Best Carpet for Lounge – Relax In A Cozier Room

A carpet will substantially upgrade the comfort level in your lounge room. The attractive appearance also will deepen your lounge decoration. So the carpet for the lounge is widely accepted and favored in many families now.

If you’re not sure how to choose the best carpet for your lounge, we’ve done a lot of analyzing and here’re the factors when choosing a carpet for the lounge.

  • How to pick the lounge carpet color?
  • What pattern of lounge carpet is better?
  • Which type of lounge carpet is suitable?
  • Where can you use a carpet in your lounge?
  • How to keep your lounge carpet clean easily?

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What is A Lounge Carpet?

A lounge carpet can effectively increase the comfort level and add a more decorative atmosphere. It not only refers to a lounge in your living room, the hotel, the airport, the club, and other public spaces will also set such a relaxing place for their customers or passengers.

A lounge carpet should be durable enough to ensure the high-traffic step. And the cleaning is also an important factor for its high using frequency. So you can read this guide to know better how to select a reassuring lounge carpet for you.

Why Should You Install A Lounge Carpet?

1. It Keeps Your Lounge Look Clean

The lounge carpet can hide the stain and dirt well in your lounge. You don’t need to clean your lounge carpet frequently while it can still keep a clean appearance. When you step into the lounge, a tidy environment will keep you in a good mood and help you relax better.

>>Consider this neutral carpet to makes your lounge tidy

use a lounge carpet to keep clean

This cut pile carpet can perfectly hide the dirt in your lounge area. Besides, the neutral color shows more resistance to stain and track. So you can freely use it in your lounge room.

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2. It Protect You From Slipping

You may more easily get slipped on a hardwood floor, especially when it just get mopped and is still wet. The carpet pile can enhance the friction when you step on it. So if you install a carpet in the lounge, your kids will play more safely.

3. It Softens Your Lounge

The thick carpet has a soft texture. Your lounge will become cozier and more relaxing with a proper carpet. What’s more, when you accidentally fail to catch or grab your belongings, the soft surface can also reduce the impact to protect your stuff.

4. It Decorates Your Lounge Well

The lounge carpet is attractive if you choose the right style or pattern that matches your lounge. You’ll be more inclined to stay in such a lounge with an elegant carpet. It also shows the owner’s aesthetic taste and improves your living quality.

How to Choose A Carpet For Lounge?

Color and Pattern

The color and pattern of your lounge carpet will affect your lounge style and atmosphere a lot. A well-designed lounge room can show your aesthetic elegance, and highly increase the comfort level in your house.

There’re various colors and patterns available for your lounge carpet, before buying it, you need to ensure the carpet design is compatible with your lounge style. You can also ask for some professional suggestions of color choice.

>>Use this abstract carpet to decorate your lounge

attractive lounge carpet

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The lounge room is a high-traffic area. The lounge carpet will be stepped repeatedly every day. So you need to consider buying a durable enough carpet in your lounge area. It should be capable to bear the routine stomp of your families without getting curled or matting.

The material will affect durability a lot. So make sure to select a high-strength material for your lounge carpet to ensure a long enough lifespan.


The lounge carpet is available in different sizes on the market. Before buying a carpet, you need to decide where you wanna put a carpet in your lounge room, and then measure the scale of the lounge area.

Generally, a lounge carpet of 3×5 feet is relatively a small size you can get. You can apply such a small carpet in front of your couch or desk in your lounge to provide a footrest place.

>>Use this small lounge rug to rest your feet

a small lounge carpet to rest

This small lounge rug is made of faux fur. The elegant appearance with low cost is a good choice for you if you don’t wanna expense too much for a lounge carpet.

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If you wanna find out a larger one, a 7×9 feet carpet is versatile to be settled in the center of your lounge. You can enjoy more activities on such a large lounge carpet.


There’re many factors that will affect your expense on a lounge carpet, the material, the patterns, the sizes, the brands, etc. To buy a lounge room carpet without wasting too much money, you need to determine the budget at first.

The general cost of a lounge carpet is from $1 to $2 per foot square. If you plan to buy a natural fur fiber carpet, then the cost can reach 2 or 3 times higher. You can decide on a specific size carpet you want, and then calculate roughly the total cost to buy such a carpet in your lounge room.


The lounge carpets are different in types and shapes. They can be applied in various places and situations in your lounge. For example, you can add a berber carpet in front of your TV, or put a carpet runner if you have a through lounge design. While if you often invite your friends, then a loop pile carpet can be durable enough.

So it’s necessary to consider what type of carpet you will need in your lounge room.

>>Pick such a carpet runner to extend your through lounge

best carpet runner for througe lounge

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Choosing a soft carpet can effectively increase the coziness of your lounge room. If you want an extremely soft carpet, you can consider a thick lounge carpet.

A thick carpet often has a plush texture. When you step on it, the loop pile will provide a cushy enough place to support your feet. The soft sense will make your lounge room a more relaxing place.

Ease of Cleaning

The cleaning of lounge carpet should be more frequent since the lounge room carpet is always exposed to an open area. So to reduce the cleaning burden, you should consider installing a lounge carpet that is easy to clean, or using a powerful vacuum cleaner to make it easier.

If you do not have a carpet cleaner, you can consider this one to make your lounge cleaning easier than ever!

carpet cleaner for lounge area

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Select the Best Suitable Material for Your Lounge Carpet

There’re many materials of carpet that can be applied in lounge area. To help you consider which one fits you most, we’ve listed and analyzed the most common materials for you.

1. Nylon – Best Versatile Choice for Your Lounge

Nylon is considered the best overall material when choosing a lounge carpet. The nylon carpet is durable enough to resist stomp in high traffic areas such as your lounge room. It can recover soon to its original appearance. You can use a nylon lounge carpet for more than decades without changing or repairing it.

Besides, it shows good stain resistance in your lounge area. You can freely hold a home party in your lounge at your will. It can be easily cleaned even get soaked by wine or juice.

>>We’ve picked a favorable nylon carpet for your lounge room!

nylon lounge carpet

This nylon carpet is mixed with wool fiber. So the durability is further promoted. You can put your chair or table on such a carpet without fretting matting or ruining it.

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2. Olefin – Cheap Lounge Carpet to Reduce Your Cost

Olefin carpet, also called a polypropylene carpet, is regarded as one of the cheapest lounge carpets on the market. If you’re limited on budget, the olefin carpet is the top choice for your lounge area.

The olefin lounge carpet is super waterproof. Its special surface won’t absorb any water drop or other liquid. The lingered water drop on the surface will be quickly dried by wind. Due to this feature, it’s also mildew-resistant since the bacteria prefer a more moisture environment.

Besides, the dyed color is somewhat built-in olefin carpet, so it won’t easily fade after long use, thereupon the maintenance cost of your lounge carpet can be highly reduced. Hence the olefin carpet is your best economical choice.

>>Use this cheap olefin carpet with modern stylish design in your lounge

cheap olefin carpet for lounge room

This olefin carpet adpots vintage bohemian style pattern. If you’re fond of such artistic design, you can click this button to pick your favorite color and patterns. There’re more than 10 bohemian patterns available for you!

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3. Triexta – New Eco-friendly Material That Easy to Clean

Triexta is a new material that was adopted in the manufacturing of lounge carpets. This eco-friendly carpet is healthy for allergies since the synthetic carpet contains a mass of natural fibers. The VOCs, therefore, can be highly reduced when using such a carpet in your lounge.

This triexta lounge carpet is now widely accepted also because of its soft texture. It doesn’t need any chemical application on the surface, so when you step on it with your bare feet, you can feel the soft carpet pile directly. This makes the triexta an ideal carpet in your lounge room.

4. Polyester – Cushy Thick Carpet for More Comfort

The polyester lounge carpet is quite favored by many families for its high comfort level. The cushy design of most polyester carpet is a soft choice if you wanna relax better in your lounge. It can also effectively insulate the heat from your floor to give your more warmth in winter.

Besides, polyester has the most variety design among all the carpets. So it’s easy to find a stylish polyester carpet that meets your taste, and decorates your lounge with more fashion sense.

>>Use this polyester carpet to add more softness in your lounge

polyester lounge carpet

This polyester carpet has a shaggy surface. When you install it in your lounge, your kids and pets will enjoy playing or resting on such a fluffy and soft carpet.

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Try These Wonderful Lounge Carpet Ideas To Highlight Your Style

1. Striped Pattern to Coordinate Your Simple Lounge Style

If your lounge room is in a simple style, basically using a neutral or light color. A striped pattern can be perfectly merged into such a lounge style. Consider using a muted striped carpet to add more vividness.

Besides, a striped lounge carpet can visually expand the lounge size. You will enjoy taking a rest in such a spacious room rather than a narrow space.

It also shows great compatibility with any furnishing or decoration. It can effectively coordinate with your chairs, sofa, and other ornaments in your lounge room.

best striped carpet in your lounge

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2. A Modern Design to Make Your Lounge More Artistic

If your lounge is elaborately designed to show your aesthetic, then it’s advisable to choose a modern pattern carpet in your lounge room.

The flowing line or curled shape is all full of artistic sense. A Scandinavian geometric rhombus or triangles pattern is also peculiar for a lounge carpet. With a modern pattern carpet, your lounge will become more stylish and attractive.

best modern type lounge carpet

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3. Tartan Lounge Carpet to Help Hiding Dirt

Tartan pattern carpet has a super long history. It is widely adored especially by the British. The criss-cross is one of the most typical designs of carpet patterns. With more colors available, the tartan carpet is no longer just a traditional symbol.

It can effectively hide dirt in your lounge room.  If you prefer this pattern of lounge carpet, you can enjoy more leisure time instead of doing the cleaning.

The red-black tartan pattern is also a good choice for Christmas eve. You can consider trying such a carpet to add more warmth to your lounge.

buffalo carpet for lounge room

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Carpet Colour Suggestions of Your Lounge

1. Grey Lounge Carpet – Best Choice For Hiding Dirts

The grey carpet can conceal many types of stains in your routine life. The dust, the footstep, even your pet’s paw prints will all disappear on a grey carpet. Your kids and pets can play carefreely on a grey carpet. It will keep still clean and tidy after the regular use or abuse.

The simple appearance of a grey lounge carpet can help neutralize your room style. Even if your ornaments are tanglesome in your lounge, the grey carpet can still make your lounge relatively ordered.

best grey carpet for lounge

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2. Charcoal Carpet for Lounge Room  – Coolest Choice for Men

Charcoal is one of the most adopted dark colors of lounge carpet. This dark grey color carpet has cool and attractive appearance for men.

The charcoal is equivalently a good choice to hide dirt. You can just do some simple cleaning in your daily to keep it away from dust.

Besides, the charcoal carpet can absorb the heat well on cold days. It keeps your lounge warm and cozy in frozen winter.

best charcoal carpet for lounge

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3. Green Lounge Carpet – Healthy Modern Color for Youngs

The green color now is becoming trendy in more and more young families. The green color can help calm you down and relieve your mood when you wanna relax in your lounge room. Besides, it can reduce the pressure on your eyes.

The green lounge carpet is also a stylish choice if you prefer a tropical decoration style. Using patterns of banana leaves and flamingo to coordinate your tropical style will be a nice try.

best green lounge carpet

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4. Beige and Brown Lounge Carpet – Add More Warmth in Your Lounge

Beige or brown is a good choice for your lounge carpet. The warm color tone will increase the mild and sweet atmosphere in your lounge. If you get tired of whole day work, when you come back home, the soft yellow lounge will relax you much.

This color also can hide stains well. Even if you accidentally mess with the surface pile, it will still look neat. So do not hesitate to buy such a beige or brown carpet when you wanna enjoy a comforting lounge.

best beige carpet for lounge

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Choose A Suitable Carpet Type for Your Various Lounge

1. Berber Carpet  – Versatile And Economical Choice for Your Lounge

The berber carpet is one of the most popular residential carpet types. It’s durable and easy to clean, with spending the very low cost you can get such a practical carpet in your lounge.

It varies in shapes and sizes a lot. So you can easily get a suitable size carpet for your own lounge room. The loop pile design of berber carpet can effectively prevent water.

If you spill your drink when taking a rest at the lounge, the liquid won’t soak the carpet much. Then you can clean it without spending too much effort.

>>Try this berber carpet in your lounge for its high durability and high stain resistance

best berber carpet for lounge

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2. Carpet Tile – Flexible Choice to DIY Your Lounge Decoration

The carpet tile is a trendy choice in many families. If your lounge is cluttered with stuffs and furnishing, a carpet tile can be flexibly detached by piece without removing the whole large carpet underlaid.

The carpet tile for the lounge is available in different colors and patterns. You’re given free rein to design your lounge carpet style on your own.

For example. using a mixed color carpet square to make your lounge more artistic. Or using different sizes of carpets to geometrically design your lounge.

>>Use this modern carpet tile to design your lounge carpet style

best carpet tile for lounge

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3. Carpet Runner – The Slim Choice to Extend Your Lounge

The carpet runner is a good choice for the hallway of your lounge. It can visually extend your lounge area further. The furniture in your lounge room can also show less crowded.

The lounge hallway is a high traffic area. Using a carpet runner can protect your floor in a good condition. What’s more, it will prevent you from getting slipped on the slippery hardwood floor.

>>Get this carpet runner to decorate your through lounge

best carpet runner for through lounge

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Consider Your Lounge Situation Before Buying A Carpet

Before buying carpet, you should ensure your lounge type, situation, and the using frequency, then decide the final choice of your carpet.

1. Busy Lounge – A Loop Pile Carpet for High Durability

If your lounge is always a busy place, for instance, you like holding party in your lounge room, then a loop pile carpet will be your top choice.

The unsheared pile surface is strong enough to bear the frequent step of crowded people. It won’t easily get curled or twisted even if you continuously stand on it. A berber type carpet, thereupon, is precisely a good type of durable carpet for your busy lounge.

If you have a higher demand for the durability, the material is also necessary. You can consider a nylon material carpet in your lounge to ensure longevity.

>>Consider this attractive loop pile carpet for your busy lounge

durable carpet for busy lounge

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2. Lounge Dining Room – A Polyester Carpet for Easy Cleaning

If you put your dining table in your lounge, you need to consider a carpet material with high resistance to sorts of pollution and stain. The regular dining may more or less add some food or oil stain on your carpet.

The polyester is ideal for this situation. Its peculiar synthetic fiber won’t absorb these stains and waters. If you accidentally drop your food on it, you can easily clean it with solution and wipe it.

>>Use this oil stain-resistant carpet in your lounge dining room

best carpet for lounge dining room

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>>Click here to know about choosing a carpet for dining room<<

3. Through Lounge – A Carpet Runner to Match the Special House Type

A through lounge usually has a spacious and long hallway. It’s very suitable to install a carpet runner on such a lounge. A carpet runner has extending length, this special carpet shape can visually make your lounge spacious. If you use traditional round or square rugs, the extra hallway will appear to be empty and abrupt.

Using a carpet runner can also help coordinate and integrate the style of your through lounge, making it neater and tidier.

4. Lounge Chair – Using A Small Rug to Underlay

If there’s a resting chair or couch in your lounge room, you can underlay a small rug to protect your floor. A round lounge rug will be better since this carpet shape can wrap your furniture well without taking up too much space.

A well-chosen rug can help show off your lounge décor. Choosing a rug that compatible with your room style to make it more luxurious or simpler.

What’s more, if you’ve already installed a wall-to-wall carpet in your lounge, a small rug can also help reduce the abrasion and damage between the lounge chair and your carpet.

>>Use this vintage small rug for your lounge chair

best underlay for lounge chair

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Useful Accessories for Your Lounge Carpet

If you’ve decided your best carpet for lounge, you can consider using these accessories to improve your using experience and prolong the longevity of your carpet.

1. Use the underlay for your lounge carpet

The carpet underlay can effectively increase the friction between your carpet and the floor. So you won’t get easily slipped when you step on the carpet.

Besides, it can prolong the longevity of your carpet since it can protect the carpet back from excessively rubbing or wearing.

What’s more, the thickness is accordingly increased, so you will feel softer and warmer when you use a lounge carpet with underlay.

>>This small rug can be perfectly compatible with your lounge chair and protect your carpet

best chair mat for lounge chair

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2. Clean your lounge carpet with a good vacuum cleaner

The cleaning of lounge carpet will be quite easy if you choose a reliable vacuum cleaner. The high-power vacuum can quickly get all dust and other specks on your carpet. Then you can well go on your deeper cleaning for your carpet.

Doing the vacuum cleaning of your lounge carpet regularly can also extend the carpet’s lifespan since the dirt and bacteria will gradually damage your carpet. So do not hesitate to use a reliable vacuum to clean and protect your carpet.

>>This one will always be your reliable cleaner for your lounge carpet!

best carpet cleaner for lounge

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If you’re not sure how to do the entire cleaning, below are the more specific methods to clean your carpet.

Laminate or Carpet Your Lounge Floor?

You can both choose to put a laminate or carpet as the basic floor in your lounge. If you could not determine which one is better, here we’ve made some analysis for you.

Laminate Floor – Durable and Easy Cleaning

The laminate floor is usually a popular choice in many families. It is composed of three durable layers. The base layer is mainly made of high-density fiber to ensure high durability and rigidity.

In the middle, it’s the photo-realistic layer. It endows the laminate floor a hardwood appearance and thus mainly visually affects your using experience.

On the top, there is a transparent layer that is made of plasticating material to protect the underneath layers.

With such a construction, the laminate floor can endure more heavy and frequent use for longer. And the plasticating layer is definitely waterproof so you can freely and easily mop or wipe it to clean.

Carpet Floor – Elegant and Comfortable

The carpet floor is a modern and trendy choice for your lounge. No matter the loop pile or cut pile surface will give you a cozy and elegant sense in your lounge. You’ll feel more relaxed when you take a rest or chat with your families in such a room.

The most outstanding feature of the carpet floor is the high softness and coziness. Compared to the traditional hardwood floor, it has enough elasticity to endure the adult’s weight. It can also protect you well if you accidentally fall down to the ground.

What’s more, a soft carpet can protect your pet’s claw from the abrasion of the hardwood floor. So if you have children, pets, or living with your elder parent, it will be a good choice to install a carpet in your lounge and give them the best considerate care.

Follow These Simple Steps to Keep Your Lounge Carpet Clean

1. Vacuum Your Carpet

The first thing to clean your lounge carpet is to vacuum it. The long-term use of carpet may lead to dust accumulation. It’s necessary to clean the dusty surface, otherwise, the deeper cleaning will be difficult to go on.

If your carpet is not so dirty, the regular vacuum is enough to keep its appearance clean. For deeper clean, you can follow the next steps.

2. Mix the Cleaning Solution

If there’re many stains on your lounge carpet, you need to use solutions and towels to wipe your carpet.

The mixing steps are easy to operate. You just need a bottle(a watering can will be better if you have it), with water and white vinegar. The proportion of water and vinegar is 3:1, fully shake and mix them, you will get a powerful cleaning solution for your lounge carpet.

3. Wipe Your Lounge Carpet with Solution

Pour the mixed solution on the spot of your lounge carpet, and wait for 5-10 minutes to ensure it can be fully soaked. Then use a towel or your tissue to slightly wipe the carpet, you’ll find the spot quite easy to get rid of.

4. Hang the Lounge Carpet Outside to Dry it

When you clean all the spots and stains, air out your rinsed carpet outside. If you just clean several small areas of your lounge carpet, you can also use your hairdryer to dry it easily and quickly.


You will benefit a lot from a lounge carpet. To protect your kids and pets, and improve your living quality, it will be an advisable choice to install a carpet in your lounge room. Hope this guide can help you determine your top choice.

If you still wonder which one to buy, this versatile carpet in your lounge room will be a nice try. Its neutral color and fluffy surface make it highly compatible with various lounge styles and demands. Besides, the very affordable price is quite worthy for your beginning l0unge carpet.

best versatile carpet for lounge

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