Best Carpet for Bathroom – Enjoy A Safe and Soft Shower

A bathroom carpet can effectively protect you from slipping when you step on the wet greasy floor. What’s more, a bathroom doormat will instantly absorb the water under your slippery in case of damage to your hardwood floor.

After reading this guide, you’ll know better how to select a carpet for your bathroom according to your own situation and demands.

best carpet for bathroom floor

Why You Need A Carpet in Your Bathroom?

1. It Protects You From Slipping When Taking Shower

The wet floor in your shower room may let you lose balance and fall down. A shower carpet with a non-slipping back can solve this problem. The rubber padding will enhance the friction between the floor and carpet when getting wet. You can safely enjoy your douche in your shower room with such a carpet.

2. It Drys Your Feet and Slipper Quickly After Bath

A bathroom carpet is designed to absorb the water drop on your slipper and feet quickly. You can keep them dry when you walk out of your bathroom, so your hardwood floor won’t be damaged by the humidity. And there will be no water track left on your floor with a carpet.

3. It Add More Warmth to Your Bathroom

If you prefer taking a shower with bare feet, then you will need a carpet in your bathroom. A carpet can give your feet warm care since the shaggy surface can well insulate the chillness from your cold floor, so you won’t feel cold when your wet feet step out from the shower room.

benefits of a bathroom carpet

How to Choose the Best Carpet for Your Bathroom?

1. Material

For different usage of your bathroom carpet, you need to consider picking different materials. For your shower room, you should use a non-slipping material carpet. And for your bathroom floor, waterproof material is necessary. As for the doormat of your bathroom, it’s advisable to choose a water-absorbing material to help you quickly dry your slippers.

2. Water Absorbing

If you want to use a carpet at your bathroom door. We advise you to consider the capacity to absorb the water. A carpet with a strong water-absorbing ability can help protect your hardwood floor from water damage and get rid of the water track left on the floor.

Use this strong water-absorbing carpet to keep a dry floor

water absorbing bathroom carpet

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3. Waterproof

If you plan to install a carpet on your bathroom floor, then you need to detect the waterproofness of your carpet. The environment of your bathroom is wet and dim, your carpet can’t easily air out in such condition. So you should use a waterproof carpet to reduce the risk of getting mildew or damage.

4. Non-slipping

If you find your shower room quite slipping when taking shower, you need to consider a non-slipping carpet to help solve this problem. Besides using a rubber back carpet, you can also consider adding a non-slipping pad to further fix your carpet.

5. Size

For different demands, you will need various sizes of carpet in your bathroom. If you wanna install a rug to stand when doing some washing, consider a 5×5 bath rug. If you plan to place a carpet besides your bathtub, the length should be at least 20 inches longer than your tub,

6. Heated

You may feel chilled when you just have taken a shower. For this case, you can use a heated carpet at your bathroom door. It can warm your feet and effectively reduce the unease from cold air. But remember to keep your feet and slippers dry before you step onto it.

Consider using this heated bathroom rug to warm your feet

best heated toilet rug

This bathroom carpet adopts memory foam material to better soften the surface and absorb the water. It’s advisable to install such a carpet as your bathroom doormat or in front of your washbasin.

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7. Color

To better match your bathroom style, you need to pick a suitable carpet color in advance. If you find it difficult to design your bathroom, you can consider using some neutral colored carpet since these colors are stainless and easy to match different room styles.

8. Ease of Cleaning

You should notice that not all the bathroom carpets are machine-washable. If you don’t wanna pay much effort to clean your toilet carpet, remember to make sure that your bathroom rug can be washed by machine before buying it.

How Much Does Bathroom Carpet Cost?

The bathroom rugs are quite affordable. The average cost of a toilet rug ranges from $10 to $50, this means you won’t need to expend too much on buying a carpet for your bathroom.

If you’re inclined to use a luxurious one, you can also consider a wooden handmade carpet that is made of teak, the highest cost of such a bathroom carpet can reach even $600.

If you plan to install a wall-to-wall carpet. You may need to pay some extra money for the installation. This expense will cost you about $1 per square foot.

What Size of Carpet Should You Choose in Your Bathroom

1. Long Carpet Runner for Your Bathroom – 2M Wide Carpet As A Reliable Step Out

The carpet runner is a good choice to be used as the step out of your bathtub. To provide enough space when you come out from your bathtub, there should be at least 5 inches of space for each side of your bathtub.

A regular bathtub is about 50 inches, so, you can consider installing a 60 inches carpet runner in your bathroom. It can also help absorb the water spilled from your bathtub.

Choose this carpet runner as your best bathtub step out

best long carpet for bathtub

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2. 5X6 Bathroom Carpet Rug – Large Rug that Can Fit Most Bathroom Size

If you want an effortless solution, then you will be satisfied with such a bathroom rug size. It’s versatile and capable to be installed anywhere in your bathroom.

This large size rug can contain most furnishing in your bathroom. You can also cut this carpet to fit your own bathroom.

Consider this nylon waterproof 5×6 rug for your bathroom floor

best large carpet for bathroom

The nylon material enables it to endure the humid environment in your bathroom. You can freely use this carpet with guaranteed longevity.

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Consider the Best Suitable Material of Your Bathroom Carpet

1.┬áMemory foam – Best water-absorbing choice to dry your bathroom

The memory foam carpet owns the highest softness and water absorption ability. It’s one of the most ideal materials to adopt for your bathroom carpet. The 100% visco-elastic memory foam can steadily but softly support your feet when you step on it.

The slightly subsided surface under your feet can better cover the slipper and absorb the water. You will never worry that the waterdrop leaves stains on your floor or leaks and ruins it.

Use such a memory foam carpet in your bathroom to absorb water quickly

best memory foam bathroom rug

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2. Rubber – Non-slipping material for your shower carpet

To secure your shower room, it’s advisable to use a rubber carpet on your shower room floor, just as most hotels do. The rubber carpet will provide you with enough safe space to stand when you’re taking shower. No more fretting that you will fall down caused by a slipping wet floor.

Rubber carpet is also an economical choice since this material shows decent longevity and durability. It can withstand frequent use and scratch without getting deformed or carved.

Do not hesitate to put such a rubber rug in your shower room to protect your families

best rubber back carpet for bathroom

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3. Plastic – Waterproof carpet for a longer lifespan

The plastic material owns good waterproofness in a humid environment. The waterdrop can be isolated on the carpet surface so it won’t leak into the inner layer and damage your toilet carpet.

Besides, the plastic carpet is easy to clean and maintain. It won’t absorb the chemical elements of anything you may drop such as your makeup or shampoo, so there will leave no stain on such a carpet. You can wipe it to clean easily without washing it.

Here we’ve picked a good plastic carpet for your bathroom and tub

best plastic carpet for bathtub

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Pick Your Favorite Color for Your Bathroom Carpet

1. Burgundy Bathroom Carpet – Classic and Elegance Color Choice

Burgundy bathroom carpet is a trendy choice in modern bathroom decorations. This red color is overwhelming and classic, with such a color, you can easily establish the leading color tone in your bathroom.

It’s one of the most ideal choices if you prefer an elegant bathroom style. You can use some gilding or silver elements to match such a catchy toilet rug and enhance the luxurious sense of your bathroom.

best burgundy carpet for bathroom

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2. Yellow Bathroom Carpet – Warm Color Favored by Young

Yellow bathroom rugs are bright and inviting. Young people tend to adopt such color tones for their bathroom carpet including orange, lemon, or even gold. The yellow color can catch your attention fast once you get into the bathroom. And it can be compatible well with the typical white and blue bathroom color.

best yellow carpet rug

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3. White Bathroom Rug – Extreme Clean Choice

If you pursue the extreme tidy and clean of your bathroom style, you must be fond of a white bathroom carpet. Besides, white is one of the most tolerant carpet colors. Even if you pile your stuffs in your bathroom, a white rug can still keep your bathroom visually clean relatively.

best white rug for bathroom

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4. Pink Bathroom Carpet – Cute Color Favored By Little Girls

If you wanna install a carpet in your daughter’s bathroom, the pink will definitely be your top choice. As the best popular color among girls, pink is still a sweet and advisable choice for them.

best pink toilet rug for girls

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5. Grey Toilet Rug – Best Choice for Simple Modern Style.

Grey is one of the best popular choices for modern decoration style. This neutral color with cold color tone is stainless and simple. If you prefer such a simple room style, the grey carpet will be your top choice.

What’s more, due to the high compatibility of neutral color, the grey carpet is also an advisable and versatile choice if you’re not skillful to design and match the room color.

best grey carpet for bathroom

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6. Purple Bathroom Carpet – Passionate Color Adds More Mistery

The purple color is designated for those who own strong passion and dynamism. This mysterious color can both calm and stimulate our spiritual feeling. When you’re taking a shower, the purple toilet rug will help ignite your emotions.

best purple toilet rugs

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7. Brown Toilet Rug – Sedate and Typical Color Keeps You Relax

The brown bathroom carpet is an insurance choice if you’re bothered with complex color matching. This neutral color is stain resistant so there will be no water stain left on.

Besides, brown is a sedative color and helps to calm down your mood. After a whole day’s heavy work, you can relax better in your bathtub with a brown carpet.

best brown toilet carpet

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8. Black Bathroom Carpet – Deep Color for Men’s Choice

If you feel exhausted by the frequent clean of your carpet, then there’s no better choice than a black toilet rug. The black color can hide all-mighty appeared stains in your bathroom. The black color can always keep clean after being fiercely abused.

best black bathroom carpet

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Choose the Right Type of Your Toilet Carpet with Different Functions

Before buying a carpet for your bathroom, you should ensure where do you want to place your carpet and determine the right carpet type according to different situations.

1. Shower Carpet – Non-skid Carpet to Secure Your Shower

The shower carpet is used to place in your shower room. It is designated to provide the n0n-skid function when you’re taking shower.

Most of them adopt rubber back material to enhance the friction when the floor becomes wet. If you wanna further safeguard a reassuring shower, especially for your naughty kids, you can also use a carpet pad underlying your shower carpet.

Use this non-slipping shower carpet in your bathroom

best shower rug for bathroom

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2. Bathroom Doormat – Water Absorbing Carpet to Keep You Dry

The bathroom doormat is mainly used to absorb the water drop from your wet slippers and feet. If you wanna keep them dry as fast as possible, we advise you to use a memory foam bathroom doormat.

This special carpet material can absorb a large quantity of water, so it can also protect your outside floor from water leakage from your bathroom floor. After all, if the drainpipe is congested, the water may exceed the threshold of your bathroom.

What’s more, the memory foam can recover to its original shape quickly after being stepped, so it owns a long lifespan. It’ll be the best choice for your bathroom doormat.

This shaggy doormat will add much coziness to your bathroom

best shaggy doormat for bathroom

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3. Wall-to-wall Bathroom Carpet – Whole Floor Coverage to Integrate the Style

The wall-to-wall carpet is a carpet that covers the entire place from one side to another. If you wanna install such kind of carpet in your bathroom, you should make sure the carpet material is highly waterproof since the bathroom is quite a humid place.

For this case, we advise you to use a synthetic fiber wall-to-wall carpet. The nylon will be a good solution since it can withstand wet condition in most cases.

4. Carpet Tile for Bathroom – Best Flexible Carpet that Easy to Assemble and Detach

If you find a wall-to-wall carpet difficult to install in your bathroom, you can consider using carpet tiles as a good substitution. They’re assembled piece by piece, so you can freely adjust the coverage area or detach the dirty piece easily.

Consider These Good Carpet Ideas for Your Bathroom

1. Luxury Bathroom Carpet – Best Elegant and Extravagant Choice

If you are obsessed with the luxurious bathroom style, using a carpet will add much elegance to your bathroom.

If your bathroom is spacious enough, a wall-to-wall carpet will be your top choice. And if the bathroom is a little bit narrow, you can also consider using a fluffy toilet rug, but remember to make sure to choose a waterproof one.

best luxury carpet for bathroom

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2. Round Bathroom Carpet – Visually Expand Your Bathroom Size

The round shape won’t stick to the corner of your bathroom. It will concentrate all attention to your bathroom into one spot, so your bathroom will appear larger visually. It’s the best idea for those bathrooms piled with different furnishing and facilities.

Since it will catch your attention easily, it’s quite necessary to pick a round carpet that is easy to match your bathroom styles. You can consider choosing a grey, or other neutral round rugs in your toilet.

best round grey carpet for bathroom

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3. Towel Carpet – Absorb Water Quickly in Your Bathroom

The towel carpet is an ideal choice for the step out of your bathtub. The towel texture can absorb the water quickly. What’s more, it will treat your feet softly with the special carpet pile. You can enjoy a more complete soft experience in your shower room with a towel carpet.

best towel carpet for bathtub

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4. Fluffy Bathroom Carpet – Extreme Softness After Showering

A fluffy bathroom carpet will add irreplaceable softness in your bathroom. If you install a toilet rug with such texture, the comfort level of your bathroom will be highly increased.

What’s more, a fluffy bathroom often owns an attractive appearance. The long carpet pile is a good decoration to give you much cozy feeling. You can better relax with such a plush carpet.

best fluffy bathroom rugs

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5. Modern Bathroom Carpet – The Trendy Choice for Young

Young people now are more likely to decorate the room modernly instead of using traditional and classic furnishing styles to show their individual inspiration and imagination.

The geometric carpet pattern is one of the most typical modern types. Using some geometric shape or line to simply decorate the carpet will endow your bathroom with an elegant artistic sense and show your own aesthetic taste.

best modern bathroom rug

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6. Carpet for Children’s Bathroom Ideas

If you’re searching for a carpet for your children’s own bathroom. We advise you to choose a carpet with their favorite cartoon characters such as the trendy Yellow Duck, or a typical Mickey Mouse. If possible, try to match their bathroom with an integrated color tone to better please your children.

carpet for children's bathroom

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Use These Accessories If You Have a Carpet for Your Bathroom Floor

1. Bathroom Carpet Underlay – Further Protect You From Slipping

If you have elder people or little kids in your family, you should especially adopt some tools to protect them from slipping when taking shower. A carpet underlay will further increase the friction between your carpet and your floor. They will enjoy a safer shower with such an accessory.

best underlay for bathroom rug

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2. Bathroom Scale for Carpet – Keep Accuraty Even on Soft Surface

A traditional physical scale may lose accuracy on a carpeted floor. If you’ve covered your bathroom with wall-to-wall carpet, remember to use a digital scale and put it on a relatively smooth area. It can still work well on the soft carpet surface.

best scale for shower room with carpet

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How Do You Cut to Fit a Bathroom Carpet?

1. Prepare a mark pen, a piece of large paper, a scissor, glue, a needle, strings, and a ruler at first.

2. Measure your intended carpeted area and draw the pattern with lines equivalently on your paper.

3. Lay this paper on your carpet and cut it out, then you can get a tailor-made carpet on your own.

4. Remember to rebind all the cut edges with your needle and strings. You can use the hot glue to further stick your carpet.

You can watch this video as a good reference to DIY your bathroom carpet.

How Do You Install Carpet Tiles in a Bathroom?

1. You should clean the floor surface at first before installation. Remember to mop it and wait until it turns dry.

2. Mark the center of your bathroom, it’s advisable to begin at the center to install a carpet. It can ensure the consistent installtion procedure when you reach the walls.

3. Install your carpet along two baselines, this is to help you quickly establish the basic direction. There’ll be a guideline at the back of each carpet tile, you can follow this guide line to make it easier.

4. Cut the exceeding part at the edge of your corner. If you find the left space can not contain a whole tile, cut to make it fit for your bathroom.

5. Use a carpet roller to seal your carpet. This is to fasten your carpet tiles and make them stick to your basic floor.

How to Remove Your Carpet From Your Bathroom Floor?

1. Cut your carpet into stripes with a sharp knife. This procedure should go smoothly and softly since if you use too much strength, the knife may hurt your underlay floor.

2. Roll up the pieces of carpet stripes from the edge of them. You can wear gloves in case this process will hurt your fingers.

3. If you have carpet padding underlay and wanna remove them, too. You can repeat these mentioned two steps and roll your carpet padding to get rid of it,


Installing a carpet in your bathroom will be a practical and advisable choice. It can both protect you and please you at the same time. We hope you can determine your best suitable choice after reading this guide.

If you still hesitate, you can also consider our well-chosen versatile carpet and give it a try.

best practical bathroom carpet

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