Best Carpet for Children’s Bedrooms – More Joy and More Care

Your kids will need carpet in their bedroom to protect them. They may fall down accidentally when playing, a carpet can support them avoiding hurt by a hardwood floor.

If you don’t know how to select a carpet for your kid’s bedroom, just read this guide. We’ve helped you analyze the carpet on the market and will give you full guides on choosing it!

Select Right Carpet Material For Your Kid’s Room

1. Nylon – Best Overall Synthetic Fibre For Your Kids Room

Nylon carpet is always reliable and reassuring when being installed in your children’s rooms.

Its surface has good elasticity and strength to resist kid’s play. In most cases, it can get recovered to its original shape soon even get crushed or stretched by your kids.

Besides, as one of the most stain-resistant materials, nylon can be easily cleaned if your kids draw some colors, or spill some drinks on the carpet.

So, you can freely let your kids play on a Nylon carpet. It will be a good accompany for your children.

Pick this nylon carpet for your kids to enjoy their time Noahas Sturdy Nylon Carpet

.Nylon carpet for child's bedroom

This Noahas nylon carpet has various sizes and color options for your kids. The shaggy surface adds more coziness when your kids are sitting or lying on this carpet. It is also equipped with a non-slip pad to protect your kid from slipping.

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2. Polyester – Less Cost and More Design

Polyester carpet is an economical choice for your kid’s bedroom. The lowest cost may only be 1 dollar per square foot. It’s cheaper than most carpet materials.

The polyester carpet can be dyed into various colors and it’s difficult to get faded. So most polyester carpet owns a colorful design. It’s very easy to find a color design that will meet your kid’s taste.

Get this polyester carpet to decorate your kid’s roomAmdrebio Colorful Polyester Carpet for Children’s Bedrooms

best polyester carpet for children's bedrooms

This Amdrebio carpet adopts a round shape design. The fluffy surface provides a soft touch to your kid’s bare feet. More than 16 color options for your kids with different preferences. Your child can enjoy reading or other activities on this carpet.

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3. Wool – Natural Soft Care for Your Kids

Wool carpet provides an extremely soft feeling for your kids. The long pile wool carpet will cover your kid’s feet warmly and softly.

Made of natural material, it is mildew-resistant and won’t release any toxic gas, so you don’t need to worry about health problems when your kids are using it.

Besides, it can release extra humidity in your kid’s room and improve the air environment. So it will give the best care to your kids.

Use this wool carpet to give your kids the best careNoahas Wool Carpet for Children’s Bedroom

wool carpet for children's bedroomsThis Noahas carpet use 100% natural wool material. It’s machine washable, you can easily clean it if your kids get it dirty. The shaggy surface can also endure the pet’s crawl if your kids wanna play with them together on the carpet.

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4. Jute – Eco-friendly Choice with Lower Price

Jute carpet is made of natural plant fiber material. If your kids are allergic to animal fur, you can select this carpet at a lower cost. The jute carpet has good ventilation, so your kids will feel cool when lying on it on summer days.

Most jute carpets are in a neutral color. So it will keep a clean appearance even after long use. Also, the peculiar odor of plant fiber can help your kids sleep well at night.

Select this jute carpet to purify the air in your kid’s bedroomsnuLOON Jute Carpet for Children’s Room

jute carpet for children's rooms

This nuLOON jute rug is totally artificial. The jute surface has many slight vents so your kids will feel cool even in hot summer. If your kid’s do not want to sleep in bed on hot days, it will be the perfect place to take a nap!

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Carpet Color Suggestions in Your Kid’s Bedroom

1. A Neutral Color Shows Less Stain After Long Use

Neutral color is the best color choice for your children’s bedroom, especially for those naughty boys and girls, since they may get some color stain on the carpet like their crayon, paint, or ink. This type of color can hide these stains to some extent.

Besides, your kids can freely place their belongings in their bedrooms. It has strong compatibility with any kind of bedroom style and can help reconcile the mess room visually.

Best neutral color carpet we picked for your kid’s bedrooms

neutral color carpet for kid's room

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2. A Macaron Color Carpet for Your Little Girls

Girls may enjoy the sweet style of their bedroom. For this situation, you can choose a macaron color carpet, such as pink, mint, or citron. These colors own a low degree of saturation, so they will look melted in your princess’s little palace.

Best Pink Carpet for Your Litlle Princess’s Bedroom

pink carept for gilr's bedroom

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3. An Atrovirens or Deep Blue Carpet Makes Your Boy’s Bedroom Cooler

If your boy is a military fan, don’t hesitate to buy such a carpet in their room. It will reinforce the military style, when they’re playing with their toy guns, they will feel more indulged.

If your boy is astrophile, a deep blue carpet is a good choice, since there must some star decoration in their room. The deep blue shows a galaxy-like style to get your boy immersed in their private planet.

Best Atrovirens Carpet for Your Little Military Fan Boys

atrovirens carpet for boy's bedroom

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How to Choose the Best Carpet for Your Kid’s Bedroom?

1. A Nylon Carpet Will Reduce Your Clean Burden

Nylon carpet is one of the most dirt-resistant carpet types. You can install a nylon carpet in your kids’ bedroom to endure their tricks and mischiefs.

Nylon carpet is super easy to clean and difficult to catch stains. This type of synthetic fiber can withstand oil, drink, water, or any drinks that your kids like. You will never be fretting about a dirty carpet with stains and spots.

Thus, with a nylon carpet, your clean burden will get highly reduced compared to a traditional fur carpet, you can take more time doing your own stuff instead of cleaning an easy-dirty carpet.

Do not hesitate to use a nylon carpet to keep your kid’s bedroom cleanHUAHOO Kid’s Bedroom Carpet

Nylon carpet for children's bedroom

This HUAHOO carpet adopts a ball pattern’s design. It’s designated for your sports fan children. When installing this carpet in your kid’s bedrooms, it will help increase more active atmosphere.

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2. A Low or Medium-pile Carpet Can Endure Tread of Your Kids

The low or medium-pile carpet (pile height lower than 0.5 inch) has a good ability to rebounce. It is easy to recover after getting pressed by a heavyweight.

For this situation, a Berber carpet is precisely a good solution. Your kids can freely jump or roll on this type of carpet. What’s more, they can place their toys, dolls, or instruments in their bedroom without risking ruining the carpet.

Here we’ve picked a good berber carpet with high resistance and a nice appearance for your kids – nuLOOM Solid Berber Carpet

shag rug for kid's bedroom

It has a nice resistance in any high-traffic area. The stripe design also adds a vivid atmosphere to your children’s bedroom! They will enjoy playing on this comfortable and sturdy carpet.

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3. A Carpet Tile Makes it Easier to Detach

The carpet tile is the best carpet type if your kids often accidentally get the carpet dirty. It is also called a modular carpet because this type of carpet is connected together with pieces of the little carpet squares.

So when you find it stained, you can easily and rapidly detach the dirty piece to clean, instead of removing the whole large carpet. With less effort, you can refresh it to a brand new one, and has less anxiety with your naughty kids.

Use this carpet to increase your kid’s creativityBest Carpet Tile We Choose For Your Kid’s Bedrooms

carpet tile for children's bedroom

This carpet tile is super easy to detach and install. Even a toddler can freely readjust these squares as they wish.

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4. A Wool Carpet Gives Non-toxic Protection to Your Baby

If you keep your newborn baby sleeping with you in your bedroom, we advise you to choose a natural material carpet instead of a synthetic fiber carpet, for instance, a wool carpet.

Not only release no toxic gas, but the wool carpet can also help purify your room air since it can absorb the dust or other pollutions in the air. It will produce a reassuring environment for your babies to sleep well.

If you or your toddlers are allergic to the natural fur material, you can consider a jute carpet. It also helps purify the air with natural plant fiber.

Why Do You Need to Install A Carpet in Your Children’s Bedroom?

1. Prevent Your Kids From Falling Injuries

Some kids like crawling on the bed, and some kids will move unconsciously when sleeping. These will all potentially lead to a fall injury of your children. Kid’s are fragile to a hardwood floor. If you install a carpet beside your kid’s bed, it can support them if they incidentally fall off the bed.

To relieve your worry about your kid’s safety, you should consider putting a medium-pile carpet in your children’s bedrooms. They help make your kid’s room a safer place to grow up.

2. Protect Your Floor From Getting Scratched By Your Kid’s Toy

Some toys of your kids may have a hard surface and sharp edge. When your kids are playing with such toys, your floor may be left with inerasable scratches, especially for those hardwoods. To reduce the cost of maintaining your floor, it’s advisable to install a carpet in your kid’s bedroom.

The carpet pile can bear the scratch and protect the carpet surface. So there’s no need to be afraid that the toy will damage your carpet. Do not hesitate to purchase a carpet and save your precious floor!

3. Improve Your Kid’s Creativity

Installing a carpet in your kid’s bedroom is enlightenment for your kid’s artistic talent. For example, your kids can assemble the easy-detached carpet tiles in different color groups, during this period they can adequately use their imagination.

Besides, you can choose a round or square rug, it will enhance a toddler’s cognition of geometry. Fully make use of these carpets, they’re far more than a simple furnishing in your kid’s bedroom!

4. Provide a Comfortable Place to Read

Kids won’t always stay on their chairs quietly. A carpet is a good place for them if they get bored sitting at the desk. It’s warm and soft compared to sitting on the floor. Your kids can cozily do some reading on a carpet.

And according to research, it will lead to damage of the spine if your kids choose to sit on the bed for long since it’s too soft and not capable to give strong support to the kid’s body.

So, use a carpet to provide an extra warm place for your kids to enjoy their leisure time!

Also, you can consider to choose a carpet in your own bedroom!

Our Suggestions For Kids of Different Gender and Ages

1. For Girls Bedroom

Girls, especially teenagers will slinkingly try sorts of makeup to pretend to be an adult. Their makeup may get the carpet stained if accidentally drop onto it. So we advise you to choose a Nylon carpet since it won’t absorb these chemical dyes of makeup. Then you can easily wash it and remove all the makeup track.

If you’re searching for a carpet for your little princess, a pink carpet will be a good choice to decorate their little palace.

Best Carpet for Girl’s Bedrooms

best carpet for girl's bedrooms

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2. For Boys

Boys have a lot of energy, even in their bedroom, they may still try to do some sports, or just play. A medium or low pile carpet style, in this case, will be the best idea. The short pile won’t trip over them when running. And it’s durable enough to bear their stepping or jumping.

Your boys can also sit on a carpet to enjoy their video games instead of sitting on a hardwood floor. For boys, we recommend you choose this one:

Best Carpet for Boy’s Bedrooms

Best carpet for boy's bedroom

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3. For Babies And Toddlers

Wool carpet is the top choice for your baby. The newborn children don’t have strong immunity to chemical gas. So the natural texture of wool carpet can perfectly solve this problem.

A wool carpet is healthy, it can help your kids get away from germs and bacterias. They provide soft care to baby’s breath since they can absorb dust and humidity in the air.

Best Carpet for Baby’s Room

best carpet for toddler's room

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4. For Children

Children are creative and full of imagination. Carpet tiles can help increase their inspiration. You can purchase carpet tile with different colors and patterns. They can assemble the carpet tile just like a puzzle.

Also, you can buy carpets with different shapes, such as a round rug, a square carpet, or a triangle mat. This can help them improve geometry cognition during enlightenment periods.

Best Round Rugs For Children’s Bedrooms

best carpet for children's bedroom

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5. For Tweens/Teenagers

Nylon carpet is best for tweens since it’s durable and resistant to stain. With a nylon carpet, your teenagers can do more activities on the carpet without hurting it. After stretch or crush, the nylon carpet can still get back to its original status rapidly.

This type of carpet is also easy to clean. So don’t worry if they get the carpet dirty. You can remove the dirt quickly with the following step:

Follow These Carpet Ideas to Decorate Your Children’s Bedrooms

1. A Round Neutral Carpet is The Simplest Solution

The round shape has the largest compatibility with the surrounding environment. Likewise, the neutral color also features in its all-match functions. If you got no idea what style for your kids is the best, just choose this carpet. This will meet most room styles of your boys and girls of all ages.

round neutral carpet for kid's rooms

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2. Pick A Carpet With Your Kid’s Favorite Cartoon Character

Kids are often indulged in cartoon TV. There’re many typical roles in cartoon history, Snow White, Spiderman, Tom, and Jerry, etc. You can purchase a carpet that is printed with your favorite roles. They must very cherish this special gift. Meanwhile, you will never be fretting about your kid’s will uglify or smear this carpet.

cartoon carpet for children's room

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3. Use Cute Animals to Increase Your Kid’s Affinity with Pets

Animals are good friends to your kids. If your kids show a great obsession with aminals or your pets, you absolutely can select a carpet with animal patterns! Most of these carpets are cute and colorful, entirely for your kid’s bedroom.

With such a carpet, your kids may increase their appetency to animals, and become more mild and amiable.

animal carpet for child's room

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4. Choose A Space Style Carpet to Enlighten Your Kids

Your kids may be fascinated by the vast galaxy and universe. If your kids show great interest in these things, you can choose a carpet painted with a solar system or other space elements. This may inspire your kids to become astrophile, even an astronaut.

universe carpet for children's room

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5. Consider A Camouflage Carpet for Your Little Military Fans

If your children are obsessed with the military element, such as related activities, video games, toy guns, a camouflage carpet will be an ideal place for them, Their room style must own many such elements. So this carpet can better integrate this style of your kid’s bedroom.

camouflage carpet for children's room

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How to Wash the Carpet in Your Kids Bedroom?

The washing guide is easy to operate, so you can also let your kids try these steps!

1. Vacuum the Carpet

Dust attaches to the surface layer of the carpet. With a vacuum, you can easily get rid of all dust from your carpet. Besides, the vacuum cleaner can remove the loose soil on the carpet. It will be helpful for the further cleaning of your carpet.

If you do not have a vacuum, consider this oneBissell Carpet Vacuum Cleaner

best carper cleaner for kid's room

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2. Make Solution with Water and Vinegar

The proportion of white vinegar and cold water should be 1:3. For small rugs, you will need less than 1 bottle, while for a wall-to-wall carpet in your kid’s bedroom, you may need 2 bottles of solutions.

3. Apply the solution

Apply the solution on your carpet in a little area, such as a 4×4 square. Let it remain on your carpet for 5 minutes. It can thoroughly break down the oil and another stain. Then blot it away with a cloth. Remember to prepare a basin of clean water to wash the cloth.

Repeat this step several times until you get all the carpet cleaned with the solutions and cloth.

4. Dry the Carpet in the Air

Hang the wet carpet in a well-ventilated place for a couple of hours. If you find it too slow, you can use a fan or hairdryer to accelerate this step. But remember to keep the air cool or it may lead to damage to the carpet pile.


It’s necessary to install a carpet in your kid’s bedrooms. The material, color, shapes…most important, making sure your kids will love the design! We hope after reading this guide, you’ve got your answer to pick the best suitable carpet for your little boys and girls.

For your kid’s bedroom, you can still try this space design to enlighten their interest in astronomy!

best carpet for children's room

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