How to Get Curry Out of Carpet?

Although curry brings colors and rich flavors to your meals, you will not have these ingredients falling on your carpet. Curry stains can establish themselves fast on a carpet because of the turmeric ingredient that forms a vibrant orange color stain as soon as it finds its way on a piece of clothing.

However, this doesn’t mean that once the curry gets its way on the carpet it can’t be removed. Following the simple steps discussed below will help you eliminate the curry from your carpet without straining. Read on:

how to remove curry from carpet

How to get curry sauce out of a carpet

What you will need

Butter knife or spoon

Kitchen towel roll

Spray bottle

Clean towel or cotton

Warm water

A white piece of cloth


Scrape off the excess curry sauce

You will need to act as soon as the curry sauce drops on the carpet. Hence, scrape off the excess curry sauce from the caret using a blunt knife, and ensure that you avoid spreading it over a larger area as you do so.

Soak up the extra sauce using a kitchen towel

The goal is to remove as much sauce as possible from the carpet. On this note, pick a kitchen towel roll and cut some towels and use them to soak up as much sauce as possible. You can use some cotton to soak up the extra sauce.

Spray the stain remover

Once you have removed as much sauce, prepare your preferred stain removal and put it in a spray bottle. You can prepare your stain removal using white vinegar, liquid detergent, ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, lemon, among others. Spray the stain remover on the soiled section and leave it for up to 30 minutes.

Remove the stain remover

Using a white piece of cloth, soak up the stain remover from the carpet. Note that I recommend a white piece of cloth to avoid color transfer. So, soak up as must remover as possible and keep bloating the stain to lift as much curry sauce residue as possible until you are satisfied with the results.

Wash the stained area using warm water with detergent

Mix some warm water using detergent. Soak a white piece of cloth in the solution to dampen it and use the damp cloth to rub on the stain. Repeat the process to ensure that you transfer as much color from the sauce as possible. If you notice some stain on the carpet, repeat steps 3-5 until you are satisfied with the outcome.

How to get curry stain out of a carpet?

What you will need

Stain remover/ white vinegar

Spray bottle

Dish soap/ detergent

Warm water

Steam cleaner

Apply a stain remover on the curry stain

Start by spraying white vinegar onto the carpet. Try to work from the edges of the stains towards where they began, and make sure you cover all of the stains completely. The vinegar will help loosen up the stains for easier removal.

Rinse the stain remover and curry residue

Once the stain has been soaked up and activated with the vinegar, spray some dish soap and start working it into the carpet. Using some warm water and a piece of a white towel, rinse the stain remover and curry residue for maximum color transfer. Repeat the process until you have transferred most or all of the color.

Clean the previously stained section using a steam cleaner

After you have gotten 100% of the stain out, you can use a steam cleaner or any other carpet cleaning method and try to get as much of the residue off as possible.

Steam clean the rest of the carpet

Once the stain is completely removed and cleaned up, clean the rest of the carpet to ensure no more stain remains. You can then get rid of the towel or sponge, and you will want to take a test spot to make sure it is gone. Then vacuum it out.

Wrapping up

Following these steps should work wonders! Hence, follow these steps using the right cleaning agents to ensure that your carpets are stain-free and ready for use again. All the best!!