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Art Deco Carpets and Rugs

The Art Deco period was roughly between the years of 1900-1925. This unique time in history inspired design experimentation in art, jewelry, textiles, architecture, and furniture. This extravagant style continues to inspire and flourish in modern works of art today. Many great architects, designers, and painters such as René Lalique, Émile-Jacques Ruhlmann, Walter Dorwin Teague, and Paul T. Frankl have all played a role in inspiring the design team at Hokanson to create a Collection of Art Deco carpets and rugs.

Our extensive collection has been faithfully inspired by this fascinating time period. Because Hokanson is a completely custom designer and manufacturer, we are able to create beautiful Art Deco rugs and carpets such as these. Our rugs can be true to the Deco esthetic, while some are inspired by it, but with a more contemporary feel.

The legendary style is characterized by its rich colors, bold geometric shapes, and lavish ornamentation. The use of traditional Deco colors combined with our unique blending of worsted wools and silk are reflective of this imaginative movement in design and fashion. By letting our artists work their magic, we can create truly spectacular rugs and carpets inspired by the architecture, artworks, textiles, and colors of the period. Perhaps you just want a touch of Deco in your new room – a custom carpet Art Deco designed by Hokanson can easily take your new space to extended heights of design.

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