How to Fix Melted Carpet?

As you go about with your daily tasks, accidents can happen. One of them is burning your beautiful carpet. Burns on carpets are caused mainly by a hot iron box, a fallen candle, or a hot hair straightener. The melted or burnt part is unsightly and uncomfortable to walk on to make matters worse.

The fibers are permanently damaged, which means no amount of washing can bring their beauty back. However, all is not lost; whether you carpet is completely burned or melted, you can fix a melted carpet by following some steps.

how to fix burned carpet

Steps to Repair a Melted Carpet

Things you need

• Sandpaper

• Scissors

X-acto knife

• Vacuum cleaner

• Adhesive

1. Use sandpaper to rub the melted area on the carpet gently. Use medium grit to minimize damage to your rug. It will help eradicate the molten parts.

2. Trim the melted fibers using a sharp pair of scissors to cut the stiff fibers. This leaves a visible patch on your carpet, which needs to be filled up.

3. Trim some fresh fibers from a hidden part of the carpet to fill the area you trimmed.

4. Apply some glue on the affected area before attaching the freshly cut fibers to repair the molten part. Use scissors to trim the fibers to ensure they look similar to other carpet parts.

Fixing a large melted mark on a carpet

1. Cut down all the melted fibers using an X-acto knife. But do not cut through to the carpet padding.

2. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the hole. Get a piece of carpet that looks exactly like your melted carpet to repair the affected area.

3. Use the melted piece that you cut off to create a piece that will fit the whole perfectly.

4. Apply a strong adhesive on the hole and place the new patch. Place something heavy like books to press the carpet firmly. Leave it to dry for at least 24 hours or more.

5. Check to see if the patch is completely attached before refining the attached part. Comb the fibers and make sure they blend with the rest of your carpet. Besides that, you can trim any fibers that appear longer than others.

How to fix a burned carpet

Things you need

• A pair of scissors

• Craft knife

• Superglue

• Carpet adhesive

• Wide-toothed comb

• Double-sided tape

To Fix Small Area Burns

1. Use a pair of scissors to cut off the burnt carpet fibers. This works for small patch areas caused by hot things like a cigar.

2. Get a few fibers from hidden parts of your carpets. An excellent spot to get the spare fibers is under a sofa or a closet. The areas that a little hidden and will not change the outlook of your carpet.

3. Use super glue to attach the fiber to the burnt area. Give them time to stick properly before trimming the fibers to give the carpet a uniform appearance.

Large Area Burns

1. Use a craft knife to trim the burnt area. It requires a lot of pressure to cut of the melted fiber without cutting the underlying part of the carpet. However, remove the carpet’s part if you mistakenly cut off the underlay.

2. Get a cutout part from a spare carpet. Make sure it features patterns that match your carpet’s patterns. Use the damaged part to shape your spare part for a perfect fit.