How to Get Beer Smell out of Car Carpet

If your friends unintentionally spilled the beer on your car carpet when you’re driving. and you didn’t clean the residue well in time, after a whole night fermentation, it will leave an intolerable odor in your whole car.

Simple ventilation can’t get rid of the odor effectively. You should adopt specific measures to clean the car carpet. This guide will provide you with available and effective methods to get the beer odor away from your carpet.

how to get beer smell out of carpet

Steps to Get Rid of Beer Smell on Your Carpet

1. Clean up the beer at first

If you just spill the beer on your car several seconds ago, you can take these emergency measures to dispose of the beer at first. This can maximumly reduce the odor on your carpet.

Use several pieces of paper towel, grab the wet area with the towel, use your palm to put pressure so it can absorb more liquid in your carpet. You can repeat this process several times till there is no wet stain appearing on the paper towel.

Here, you’ve already done removing the majority of beer residue on your carpet. The following steps are mainly designated to remove the odor as well as clean.

2. Mix the solution for removing odor

If you’ve cleaned up the beer as much as possible, or the beer has already been dried, then you should prepare a bottle of solution for further cleaning.

White vinegar is a natural deodorant that is quite available in your home. Its single flavor can overwhelm the funky beer easily. The smell of vinegar will be volatilized soon so there’s no need to fret about other odors generated.

Fetch a bottle of distilled white vinegar, a bottle of dishwashing detergent, and warm water. The detergent is mainly used to clean the remnant beer on your carpet.

Fill in a sprayer with 1 part vinegar, 1 part dishwashing detergent, and 5 parts warm water. Get them homogeneously and thoroughly mixed.

3. Spray the smelly area with your solution

The sprayer can accurately control the cleaning area. Use your sprayer to spot clean the area that is poured by beer.

4. Wipe the soaked area with a clean cloth

Prepare a piece of clean cloth. Slightly blot the soaked area, and then wipe it in one direction in case you spread the beer all over the carpet.

If the beer has been dried on your carpet overnight, you should repeat this process much more times to ensure all beer is removed.

5. Rinse the carpet with another clean cloth

When you find all solution on your carpet is wiped out, go fetch another piece of clean cloth. Get it soaked with warm water and rinse the wiped area.

This is to prevent the solution that remains on your carpet and leads to unexpected damage. You shall do this process patiently to well-clean all the dirty areas.

6. Air out your carpet

When you finish all the cleaning process, you can hang your rug outside to air it out. This can help accelerate the volatilization of the residue of beer and solution on your carpet.

Besides, the humidity will also lead to a funky odor. So you should not reinstall your carpet directly in your car after cleaning.

Additional Tips for Cleaning Beer Odor on Your Carpet

  • If you find your car too narrow to clean the carpet. You can detach the carpet at first to clean it outside.
  • If you can’t tolerate the odor of white vinegar, baking soda or lemon juice is also good natural deodorant to remove the beer odor.
  • When you find the beer leaves tough stains on your carpet, the oxygen detergent can help solve this problem.
  • If the sunlight is not abundant to dry your carpet, you can use your hairdryer to dry it.