Best Carpet For Dining Room – Enjoy Your Exquisite and Pleasing Dinner

A well-chosen carpet can add style, warmth, softness, and elegance to your dining room. From materials to types, to colors, there’re many factors you need to concern about when choosing it. Read the following guides to choose the best suitable carpet for your own dining room.

  • Why You Should Install A Carpet in Your Dining Room?
  • Which Type of Carpet Should You Choose?
  • What Material is Suitable For Your Dining Room?
  • How to Determine the Carpet Size for Your Dining Room?
  • Color and Ideas Suggestion for Your Dining Room Carpet

best carpet for dining area

Why Do You Need a Carpet in Your Dining Room?

1. It helps reduce the noise when you’re dining

A large dining room carpet can effectively reduce the noise from your downstairs. If you wanna enjoy an elaborate-cooked dinner agreeably with your family or your lover without getting disturbed by any noise, do not hesitate to use a carpet to immerse you into your dinner.

2. It protects the floor in your dining room

The carpet can isolate the dining chairs from your floor. When you slide your chair and wanna seated, a carpet will protect your floor from the abrasion of the chair foot. It also helps catch the greasy crumb and avoid the oil ruining your floor layer in your dining room.

3. It adds luxurious sense to your dining room

Carpet is always a typical and lavish ornament. Install a patterned or wool carpet in your dining room, it’ll bring much extravagant sense. You will feel more indulged in your homemade French cuisine in such a dining room.

How to Choose a Carpet for Your Dining Room?

1. Material

The first important thing you need to consider is the materials. Different materials show discrepancies in their durabilities, textures, stain resistance, and other properties.

So you need to choose a reassuring carpet material according to your actual dining room condition and your individual demand.

2. Waterproof

The dining room carpet is easy to get spattered by your spilled drink or soap. It’s necessary to choose a waterproof carpet to ensure a longer lifespan.

A synthetic fiber material shows good waterproofness for your dining room carpet. You can consider choosing a nylon or polyester carpet under your dining table.

>>Consider this polyester waterproof carpet for your dining room

best waterproof carpet for dining room

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3. Washability

The carpet under your dining table may get dirt frequently from your food crumbs. The most simple cleaning way is to use your washing machine.

While not all the carpet fiber can are machine washable. If you don’t want to handwash your carpet, pick a machine washable carpet for your dining room.

4. Price

The dining room carpet is available at a wide range of prices. Materials are the main factors that affect your dining room carpet price. Most of them are sold from $1 to $3 per square foot.

If you wanna buy a cheaper one, consider a polyester or polypropylene carpet. If you prefer a luxurious type, a wool carpet for your dining room will be a good choice.

5. Durability

If you slide your dining chair rudely, the friction between your chair foot and the carpet may damage the carpet surface over time. It’s advisable to choose a highly durable carpet in your dining area.

A loop pile carpet is durable enough to ensure the high traffic foot and frequent scratch in your dining room. You can consider such a carpet type when choosing your dining room carpet.

6. Size

The carpets come in many size options for your dining room. You need to consider the size of your dining room, and decide where you want to install a carpet. On your whole dining room floor, or just a small rug under your dining table and chairs?

If you plan to cover the whole dining room floor, also remember to measure the width and length of your dining room.

7. Type

You can get various types of carpets for your dining room on the market. It’s important to determine a suitable carpet type for you. They vary from each other in shapes, durability, textures, softness, pile heights, etc.

So, remember to check the carpet type before you make your carpet order for your dining area.

What Type of Carpet You Can Use in A Dining Room?

1. Round Carpet Rug – Best Typical Choice for Your Dining Table

A round rug is a versatile choice for your dining room. The typical shape can be compatible with different dining room sets and styles. It can protect your floor all-round.

What’s more, the circle shape can visually expand your dining room area. It concentrates people’s attention on the dining table and chairs above and helps integrate your dining room style.

>> Consider choosing this round rug for your dining room

round carpet for dining table

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The hand-braided design and jute fiber make it quite natural and eco-friendly. You can enjoy your dinner more in a more reassuring environment.

2. Oval Carpet Rug – Special Shape for Your Long Dining Table and Room

If your dining table is in a rectangular shape design, it’s more advisable to select an oval rug for your dining room.

The extended sides of the oval carpet can better contain and support your dining tables. It also helps expand the dining room size visually since the oval shape identically can concentrate your attention on the furniture above.

>>Here we’ve picked an oval carpet ideal for your dining room

best oval carpet for dining room

This oval-shaped carpet is equivalently made of natural jute fiber. When you’re dining with your babies, you never need to be fretting about the toxic gas.

It’s available in more than 6 kinds of shapes and colors, click the button to pick your favored one!

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3. Carpet Tiles for Dining Room – Easy to Clean and Flexible

The carpet tile is a modern and trendy choice for the dining room. The most outstanding feature of this modular carpet is its high flexibility.

It can be easily assembled and detached piece by piece. Therefore, if you accidentally spill your soup on it, you can simply dismantle the dirty piece without removing the whole carpet.

>>Check the best carpet tiles for your dining room

best carpet tiles for dining room

These carpet tiles adopt double sided tape, highly enhanced the performance in non-slipping. You won’t worry that your chair will roll the carpet tiles when you slide it for seating. The dim color tone will also shows good stain resistance in your dining room.

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4. Carpet Runner – Extend Your Dining Room Area

If you find your dining room a little bit narrow or crowded, you will need a carpet runner to help improve this situation. It can be expanded from the sidewall of your dining room to the spacious public area. Your dining room will visually look like much larger than ever.

It’s aslo an ideal choice for the dining room in banquet hall. The length of a carpet runner will be capable to support the special banquet table.

>>Get the carpet runner to create a larger dining room

carpet runner for dining room

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5. Shag Rug for Dining Room – Extreme Soft Dining Experience

You absolutely can install a shaggy carpet in your dining room. The fluffy surface adds much softness and warmth to your dining area. When you are having dinner with your friends or family, you’ll feel cozier and more relaxed at this moment.

The only thing you need to notice is to clear it more frequently since you may not be aware of the crump hiding under the plush surface.

>>Get this shaggy carpet to build a cozier dining room

best plush carpet for dining room

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If you wanna learn more about how to choose a plush carpet, just click here!

6. Rug on Carpet Under Your Table – Prevent the Abrasion to Your Carpet

If you’ve already carpeted your dining room floor entirely. You can consider buying one more small rug under your dining table. It can share the pressure of your table and chairs, thereupon your basic carpet will less risk getting abrased or damaged after long-term use.

7. Wall-to-wall Carpet – Whole Coverage of Your Dining Room Floor

A wall-to-wall carpet is also a good choice for your dining room. The whole coverage design can help integrate the dining room style. With a wall-to-wall carpet, your dining room will appear to be more elegant and luxurious.

What’s more, the wall-to-wall carpet can effectively reduce the noise in your dining room since the whole floor will be insulated by your carpet. You can be fully immersed in your dinner without any sound disturbing.

Which Material is the Best Choice for Your Dining Room Carpet?

1. Polypropylene – Inexpensive Carpet with Various Design

The polypropylene is one of the cheapest carpet materials available on the market. Its synthetic fiber won’t absorb the liquid, so there’s no need to worry your soup or wine will get the carpet dirty easily.

Due to the special dying properties of this synthetic fiber, there’re more color and pattern options for you to match your own dining room style and taste.

>>Choose this colorful polypropylene carpet for your dining table

best polypropylene rug for dining room

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Jute – Eco-friendly Carpet that Easy to Clean

If you wanna choose a 100% non-toxic carpet for your dining room, the jute will be your best solution.

A jute carpet is totally made of plant fiber. It will help absorb the dust and humidity in the air. When you’re having meals at your dining table, the freshened air environment will please you a lot.

It’s also quite easy to clean, you can wipe the spot easily when you fall your food onto the carpet.

>>Durable jute carpet we picked for you

best jute rug for dining room

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Wool – Luxury Choice for Elegant Dinner

There’s no better choice than a wool carpet if you wanna add some extravagant sense to your dining room. The natural fur texture is a symbol of high-end. You can enjoy your French cuisine to your heart’s content.

A wool carpet is durable enough for any high-traffic area such as your dining room. You can freely install it under your dining chairs and tables.

Best Dining Room Carpet Ideas for You

1. Modern carpet – Making your Dining Room Stylish and Artistic

If you’re bored with a typical dining room decoration style and wanna try something new, why not give it a chance to a modern carpet? Most of them are dyed in colorful patterns. It will add a joyful atmosphere to your dining room.

What’s more, you can consider some geometric or striped elements on your carpet to build a modern and stylish dining room.

>>Consider such a modern carpet to extend your imagination for your dining room!

best modern carpet for dining room

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2. Braided Rug for Dining Room – Durable Choice That Accentuates Your Dining Room D├ęcor

The braided rug is a versatile choice for your dining room. If you wanna pay less effort to design your room style, you can choose to trust the braided rug.

The woven rope texture makes it a good incidental to your original decoration. Your furniture in your dining room will be accentuated well with such a braided rug.

Besides, this type of carpet is highly durable so you will feel more reassured if you install it in your dining room.

>>Here We’ve Picked a Durable Braided Rug for You

best braided carpet for dining room

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3. Traditional Carpet – Classic and Chic Choice for Your Dining Room

The traditional style carpet will never be out of date. The occidental conventional pattern can be compatible with different style in your dining room.

It will be a classic and chic decoration to your dining room. You and your family will be obsessed with the elegant atmosphere created by such a traditional carpet.

>>Check the best traditional carpet for your dining room

traditional carpet for dining room

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4. Ideas for Apartment Dining Room Carpet

The dining room style of the apartment is generally exquisite and modern. You can consider using a carpet tile with modern patten to match your apartment style.

The carpet tile is a flexible choice, it can handle some irregular corners of your dining room shape. You can fill these corners with fewer pieces of tiles and cover the spacious area with more pieces of the different colors.

>>Consider this modern carpet tile for your apartment dining room!

best carpet squares for apartment dining room

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What’s the advantage of these ideas for dining room carpets? What kind of people will like these ideas?

5. Ideas for Farmhouse Dining Room Carpet

The dining room in a farmhouse is relatively spacious and bright. For this case, the broadloom carpet will be a good choice. It can cover a larger area than other types of carpet. Your farmhouse dining room can precisely contain such a carpet.

As for the pattern, the traditional pattern of the medallion is a popular choice in different areas and countries. The elegant appearance can catch everyone’s eyeball when they step into your dining room.

>>Check this traditional broadloom carpet for your farmhouse dining room

best carpet for farmhouse dining area

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6. Carpet Ideas for Dining Room With Baby

If you have babies or kids, there is a secret good solution for your dining room carpet. You can consider using an outdoor rug instead of the regular indoor carpet.

The outdoor rug, due to its original design intention, owns high durability and long longevity. It can endure the fierce use or abuse of your kids. When they’re eating their food casually or unwillingly, the outdoor carpet can also sustain the crumbs.

What’s more, the outdoor carpet is usually designed in a large size, so it will be capable to cover a wide range in your dining room.

>>You can consider using such an outdoor carpet with an attractive appearance in your dining room to please your kids!

best carpet for dining room with kids

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Choosing The Right Carpet Size For Your Dining Table

It’s necessary to determine the right carpet rug size before buying it. You need to consider your dining table size, and add 30 inches of extra space to settle your dining chair.

1. 5×8 Dining Room Rugs

The 5×8 dining room rugs are tiny and delicate. They’ll be a good solution for the apartment dining room. If your dining table size is smaller than 30”x42”, you can choose this size of rugs.

>>Get the identical size carpet now

best 5x8 rug for dining room

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2. 6×10 Rugs for Dining Room

The 6×10 dining room rugs are slim and long. You can consider putting such a carpet if your table is in a rectangular or oval shape. The largest size of table for this carpet should not exceed 40”x60” in your dining room.

>>Check the Best 6×10 Rugs for Your Dining Room Now

best 6x10 rugs for dining area

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3. 7×9 Rugs for Dining Room

The 7×9 dining room rugs are a good choice for a round table. The approximate width and length can better contain the round shape of your dining table. The table’s diameter should be within 3 feet to ensure enough space.

>>Vintage style 7×9 carpet recommended for you

best 7x9 rug for dining room

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4. 7×10 Dining Room Rugs

The 7×10 dining room rugs are perfect to contain a 6 person dining table. It can provide enough space for 6 dining chairs. You can install a spacious dining table and freely move your chair on such a carpet.

>>Consider this shaggy surface 7×10 carpet in your dining room

best 7x10 carpet for dining table

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5. 8×10 Dining Room Rugs

The 8×10 dining room rugs are a large enough carpet for most dining room sizes. If you wanna install a carpet for your farmhouse dining room, this carpet size will be the best solution.

>>Safavieh non-shedding carpet for your large dining table

best 8x10 rug for dining room

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6. 9ft Round Rugs for Dining Room

The 9ft round rugs are one of the largest carpet sizes available for your dining room on the market. The round shape makes it capable to contain a larger table.

If you often invite your friends to have dinner together, you can consider using such a round carpet in your dining room.

>>This 9ft traditional carpet is verstaile for different dining room style

best 9ft round rug for dining room

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Choosing Your Favored Color for Your Dining Room Carpet

1. Grey Dining Room Carpet – Best Stainless Choice

Grey is a typical neutral color choice for carpets in the dining room. It shows high stain resistance and can keep a clean appearance even after long use.

The regular use track in your dining room won’t easily get this carpet dirt. So, if you’re bored with frequent cleaning, don’t hesitate to select such a grey carpet in your dining room.

best grey carpet for dining room

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2. Navy Blue Dining Room Rug – Trendy Color That Adds More Fashion Style

The navy blue is a trendy choice in recent years. The stylish appearance of this carpet is favored by many young families. If you prefer a modern decoration style, consider choosing such a navy blue or Klein blue carpet in your dining room.

best navy blue carpet for dining room

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3. White Dining Room Carpets – Clean Color for Simple Dining Room Design

You absolutely can use white rugs in your dining room. It’s a popular choice for those pursuing the extremely simple and clean room style. The white color owns the highest compatibility to everything in your dining room. The only thing you need to note is to clean it frequently to keep it always neat.

best white rugs for dining room

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4. Brown Dining Room Rugs – Typical Color for Inviting Dinner

The brown is a typical and sure choice for your dining room carpet. The warm color tone will create a cozy and inviting atmosphere in your dining room. If you prefer to hold party and invite your friends for dinner, the brown carpet will be the best choice.

best brown carpet for dining room

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5. Red Dining Room Carpets – Best Choice for Traditional Pattern

Red is the most commonly seen color with traditional oriental patterns on your carpet, such as the medallion, the tartan. If you’re a loyal supporter of the traditional decoration room style, a red carpet must be capable to meet your demands.

best red carpet for dining room

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6. Cream Dining Room Rugs – Sweety Choice for Family with Kids

Cream color stays in between white and beige. But the undertone of this color is warmer and more sweety. This vivacious carpet color will be favored by your kids. They’re more likely to have meals in a joyful environment instead of a serious traditional room.

best cream rug for dining room

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Dining Room Carpet Rules That You Should Know

1. Measure Your Dining Table At First

The carpet size, especially for the area rugs, is closely related to the size of your dining table. You should add at least 30 inches for each side to ensure you can slide out your chairs under the table.

2. Use A Rug Pad to Enhance Friction

A rug pad can effectively increase the friction between your carpet and the floor. So when you pull out your chairs, they won’t easily roll up your rug.

What’s more, it can protect you from slipping when you’re holding a bowl and stepping onto the carpet.

3. Choose A Easy-cleaning Carpet

You may spill some food crumbs on your carpet unconsciously. After the long use, your carpet may get stained by the greasy food. Using a stainless or easy-to-clean material will greatly reduce the clean burden of your dining room carpet.

4. Match Your Dining Room Style

The carpet in your dining room should stay integrated or related to the surrounding environment and decorations. Before buying your carpet, make sure what style of carpet is suitable and compatible with your dining room.

Useful Accessories to Protect Your Carpet in Dining Room

1. Choose a Plastic Protector Under Your Dining Room Chairs

The long-term use under the dining table and chairs may lead to abrasion to your carpet if you do not adopt some safeguard procedures. Overlaying a protector will be remarkably effective to prolong the lifespan of your carpet.

You can freely slide your chairs on your dining room carpet with a plastic protector, besides, the protector can isolate the carpet from the food crumbs that you carelessly throw down.

>>Get the plastic protector for your dining room carpet

best carpet protector for dining room

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2. Select A Good Dining Room Chair to Reduce Pressure on Your Carpet

You can consider choosing a dining chair with a holder instead of traditional chair feet. It can apportion the pressure from four points to a larger thrust face, then your carpet surface will less easily get pressed and curled.

>>Use this chair to protect your dining room carpet

best chair for dining room carpet

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3. Install a Slider for Your Dining Room Chair

If you wanna further protect your dining room carpet, you can consider installing sliders under your chair foot. When you slide out your chairs, the slider can smooth this process and reduce the friction between your chair and carpets.

>>Versatile slides for different kinds of dining chair

best chair sliders to protect your dining room rug

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How Big Should a Rug be Under a Dining Table?

The regular 6-person dining room table is about 40” wide and 60” long. For this dining table, it’s advisable to choose a rug that is at least 6′ wide and 10′ long. This carpet size can ensure you have enough space to settle your dining chair and leave a spacious walking space for you.

How Far Should a Rug Extend Beyond a Dining Table?

There should be at least 30” space for each side between the carpet and the edge of your dining table. You need to consider the space for your dining chair and the walking space.

Besides, if your dining room is set in a lounge with an open design, you can consider leaving a larger space to place your belongings and ornaments.


The dining room carpet varies a lot according to different styles and house types. We hope this guide can help you determine the most suitable solution for your own dining room.

If you’re still uncertain about your dining room, you can consider selecting such a versatile as your one-size-fits-all choice!

best dining room carpets

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