How to Fish Wire Under Carpet?

Computers, video games, as well as other electrical equipment need a variety of wires and cables, many of which must be hidden. In most cases, just placing a wire beneath a carpet, intended for the other side of the room, is not going to work.

If you have carpeting, you can use under carpet tape or a similar product called fish tape to perform the task. If you’re trying to get a wire beneath the carpet, you should use a flat wire as well.

guides to fish wire under carpet

What You Will Need?

  • Masking tape
  • Cardboard scraps

Tip – Make sure to choose a wire or cable that is somewhat longer than you anticipate you will need in case the wire does not move in a fully straight line underneath the carpet. As long as the carpet and wire remain flat, they will last longer.

However, rounder wire, if placed under the carpet in a high-traffic area, can ultimately wear down the carpet and produce bunching between the carpet and the padding. Investigate the availability of cables designated for use beneath carpets at your local electronics supplier.

Steps To Fish Wire Under the Carpet

Step 1

Move any furniture that is currently on the carpet towards the direction of the wire or cable’s intended path. Position the furniture items far enough away from the wire’s route so they will not cause the carpeting to buckle in the region where the wire will pass through.

Step 2

To begin, lift a small portion of the carpet at one end of the room where the wire will be inserted. Remove the tiniest amount of material at a time. A piece of cardboard should be placed along the wall as well as the baseboard of the elevated region in order to protect the wall from damage.

Step 3

One end of the undercarpet tape should be pushed down under the carpeting, directing it in the direction of the wire. You can always start over if you become stuck or can’t push the tape through at any stage in the process.

Continue to press the tape underneath the carpet until it reaches the appropriate destination on the opposite side of the carpet.

Step 4

Replace the fish tape or undercarpet tape with another piece of cardboard scraped along the wall where you believe it would appear from underneath the carpet. Continue to push the fish tape until it emerges from behind the carpet.

Step 5

Apply wire to the uncovered end of the fish tape or undercarpet tape, forcing it through the hole at the end of the tape and fastening it with a piece of masking tape to keep it from falling out.

Pull the fish tape all the way back under the carpeting from where it started; the wire will follow after you. Because some wire is coated with a strong adhesive on one side, it is easy to keep it in place under carpeting.

What You Should Notice?

These methods are quicker and cheaper than others, but they come at a price in terms of effort and resources. It’s worth the time and effort to fish your wires for a clean look and peace of mind.

Run the cables near the walls wherever feasible, even if they are going under carpet. You’ll appreciate how nice it looks and how long it lasts if you do this instead of letting the wire become tripped over.

If you pull the cable through the carpet too far and lose the other end, you’ll have to perform the process all over again.