Best Carpet for Cats – Get Your Kitties’ Best Friend

The cats can get along well with your carpet if you pick your carpet well and put it in the proper place. In this guide, we’ll help you go through the main factors about how to choose the best carpets for the family with cats.

best cat friendly carpets

Why You Should Use A Carpet If You Have Cats?

1. A Carpet Protects Your Cat’s Claw from Hurting

Your cat’s claw may get abrased on the hardwood floor if they keep living in such an environment for long. You can install some carpets or rugs on their frequently appearing place such as besides the litter box, or under their cat house.

The soft carpet surface can effectively support their claws and their nails are endowed with enough place to prick. Thereupon, they can get well protected and maintained on such a carpet.

2. A Carpet Gives Your Cats A Warm Space to Rest

Cats are not always willing to stay in the little houses. They often find somewhere fluffy to take a rest. Small carpets, therefore, will be a good choice for your cats. The plush pile can isolate the heat from the cold floor, and give your cats soft support. Your cat will enjoy sleeping on your carpet.

3. A Carpet Can Prevent Your Floor From Scratched

If your cats often scratch your floor, there will be many stains left around. It’s quite expensive to repair or reinstall a hardwood floor. Hence, a carpet will be a quite practical choice if you have cats.

They can distract your cats’ attention from the hardwood, your cats will be more inclined to play on your carpet. Thus your precious hardwood floor can be ensured for longer use.

advantage of carpets for cats

What to Consider to Choosing A Carpet with Cats

1. Durability

Durability is the leading factor your need to consider if you have cats in your family.  It determines the longevity of carpets in your house.

Cats enjoy playing or scratching the carpet surface since the fluffy appearance is an attractive allure and ideal place for your cat’s claw. To ensure high durability for a longer lifespan that can withstand your cat’s abuse, you should pay much attention to the pile height and material.

2. Pile

The pile determines the carpet’s appearance and influences the carpet’s durability at the same time. For a cat family, you can both choose a high pile carpet (pile height longer than 0.5 inches) or a low pile carpet(pile height shorter than 0.25 inches)

The long pile carpet owns a plush shaggy surface, it will be a good place for your cats to rest. As for the short pile carpet, they own higher durability that can be freely scratched by your cats.

This short pile carpet is ideal for cat families for its high resistance to scratching

short pile carpet friendly to cats

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3. Color

The carpet color is a sophisticated factor when choosing a carpet for a cat family. Cats may leave some stains on a carpet. The scratching, the dust under their claws, sometimes they may leave some urine stain if they’re not skillful in using the litter.

We suggest, for this situation, to choose a dark neutral color for your carpets. The solid carpet color is more capable to hide dirty stains than other carpet colors. You’ll feel less troubled with such a carpet color.

4. Ease of Cleaning

As we’ve mentioned, the cats will be inclined to leave some stain on your carpet, hence the cleaning frequency of your carpet should be higher than a regular carpet.

If you wanna take less effort to keep your carpet clean, you should notice whether the carpet is machine-washable before purchasing. You can find this tag easily if it’s capable. A machine-washable carpet can withstand the high squeeze without getting the surface curled or deformed.

5. Material

Material is essential when you’re choosing a carpet for your cats. It will influence the appearance, durability, washability, and many other comprehensive properties of your carpets.

Before buying a carpet, you should determine your first demand. If your cats are quite naughty and energetic, then you need to pick a highly durable material. Samely, if your cats are vulnerable and still young, you can consider choosing a highly soft material.

6. Type

For different environments and situations, you should consider using different types of carpets.

For instance, if you want to cover the whole floor to provide enough footsteps for your cats, you can install a wall-to-wall carpet. While if you just wanna settle a small shelter for your cats to take a rest, you can put a small rug in your room.

Hence, it’s necessary to ensure your own demands, and determine the carpet type for your cats according to your situation.

If you could not determine, try this durable and versatile small rug for your cats

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7. Family with Dogs

If you own both cats and dogs in your house, then choosing a carpet will be quite a challenging task. The first thing is to notice the carpet’s durability, since your dogs may also bite or scratch your carpet.

Besides, the carpet should be washed more frequently since your little buddies may leave some smelly odor. It’s advisable to choose a carpet that can withstand the squeezing of your washing machine.

Consider the Different Environments and Places in Your Room


If you keep a cat in a house with stairs, the first place you need to install a carpet is the stair tread. Regular wood stairs are slipping for your cats. They may fall down if they fail to strike a balance on your stairs.

A carpet runner is the best type to be applied on your stairs. It can extend from the beginning and cover the whole steps for its slim and long shape. The carpet runner can also protect your cat’s claws if there are some small splinters hidden in the wood stair treads.

This stair carpet can effectively protect your cats when going downstairs

best stair carpets for cats

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The kitchen’s floor is cold and slipping, especially if you adopt ceramic tile instead of the hardwood in your kitchen. Installing a small rug for your cats, the kitchen will become more friendly to them.

To choose a carpet for your kitchen with cats, the synthetic fiber carpet is a good choice. They are highly stainless to resist the oil and food crumb in your kitchen. Your cats can stay more cozily if they wanna accompany you when you’re cooking.

Use this stainless kitchen rug if you have cats

best cat rugs for kitchen

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If your cats are likely to sleep with you or are obsessed with the flavor in your bedroom, why not just put a small rug there for them? You don’t need to move your own tiny house to your room, a fluffy carpet can provide enough soft and warm support for your cats.

Cat Litter Box

A carpet under the cat litter box can help catch the litter exceeded or spilled from the box. If your cats are still not skillful to use the litter box, it’s necessary to underlay such a carpet to keep your house clean.

The carpet for the cat litter box should be designed with woven texture, making it as if a tray to fence the cat litter. Most of the litter will be piled in these trays so you can easily vacuum them to clean.

We’ve picked the best cat litter mat for you, check now!

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Cat Scratching Post

As for the covering material for your cat scratching post, the sisal carpet is an ideal solution. It’s made of sisalana plant fiber, which is purely native material and non-toxic to your cats.

This plant is easy to cultivate and grow, it’s available in large quantities on the market. So the sisal scratching post is both an eco-friendly and economical choice.

The sisal material is rough and solid, it’s perfect for your cats to scratch freely. It can withstand years of scratching from your cats without needing to be replaced.

Use this super solid and durable sisal scratching post for your cats

best sisal carpets for cat scratching

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Cat House

Adding a small rug underlaying your cat house is a smart idea. It can effectively provide more softness and coziness for your cats. Besides, you can consider using carpet padding to increase the friction between the carpet and floor. Hence your cats won’t easily get the carpet moved when they’re playing.

What Type of Carpet Can You Choose if You Have Cats

1. Area Rugs – Flexible Carpet that Easy to Clean

Area rugs are the best ideal carpet types if you have cats in your room. Most of them are quite easy to install and detach, so if your cats accidentally get the carpet urined or vomit on it, you can clean it quickly unlike dismantling a whole large carpet.

What’s more. if the carpets are getting excessively scratched by your cats, you can also maintain or change them at lower expenses. The area rugs are

The small area rugs are versatile on many occasions for a cat family. You can put it under your cat’s house, or beside your bed. Don’t worry, your little friends will enjoy lying on such a warm and fluffy place.

Use this non-shedding area rug that makes the cleaning easier than ever

flexible area rugs for cats

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2. Wall to wall carpet – Give Your Cats Entire Protection

If your cats are docile or well-trained. and won’t scratch wildly in your house, you can consider installing a wall-to-wall carpet to give them entire protection.

The most outstanding point of the wall-to-wall carpet is the entirely integrated coverage. Your whole floor will be softened by such a carpet. So your cat’s claw can walk freely on it.

It’s also an ideal solution if your cats are vulnerable or their claws get hurt. The soft surface of a wall-to-wall carpet will be a good buffering for them.

3. Puzzle Rugs – Good Carpet Toy for Your Cats

The puzzle rugs are popular for cat owners, especially for those youngs working outside for the whole day. A puzzle rug can give your cats extra leisure activity except playing with the scratching post or the cat teaser.

Most cat puzzle rugs are equipped with bells to catch your cat’s attention. The pocket sewed on the carpet is ideal for your cats to play hide and seek. The puzzle rugs can both instinctually and behaviorally enlighten your cats.

When they feel exhausted, the puzzle rug is also a soft cushion for them to take a nap. Do not hesitate to buy a puzzle rug for your little kitties if you don’t have enough time to accompany them.

This puzzle rug will add much joy to your cats

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4. Berber Carpet – Durable Carpet for Cat Scratch

The berber carpet is a reassuring and versatile choice for the cat family. The special twisted pile of berber carpets makes it greatly durable to withstand the cat’s scratching. Even if getting frequently abused by your cat’s claw, the berber carpet can still keep its surface clean as usual without being trimmed or maintained.

If you’re confused by choosing the carpet texture, just go for a berber carpet. The high durability will satisfy both you and your cats.

This berber carpet is widely favored by cat owners

best berber carpet for cats owners

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5. Cat Grass Rugs – A DIY Type of Carpet Favored by Cats

Cats are mostly kept indoors in case they get lost when wandering outside. If you wanna keep your cat in touch with nature closer, you can consider DIYing a grass rug for them to play with.

Moreover, the grass can add more fiber ingredients to their dieting, so a grass rug also has a positive influence on your cat’s health. If your cats are suffering some digesting problems, this will a good idea for them.

Why Does Your Cat Scratch Carpet?

Generally speaking, the carpet is not an ideal place to scratch since the loop pile may trap their paws and entangle their nails. If you find your cats frequently scratch your carpet, there must be not enough places for them to use their claws. You can check whether you have a scratching post or a cat tree for them.

Scratching is the instinctive behavior of your cats. Through such behavior, they can express their emotions, no matter happy or upset. Besides, scratching can be regarded as a symbol to mark their territory.

So cats are inclined to scratch randomly in your house. They won’t think about what you want them to scratch, they just think about, instinctively, what they want to scratch.

How to Keep Your Cats From Scratching the Carpet?

1. Adding a scratching pad to your room

The scratching pad is an easy and convenient solution to prevent your cats from abusing your carpets. Its surface is more attractive than a carpet for your cats to play with. You can use such a scratching pad as a substitution for your carpet.

Use this scratching pad to save your carpet now!

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2. Installing a scratching post in your room

If the place is permitted, you can consider installing a larger scratching post for your cats to play. Besides scratching, it also provides an ideal place to climb, so the routine exercise of your cats can be ensured.

3. Using a carpet cover on the surface

If you still find your cats constantly scratching your carpets, you can also consider putting a plastic carpet on the surface. So the sharp claws of your cats won’t penetrate it and hurt your carpet. The cover can also help keep the dust out of your carpet.

Cover your carpet with this protector to resist scratching from your cats

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How to Repair a Carpet Damaged by Your Cats?

>>Things you may need to repair cat damaged carpet

1. Remove the Damaged Places

You can use sewing shears or a carpet knife to trim out the curled place that was once abused by your cats. These tools are easy to find in your repairing kit. Just go for them and do it.

2. Prepare a Patch

After trimming the damaged places, you can use a blank piece of place and put it on the trimmed place. Draw along the track and then you’ll get the trimmed shape on your paper. Then fetch the remnant of your carpet and cut it according to the shape you’ve got. Then you’ll finish preparing a patch for your carpet.

3. Insert the Patch

Place the patch to the damaged place where you’ve just trimmed. Then insert some hot glue or carpet tapes and wait for a night. The second day you’ll get a fixed carpet by yourself.

How to Get Cat Hair Out of Your Carpet?

1. Mix the solution with 1 part fabric softener and 3 parts of clear water. You can mix them into a sprayer to ensure accuracy when applying. This will be a good solution to remove cat hair.

2. Apply your solution to the place where the cat hair is trapped and stuck.

3. After the place turns to dry, you should use a vacuum to clean the carpet with hair clearly in case the solution hurts the carpet.

Watch this video for more concrete guides

How to Clean Cat Urines and Vomit on Your Carpet?

1. If you find your carpet dirted quickly, the first thing you need to do is to wipe the carpet and clean up it as soon as possible.

2. If there’re large chunks left on your carpet, use a scraper to remove them. And then use the towel or pieces of newspaper to absorb the water.

3. Mix the solution with 1 cup of warm water and 1 cup of vinegar, then add 2 tablespoons of baking soda and fully mix them in the sprayer.

4. Apply the solution to the dirty place, wait for 5-10 minutes and then wipe your carpet.


It won’t be difficult to choose a carpet with cats if you’ve read our guides. Remember to add enough place in your room for them to scratch, and determine a proper carpet type and materials.

We hope our guide can help you find a good shelter and soft place for your little kitties, and enjoy your life spent with your cherished cat friends.