How Do You Fix A Crunchy Carpet?

Most homeowners prefer carpeting because it is soft, comfy, and makes a home look appealing. However, sometimes homeowners have crunchy and stiff carpets if they use unreputable carpet cleaning companies or DIY cleaning machines. To fix a crunchy carpet, follow these steps:

how to fix a crunchy carpet

Steps to Fix a Crunchy Carpet


Using a carpet groomer, rake your carpet. The groomer helps break any clumps that might be making your carpet crunchy and stiff.


After raking, carefully vacuum the carpet to remove residual dirt. Remember to read the manufacturer’s instructions before using water-based cleaning products to clean the floor.

Familiarizing yourself with the dos and don’ts for carpet cleaning is also recommended. Some homeowners are to blame because they make their carpets crunchy by failure to clean spills, exposing the carpet flooring to heavy traffic or high humidity.

If you wonder how to make crunchy carpet soft again, you can mix hot water, baking soda, fabric softener, and liquid laundry detergent. The resulting cleaning solution is deodorized and low-cost, and effective.

The carpet cleaner is non-toxic, and it can help soften your carpet. After mixing the ingredients well, spray on the dirty section of your carpet and scrub. After cleaning the crunchy carpet, extract the remaining cleaning solution and allow the carpet to dry.

Why does my carpet feel crunchy and stiff after cleaning?

After cleaning your carpet and leaving it to dry, the residual soap and cleaning chemicals dry into the carpet fibers. These cleaning solutions are responsible for making your carpet sticky, stiff, or crunchy.

Typically, it is similar to rubbing soap or shampoo on your hair and failing to rinse it thoroughly. The sticky residue left on the carpet attracts more dirt after some time.

Are you looking to revive an old carpet?

Vinegar and baking soda are ideal ingredients you can use. Start by using baking soda with a stiff brush. Carefully rub the baking soda and try to rub it deeply.

Leave the baking soda on your carpet overnight to absorb all the bacteria and odors. Clean the carpet thoroughly the next day and leave it to air dry. If you are wondering whether you should vacuum the carpet before or after cleaning, here is the correct answer.

You should always vacuum the carpet before and after cleaning to ensure you have absorbed all the cleaning solutions, chemicals, and dirt.

Why does your carpet become crunchy?

There are several reasons why your carpet is crunchy and stiff. These reasons include:

  • Relying on improper carpet cleaning methods
  • Improper cleaning products
  • Using hard water to clean the carpet
  • Heavy traffic
  • Carpets not suitable for water-based cleaning products

Always rinse the carpet several times to ensure you have removed all the excess soap. Use a fabric softener of your choice with one gallon of warm water to soften the carpet. Spray the fabric softener over the entire carpet and leave it for about five minutes. If you suspect that the softener solution is excess, you can remove it by rinsing further.