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The Hollywood Regency collection by Hokanson recalls the very dramatic architectural details of the 1940’s and 1950’s. You can see many of these beautiful mid-century details in the grand old movies of that period. Images of beautiful rooms created by Dorothy Draper were our inspiration from that great period in time when we were creating our Hollywood Regency collection. The dramatic effects in this collection have been achieved by the extravagant use of multiple levels of carved wool. This very impressive effect is punctuated by the generous use of silk along with the finest of wools. Our fine artisans hand-carve all of the vast relief details that achieve the gorgeous multilevel pile heights that provide you with the unique look of the period. This is no easy skill to acquire and takes many years of practice to reach the master finisher status. Hokanson has created five beautiful rugs that can be customized to your size, shape and color.

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