How to Get Chocolate Milk Out of Carpet?

With kids around, there is a high chance that chocolate milk is a common drink in your home. But in as much as kids enjoy having it, no one loves it when it spills on the carpet. But what happens when an accident happens, and you need to clean a chocolate milk spill from your carpet. Do not panic. Today we shall discuss the steps and tips that will help you get chocolate milk out of a carpet without the hassle of purchasing special tools and cleaning products to help you out.

how to clean chocolate milk on carpet

Steps to get rid of chocolate milk on your carpet 

When spilled on a carpet, chocolate milk forms a rich dark sticky stain that develops an unpleasant odor the longer it sits. To prevent the spread, let’s have a look at what you need to contain the stain and the steps that you must follow to remove the stain.

What you need:

  • Towel/ Paper towels
  • White towel
  • Liquid dishwashing soap
  • Water
  • Spray bottle
  • Sponge

Step 1: Remove excess liquid from the carpet.

Before we start removing the chocolate milk stain from our carpet, we will want to ensure that there is no liquid on it. So, if the chocolate milk stain is still wet, I recommend that you blot up all the liquid. You can manage using paper towels or a towel.

On this note, press your towel firmly on the stained area without rubbing the chocolate milk around the carpet to avoid spreading it all over the carpet. As you do that, work from the outside moving into the middle so that you can avoid spreading it to a larger area.

Step 2: Blot the chocolate milk using a damp cloth

To transfer the chocolate milk color from the carpet, I would recommend that you wet a white piece of cloth or towel with warm water. Use the damp cloth to blot the chocolate milk spill so that the brown stain can transfer to the cloth. With each blot, there will be less color transfer. Stop the process when there is no more color transfer.

Step 3: Prepare your cleaning solution

Once you have eliminated as much color as you can, it is time to prepare your cleaning solution. At this point, mix some lukewarm water with some liquid dishwashing soap in a bucket. When ready, put the solution in a spray bottle.

Step 4: Spray the solution onto the stained spot

Next, spray the solution on the stained spot and leave it to sit for at least five minutes so that it can work. Alternatively, you can get a towel and dip it into the cleaning solution in the bucket and dab it on the spot moving to the center to avoid spreading the stain. Keep blotting the towel on the stain to get rid of all residue until you are satisfied with the results.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will Chocolate Milk Stain? How to Remove the Stains?

The answer is yes, chocolate milk can stain. However, the good news is that the stains are usually not difficult to remove.

To remove such a stain, I would recommend that you start by following the steps listed above. But what happens when the stain persists despite following each of these steps?

In such a case, I would recommend that you use an ammonia solution or white vinegar. To apply these solutions, mix some lukewarm water with ammonia or with white vinegar. Use a sponge to apply the solution to the stained area. Allow the solution to sit for some time and using an old towel, dab the stained area.

2. How do you get rid of the milk odor from the carpet?

Once the stained section is dry, pour some baking powder on it to help get rid of the odor. Slacken the baking powder using a brush and vacuum the section to remove the baking powder.

3. What can you use as a substitution if you don’t have the mentioned tools?

Chances are that you might miss one of the tools and products listed above. In such a case, you can substitute paper towels for a towel or absorbent cloth to help you remove as much of the liquid.

Additionally, you can substitute baking soda with salt or cornstarch treatment. And finally, hydrogen peroxide and coffee grounds are excellent substitutes for white vinegar. While using coffee grounds, tie them up in a filter to prevent them from spilling on the carpet.

4. What should you notice when cleaning?

When cleaning the chocolate milk stain, you will notice that the dark stain will wear bit by bit until the dark brown stain wears off completely. Be cautious when cleaning the spill to avoid spreading it over a large area since this will make the process more complicated.


Remember, chocolate milk is a water-based stain, which makes it easier to remove as opposed to oil-based stains. However, you should never leave it lying on the carpet for a long time since it develops a bad odor if left unattended too. So, apply the simple and straightforward tips discussed above, and rest assured to remove the chocolate milk on your carpet fast and effortlessly.