How to Clean Cooking Oil From Carpet?

It’s a very common situation that you or your kids drop the well-cooked food on your carpet. The greasy food with sauce and oil may get your carpet stained easily even if you pick up the food quickly.

To minimize the damage to your carpet, this guide will provide you most effective emergency measures to clean the cooking oil from the carpet.

tips to get rid of cooking oil on carpet

Steps to Remove Cooking Oil From Your Carpet

1. Clean up the food residue

The first thing before cleaning is to cope with the food dropped onto your carpet. If you spill any food with soup or sauce, like noodles or steak. Use a paper towel to slightly grab it and throw it away. Do not scrub during this process, otherwise, these foods may leave more oils stains on your carpet.

If you drop some biscuits that have been cracked on your carpet, we suggest you use a vacuum cleaner in case the little splinters fall deeper into your carpet.

2. Blot the cooking oil

When all the food remnants get cleaned, you can use pieces of clean paper towels to absorb the oil on your carpet. Use your palm to put pressure on the towels, hold it and blot the dirty area for a while. You can repeat this step several times till no oil stains appear on the paper towels.

3. Use rubbing alcohol to dissolve the oil

Rubbing alcohol is one of the best effective solutions to dissolve the oil. It’s an available and practical method to clean the cooking oil.

You can use a clean towel, get it soaked into the rubbing alcohol. Then use the wet towel to blot the cooking oil again. If you have a sprayer, spraying the rubbing alcohol directly to spot clean the oil will be more convenient.

You should pay attention that during this procedure, do not wipe the stained area, just blot it still, otherwise, the stain may be diffused to a larger area by your towel.

4. Mix solution to thoroughly clean the cooking oil

If there are still cooking oil stains left on your carpet, you can mix one part of dishwashing detergent with four parts of warm water. Get them homogeneously mixed in the bottle.

This solution can effectively get rid of the tough oil stains that keep lingering on your carpet after getting soaked by rubbing alcohol.

5. Rinse the carpet with your solution

Use a clean cloth or sponge to adequately absorb the well-mixed solution, then blot the stained area smoothly several times. You’ll find the stains easily removed with the dishwashing solution.

6. Remember to dry your carpet after cleaning

When all oil stains are removed, do not just leave your carpet wet on the ground. The humidity will lead to great damage to your carpet and may even generate mildew.

Use your hair dryer to blow cold wind on the wet area patiently. If you wanna choose a more eco-friendly way, just hang it outside to air out for several hours.