How to Get Battery Acid Out of Carpet?

It would be best if you didn’t let battery acid spill anywhere around you, more so on your carpet. And if that happens by accident, it’s imperative that you act fast. Battery acid can be incredibly corrosive, messing up your carpet in a spur. Here’s how to get battery acid out of the carpet.

how to remove battery acid out of carpet

Step To Remove Battery Acid from Your Carpet

Once a battery acid spill occurs, you mustn’t waste a second removing it. Letting it stay there for a few minutes will wreak havoc on your carpet, corroding and rendering it useless.

Battery acid can leave behind an irritating patch that can be sore in the eye. Here are the steps to help you remove battery acid on your carpet.

Step 1: Immediately Cover the Spill with Baking Soda

Neutralize the battery acid to prevent it from eating into your carpet without wasting a second. Start by putting on some gloves to prevent any contact with your skin.

Get enough baking soda, put it into a small bowl, and add water to create a paste. Then, carefully spread the paste on the spill and let it stay there for about two hours. You’ll notice some slight fizzing and bubbling, but that’ll stop once the acid is completely neutralized.

Step 2: Dilute the Spill with Clean Water

Never make a mistake to dilute battery acid with water before neutralizing it with baking soda in step one since that invigorates its burning action. However, you can do that once it’s wholly neutralized.

If the spill is tiny and you don’t see the need to dip the carpet in water, use a clean cloth soaked in water to drench the carpet. Otherwise, you can put the carpet in a sizeable basin containing clean fresh water.

Step 3: Use Laundry Detergent to Clean

Pour your best cleaning detergent on the carpet and use a soft brush to clean the acid. You can use rounded or straight stroking movements, but either way will work.

Ensure that you cover the entire width of the spill. Then, soak the carpet using clean water to rinse.

Step 4: Let the Carpet Air Dry

Use another clean cloth to dry the carpet by pressing against it. Ensure that the carpet dries entirely before letting it air dry.

However, there are some instances that you’ll spot a stain after removing battery acid from your carpet. If so, do the following to remove it.

Removing stains From Your Carpet

You can use ammonia to remove a persistent stain if the acid hasn’t eaten much into your carpet. Please do the following to eradicate it.

  • Create an ammonia solution by adding two tablespoons into one cup of ammonia.
  • Apply the mixture on the stain using a soft cloth and allow it to settle for a few minutes before blotting with a soft cloth.
  • Repeat several until the stain transfers onto the soft cloth
  • You can then use detergent to clean your carpet, and air dry it until no stain meets the eye.

Tips to Remove Battery Acid on Your Carpet

Here are the tips you can use when removing battery acid on your carpet.

  • What Can You Use as a Substitution if You Don’t Have The Mentioned Tools?

If you don’t have baking soda, you can still use white vinegar and detergent to remove the acid. As for the stains, you can use strong detergents such as Borax to clean them up.

  • What Should You Notice if You Adopt Some Robust Solutions or Detergent, Such as Borax?

Borax is an incredible whitening agent and works better on stains. It can be a perfect substitute for ammonia, and you can use it to clean, but ensure that you don’t use it excessively on colored carpets.

  • Other Matters Need Attention When Cleaning It

Ensure that your carpet dries entirely before using it again. That should help prevent mold growth as a result of damp conditions.

  • What if The Battery Acid Has Already Dried? What Should You Do?

You can neutralize dried acid by dabbing with lemon juice and white vinegar before cleaning using a strong detergent. However, there’s a possible chance that your carpet might have a tough stain, which you can remove by using ammonia.


It would help to act fast when battery acid spills on your carpet since they usually have a small window of action before rendering your carpet useless. However, keep safe by wearing your gloves to prevent direct contact with your skin. Hopefully, these essential tips will guide you through removing battery acid on your carpet.