How to Get Drywall Mud Out of Carpet?

When you’re decorating your living room or fixing the whole on your drywall, the drywall mud may drop on your carpet and leave some white spots that are difficult to clean.

To help you get rid of the troubling drywall mud, we’ve prepared a set of professional solutions that are easy to conduct in your house. Just go through it now.

tips to remove drywall mud on carpet

Steps to Clean Drywall Mud on Your Carpet

1. Clean up Mud on the Carpet Surface

If your carpet is of long-pile design and the mud just gets shedding on the top layer of your carpet, you can use a knife or scraper to remove the mud as much as possible.

But if the mud deeply penetrates your carpet and you find them stick on your carpet greasily, you can’t try to scrape it since you may spread it all over your carpet and make a greater mess.

2. Let the Hidden Chuck Dry in Your Carpet

After removing the drywall mud on the carpet surface, if you find a mass of mud infiltrating in the deeper layer of your carpet, then you should let it dry.

This can help clean them thoroughly and directly. Otherwise, the wet mud may be smeared everywhere on your carpet.

3. Crush the Concreted Drywall Mud in Your Carpet

When the mud becomes hard and dry, overlay these areas with padding or mat, then put pressure on the overlaying to break up the joint compound into pieces.

Now they will be quite easier to clean compared to an integrated large lump.

4. Use Scraper to Remove These Dried Mun on Carpet Pile

There must be some tough muds that you fail to break up and linger on your carpet pile. So you should scrape them slightly and carefully in case hurting your carpet.

Anything with a sharp straight edge can be adopted as a useful scraper. A steel ruler, a butter knife, or even a hard metal plate.

You will find these tough dry mud will be scraped into little chippings gradually. This work may take you a few minutes so you need much patience doing this.

Do not push too much strength on the scraper, avoiding the scraper hurting the fragile carpet pile.

5. Vacuum the Residue Chippings That Fall on Your Carpet

There will be a bunch of chippings and dust that fall all over your carpet when you finish scraping the dry mud.

It’s quite challenging work to pick all of them up, so a vacuum cleaner here is helpful and necessary.

Vacuum your carpet carefully to ensure all the debris can be removed. They’ll be easy to find if your carpet is in dark color.

6. Remember to Rinse Your Carpet After Cleaning

When you finish vacuuming your carpet, though it’ll be visually clean and tidy, it’s necessary to get these areas rinsed to thoroughly remove the residue.

Add a tablespoon of detergent with enough lukewarm water. Get them fully mixed in a bottle. Then soak your sponge into the solution sufficiently.

Use the soaked sponge to scrub the carpet in one direction, when you get all those areas scrubbed, use clean water to rinse them once again to ensure no residue is left.

When all those steps are finished, you can relax and use your clean carpet relievedly.