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Hokanson’s Durrie Collection is designed and manufactured on the traditional Indian weaving looms and/or pit loom methods that have been in use for a thousand years. Originally dhurrie rugs were flat woven and made of wool, however Hokanson has added fine silks, viscose, bamboo and even jute to the list of fibers available. Durrie rugs were often included as part of the dowry for Indian Brides and had many uses such as table and bedcovers. Traditionally, durries were bright and colorful and easy to fold, transport and maintain. Hokanson had taken the dhurrie rug to a new level. We have now expanded our Durrie Collection to include Kilim and Jummu which are variations on the flat woven dhurrie rugs. Any rug in the Durrie Collection can be custom designed and colored to suit your design needs. While usually somewhat tribal in design and brightly colored, Hokanson, with our team of artisans is able to update the look of your custom Durrie and give you an entirely new creation just for you!

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