How to Clean Raw Egg Off Carpet?

Protein stains can be stubborn. However, they are removable. If a raw egg has stained your carpet, you should clean it off as soon as you can. If not cleaned, a raw egg can cause a foul smell. You can follow a few steps to remove the protein stain before it becomes troublesome.

how to get rid of raw egg on carpet

Steps to Remove the Raw Egg on Your Carpet

Spoon and scoop the spilt raw egg

Before using any water to clean your carpet after a raw egg has spilled on it, use a spoon to scoop it. Collect the eggshells and ensure no foreign particles are left on the mat. This is especially essential for high pile carpets. Repeat the process to clear as much spill as you can.

Sponge the stain

Use a sponge soaked in cold water to wash the egg. Blot off the egg and reduce the spill on the carpet before finally using a cleaning detergent. The best solution to eliminate the egg residue is a mixture of warm water and a cleaning agent containing vinegar.

Soak in water

If the egg stained has already dried up, soak it in cold water. Rub it until it softens and breaks down. It is easy to let the stain soak for between 15 and 30 minutes. If the stain is dried up and egg residue is still not loose after half an hour, add more moisture and ait until it’s removable.

Use a cleaning agent

Add several drops of cleaning solution on the raw-egg stained part. Leave it to soak for about five minutes to allow the soap to break down the raw egg and make it easy to remove.

Check and repeat the process

After soaking and cleaning the raw egg stain, check if the stain is gone and repeat the process to ensure no egg traces are left on your carpet. Some of the egg’s yellow residue can permanently stain your carpet if not cleaned properly.

Rinse the area

Use room temperature water to rinse the affected area. This removes all the cleaning solution residues on the carpet. From there, use a dry towel to remove the excess water on the patch before using a dryer or hanging the rug outside to dry.

Will Raw Egg Leave Stains On Your Carpet?

The slimy yellow egg yolk can mess with your egg if left for too long on the carpet. You also risk staining your carpet if you use the wrong cleaning methods. This includes the use of hot water, which tends to cook the egg leading to a stubborn stain on the carpet fibers.

The best way to prevent raw-egg spill staining a carpet is to act as soon as the spill occurs. This prevents staining and the smell likely to develop when the raw egg is not washed off properly.

Remember to use the right products to clean the egg stain. Avoid exposing your carpet to sunlight before cleaning. The more an egg yolk is stuck to your carpet fibers, the more it’s likely to stain them permanently.

How to Get Rid of Stinky Smell of Raw Egg on Your Carpet

The stench of a raw egg can linger on for a long time after cleaning. If your carpet is not cleaned correctly, the nasty smell can ruin your home’s atmosphere. The smell becomes strong as time goes by and can make you gag.

The good thing is that you can get rid of the smell with the right cleaning products.

Start by patch testing even for highly recommended cleaning solutions. Some home remedies to get rid of the egg’s smell include baking soda and vinegar.

Wet the affected area, sprinkle some baking soda on the affected area and leave for a few minutes. It will help clear the odor. Besides that, disinfect and deodorize the carpet after following the correct cleaning of raw egg off a carpet.