How to Get Dried Glue Out of Carpet?

Many people have been unlucky enough to make a mess on the carpet with dried glue from a project. Whether you’re in your own home or working on someone else’s, often there is not a simple way to quickly fix this. Here are our top tricks for getting rid of the dried glue spots.

how to clean dried glue from carpet

Steps to Remove Dried Glue From Carpet

1. Start by getting a hairdryer and blow hot air at the spot on your carpet. The dried glue should pop right off if you apply enough heat. If you don’t have access to a hairdryer, you can also use a steam iron set on the highest heat setting.

2. Use alcohol to help loosen up the dried glue before applying heat. You can put alcohol on a clean cloth or spray it directly onto the glue area. You’ll notice that the alcohol makes the glue area look much wetter.

3. Once you’re done applying heat, you should be able to simply wipe out whatever is left with a simple cloth. If the dried glue stain is still there after this, don’t worry; it will come out eventually with more work.

4. Try using a sticky lint roller to remove the dried glue. Make sure to use the really sticky kind that is designed for pet hair and lint. It should pick up the dried glue without leaving any fuzz or residue behind on your carpet.

5. A dry-erase marker will work to pull up some of the excess glue residue if you run it directly over it, but it won’t get everything out by itself.

6. You can try applying vinegar to the glue stain. The acidity of the vinegar should help loosen up the glue and make it easier to remove with a cloth.

7. You can also use this trick with a lotion or neutral detergent that you have in your home. It will help remove many kinds of stains, including those from dried glue, but this trick only works if it is applied immediately after you make the mess on your carpet.

6. Finally, use paint thinner or turpentine to clean up the rest of the dried glue area. This can take a little longer because it does not react with the carpet as the previous methods do, but it should eventually pull out all of the residues and leave your carpet looking its best again.


Removing dried glue from the carpet can be a bit of a hassle, but with a little work, you can fix it after the fact if needed. Just make sure to move quickly if you do make a mess, or you might have to wait it out.