure outlined below.

how to clean eyebrow wax on carpet

Steps to Remove Eyebrow Wax on Carpet

Tools Necessary

  • Iron box or hairdryer
  • Use a paper towel or two (or a paper bag)
  • An ice bag (optional)
  • A little knife, such as a bread knife (optional)

Wait for the Eyebrow Wax To Set, or Put the Wax in the Freezer

You need to wait for the eyebrow wax to set before continuing. If the wax is still soft, apply an ice pack or a bag of frozen peas to the affected region to firm it as rapidly as possible.

With a Butter Knife, Remove the Eyebrow Wax

Remove as much of the hardened wax as you can with a butter knife once it has cooled and hardened. The less wax that remains on the surface, the less difficult the work will be in the end.

Please keep in mind that this step is completely optional. Instead of scraping the wax off of expensive carpeting, it is preferable to avoid doing so because you may accidentally remove some carpet hairs in the process.

The Eyebrow Wax Stain Can Be Ironed Onto a Piece of Paper

You will now cover the eyebrow wax with a piece of paper towel (a paper bag works fine too). When the wax has melted and absorbed into the paper towel, pass the iron over the paper towel using medium heat (don’t use steam).

Take the paper towel off to examine how much wax has been soaked by the paper towel. Use a clean paper towel to remove any remaining wax from the carpet, and repeat the process until the wax is completely removed.

Vital Note

Avoid using a high-heat setting or leaving the iron on for an extended period of time. Unless you do so, you will wind up scorching the paper, and the paper will be absorbed by the eyebrow wax instead of the other way around.

Alcohol Can Be Used To Remove Dye Stains (If Applicable)

Depending on whether or not you used colored eyebrow wax, you may see a dye stain leftover even after the wax has been entirely removed. To remove the stain, apply a dab of rubbing alcohol to a cloth or scrubbing brush and cleanse the area.

In addition to alcohol, vinegar can be used as a substitute, although because it is a gentler solution, it may not be as efficient.

Vacuum and Clean the Area

Using your standard cleaning product and vacuum, clean the area. After this cleaning, your carpet should look and feel brand new!