How to Get Bong Water Smell Out of Carpet?

Accidents are merely inevitable and sometimes happen when you’re at the peak of your fun. For one reason or another, you might let loose of your grip on your bong, where it falls and creates a mess on your carpets. If that happens, this guide will aid you in cleaning it up.

how to get rid of bong water smell on your carpet

Step By Step Guide to Get Bong Water Smell off Your Carpet

There’s no arguing about removing bong water from your carpet immediately it spills, given the stench it creates. Perhaps, you might contemplate taking it out in the sun to dry, but that would barely make any difference.

Hence, your hands are tied to cleaning it. Here’s the chronology of steps about how to remove the bong water smell out of the carpet.

Soak the Affected Area with Clean Water to Dilute the Odors

Before using your detergent to clean up, the rule of the thumb is soaking up the bong water to dilute the smells. That’s essential to prevent forming highly repugnant smells, especially if your detergent’s fragrance doesn’t take the pong water smell quite well.

Therefore, try soaking a clean towel until it’s drenching before pressing it against the affected area. You can apply adequate pressure to make it more efficient, removing a huge chunk of the stench.

Pour Detergent on The Spill

Numerous proficient cleaning detergents can clean your carpets, but borax can work the magic regarding pong water smell. Pour a good amount of borax powder on the spill and spread it wide to create enough foam.

Clean Using a Hard-Bristle Brush

Use a hard-bristle brush to clean the stench by making rounded motions. Be sure to apply persistent pressure as you brush through, covering the entire diameter of the spill.

You can add more detergent for better results, but don’t go too hard to spoil your carpet’s fabric. Perhaps, you might find adding more water on the carpet more feasible as you brush it.

Rinse With a Wet Cloth

Remove the detergent by rinsing it away with a clean wet cloth. Use clean, fresh water to obliterate the foam. If the stench still dissipates, please repeat the step above until it’s all gone.

Also, ensure that you don’t leave any foam behind since it may still lodge a few pong water smells that make the smells stick around persistently.

Dry the Carpet

Ensure that you dry off the water and completely get rid of the dampness. While you can use a clean, dry cloth to press against the wet carpet, taking your carpet out in the sun to dry can be incredibly effective.

You can still use a dehumidifier to dry your carpet, or perhaps, turning on the fans, ACs and opening the windows might work best for you.

Tips to Remove Bong Water Smell on Your Carpet

You can still use a few tips to make your cleaning more efficient. Here’s what you can do:

1. You can still use some baking soda and white vinegar to substitute for your detergent if you feel you can work with that. However, you must be familiar with using them correctly for better results. If the smell seems overly persistent, apply some baking soda to freshen your carpet.

2. Of course, detergents can work better in removing pong smells. However, you’ll notice variations in their degree of efficiency. Borax, for instance, is incredibly effective and slightly better than Fabreeze, but both yield incredible cleaning results.

3. Ensure that your carpet dries entirely before using it to prevent mold build-up. Also, avoid covering a pong water stench using fragrances since that will create some highly repugnant smells.


It’s always recommendable that you remove the pong water smell immediately after a spill occurs before it’s too late. Pong water smell can be abrasive and highly irritating and will spoil your peak fun during your ethereal weed moments. Hopefully, this in-depth article will help you out with that.