How to Get Chapstick Out of Carpet?

Typically, it is not easy to keep your carpet presentable at all times, especially if you have kids or pets. However, with a few DIY tricks, you can prevent unwanted stains and keep the carpet looking good.

If Chapstick is not cleaned immediately, it becomes an ever-expanding mess. The trick is to start by picking up as much as possible using a spoon or paper towels and then cleaning the rest with soapy water and alcohol.

how to clean chapstick on carpet

How to Remove Chapstick from Carpet?

What Do You Need?

You need some supplies and cleaning solvents. The supplies should include:

Teaspoon either metal or plastic

Mild dish soap

Paper towels


White lint-free cloths

Now that you have the supplies, what is the procedure you should follow:

Step 1: Remove excess Chapstick using a paper towel

If your carpet has long fibers, it is easier to divide them into bits using your fingers. That will make it easier for you to determine the extent of the stain and how it has spread.

Using paper towels, clean the excess chapstick. The more straightforward method entails grabbing and lifting the chapsticks straight up. Remember always use a fresh paper towel to avoid making the stain worse. Ensure you remove all the extra liquid leaving only the stain.

Step 2: Remove solid Chapstick using a spoon

If the Chapstick is stiff enough and cannot be removed using the paper towel, you need a spoon. The spoon’s bowl should help you wring up the remaining stiff chapstick.

With the spoon, remove as much Chapstick as possible and then remove the chapstick remaining on the spoon using a paper towel. To avoid re-applying chapstick onto the carpet, clean the spoon regularly.

If the rug has long fibers, you can remove the sticking Chapstick by grabbing the affected fibers with one hand and scraping the sides using the spoon.

Step 3: Use alcohol to remove the stain

Now that you are done with chapstick that was sticking to the carpet, the next step you should use rubbing alcohol. Take your time researching the best rubbing alcohol to avoid damaging your carpet.

After choosing the proper rubbing alcohol, pour a few drops on a lint-free cloth. Avoid using excess alcohol unless it is necessary because it can affect the color of your carpet in the long run.

Using the wet cloth, dab the carpet and let the stain absorb the alcohol. Extra care is needed to ensure the stain does not spread. Leave the alcohol on the stained area for a few minutes (2 or 3 minutes), then wipe the alcohol.

You can use warm water to remove the excess alcohol and stain. Blot the carpet severally using a dry, lint-free cloth until no more chapstick can be seen.

Step 4: Remove excess stain and alcohol

If there are some leftover stains, use mild dish soap to remove them. Using a cup of water and some mild dish soap, make soapy water, and you are good to go. Use a lint-free cloth and slowly clean the affected area.

After removing the stain, use clean, dry towels to absorb excess soap and water. You can leave the towels for about an hour. If they get wet, just replace them with new ones.

Finally, let the carpet air dry for an hour. You just got rid of chapstick stain!