How to Get Cat Litter Out of Carpet?

When your cat is trying to bury their feces in the litter box, they may spill the litter around. Some of them may get stuck in the carpet. It’ll influence the appearance and tidiness visually. What’s worse, if the wet litter gets slopped, it will leave an intolerable odor on your carpet.

To restore the original cleanness of your carpet, this guide will provide you with available and convenient methods to get cat litter out of the carpet.

how to remove cat litter on your carpet

Steps to Clean Cat Litter on Your Carpet

1. Grab the Loose Litter with Paper Towel

For the chuck of cat litter on your carpet, some of them are just spilled on the carpet surface. You can use paper towels to pick up the loose litter as much as possible first. Then your cleaning will be quite easier.

Do not use a wipe or cloth to pick up the litter, since it may leave an unremovable odor on it.

2. Air Dry the Cat Litter Stuck in Your Carpet

As for the wet litter trapped deeper in your carpet, it’s not advisable that try to pick them up directly. You may even spread the muddy litter everywhere in your carpet.

The best solution is just to wait for a couple of minutes, till they become totally dry.

3. Separate the Concreted Litter with Your Brush

The cat litter now will get caking on your carpet. Use a scrubbing brush to slightly rub these areas till they separate from each other.

Then use a vacuum cleaner to remove all the debris left on your carpet. Considering that the cat litter may be spilled here and there, you can repeat this step area by area till you get all litter removed.

4. Use Enzyme Cleaner to Get Rid of Residual Odor

When you clean up all the cat litter on your carpet, do not forget to deodorize it before a greater smelly disaster is generated.

The enzyme cleaner is designated to fight against the cat’s feces odor. To avoid the cleaner fading your colorful carpet, you can pick a tiny corner to do a pre-test, check whether your carpet can endure this cleaner.

When the test is passed, spray the cleaner to these stained areas accurately. The enzyme feeds on the protein kept in the feces. When they have eaten up all the proteins, they’ll self-disintegrate simultaneously.

So when you spray the enzyme, you can stay reassured without doing any extra cleaning.

Tips to Clean Cat Litter on Your Carpet

1. If you find the cat litter left stains on your carpet, mix the solution in a spray bottle with 3 tablespoons of baking soda and enough cold water. Spray and blot the stains away from your carpet.

2. If you vacuum the cat litter, remember to clean the vacuum canister as soon as possible. Otherwise, the vacuum may become funky when used next time.

3. The vinegar is not ideal to cover the cat urine’s odor, so do not use white vinegar to clean the carpet. These two pungent smells may lead to a huge disaster.