How to Get Soup Out of Carpet?

how to get rid of soup on your carpet

If you fail to hold the bowl steadily, you may get the soup spilled on your carpet. What’s worse, if you get borsch or cream soup spilled, they may leave tough stains that are difficult to remove. The spice and grease in your soup may also lead to cleaning trouble if you don’t clean your … Read more

How to Get Beer Smell out of Car Carpet

how to get beer smell out of carpet

If your friends unintentionally spilled the beer on your car carpet when you’re driving. and you didn’t clean the residue well in time, after a whole night fermentation, it will leave an intolerable odor in your whole car. Simple ventilation can’t get rid of the odor effectively. You should adopt specific measures to clean the … Read more

How to Clean Cooking Oil From Carpet?

tips to get rid of cooking oil on carpet

It’s a very common situation that you or your kids drop the well-cooked food on your carpet. The greasy food with sauce and oil may get your carpet stained easily even if you pick up the food quickly. To minimize the damage to your carpet, this guide will provide you most effective emergency measures to … Read more

How to Get Frosting Out of Carpet?

how to get rid of frosting from your carpet

The frosting is mostly dyed into a colorful appearance to embellish the cake. Once you accidentally get the frosting spilled from the pot, or if your kids throw the cake at each other. your carpet may suffer a disaster during this period. To ensure that the beautiful frosting won’t leave any stain on your carpet, … Read more

How to Get Taffy Out of Carpet?

tips to get taffy out of carpet

The taffy on your carpet will stick the pile together and leave yellow stains that are difficult to wash. It will severely affect the appearance of your favored carpet. Once you drop taffy unintentionally on the carpet, read this guide and clean it as soon as possible, with our professional and practical methods to get … Read more

How to Remove Red Clay Stains From Carpet?

how to remove red clay stains from carpet

The red clay is prone to leave stains on your carpet. This guide is to help you thoroughly clean the red clay in your carpet. Check the professional methods to renew your carpet now! Things You’ll Need to Get Rid of Red Clay From Carpet A Spray Bottle A Bottle of Borax A Bottle of Ammonia … Read more

How to Get Rid of Ants in Your Carpet?

tips to get ants away from carpets

If your carpet is neglected to be cleaned frequently, or if your room condition is always damp and dim, your carpet may suffer an invasion of ants. This guide thereupon is to help you solve this troubling problem with highly effective methods. Go through this passage to get rid of the little invaders in your … Read more

How to Get Ramen Stains Out Of Carpet?

tips to get ramen stains out of carpet

When enjoy slurping your hot ramen, the soupy noodles may spill some drops on your carpet. What’s worse, if you accidentally do not catch your ramen bowl, it will get your carpet dirty. This guide thereupon is to provide you with some feasible and effective methods to clean the instant noodles stains left on your … Read more