Best Polypropylene Carpet – Colorful Choice to Decorate Your House

Polypropylene is an artificial synthetic fiber. The special technology makes it capable to be dyed into various colors and patterns. What’s more, polypropylene carpet is an economical choice for its low price.

To help you get the best polypropylene carpet, in this article, we’ll provide you with considerate guidance to know how to choose the carpet that fits you most.

This guide will include

  • Concerns about Choosing A Polypropylene Carpet
  • What Types of Polypropylene Carpet Will You Need?
  • Where Can You Use A Polypropylene Carpet?
  • Good Polypropylene Carpet Ideas
  • Comparison with Other Materials

Why You Need A Polypropylene Carpet?

The benefits of polypropylene carpets will show their peculiarity and significance among sorts of carpet types.

1. It Has An Attractive Appearance

The polypropylene is a material that supports various kinds of pigment and coloring agents. Most of them own a pleasant appearance and it provides more options when you’re planning to decorate your room with carpet.

2. It Is An Economical And Eco-friendly Choice

Polypropylene is a recycled material and is widely available on the market. The manufacturing expenses of polypropylene carpet are not so high as natural fur.

It’s affordable for most families and you won’t need to worry about your budget when you’re picking a carpet for your own house.

3. It Is Resistant to Stain and Water

The polypropylene carpet shows strong resistance to different weather conditions. If you wanna set a carpet on the patio or deck outdoor, it will be your perfect choice.

Even if the carpet gets dirty, it supports sorts of detergent or bleachers so you can clean it effortlessly.

What to Consider When Choosing A Polypropylene Carpet?

1. Pile Height

The pile height will determine the softness and appearance of your polypropylene carpet. You should check the pile height before buying the carpet.

Generally, a high-pile(higher than 0.5 inches) carpet can bring extreme softness to your room. While a low pile(lower than 0.25 inches) carpet shows a tidy appearance.

2. Color

The polypropylene carpet is capable to be dyed into various colors. So you can pay much attention to matching the color with your room since there’re many available choices,

Hence, it’s necessary to consider the decoration and style of your room. For a simple room style, a neutral color carpet is no doubt the best choice. If you pursue a stylish style, you can consider choosing a light-colored carpet.

3. Price

The polypropylene carpet is quite affordable for most people. Compared to other synthetic fiber, it can reduce your almost 50% expenses. The average cost of a polypropylene carpet is about $0.8 per foot square. Therefore it’s quite a budget-saving choice for you.

4. Size

Different sizes of polypropylene carpets can realize various functions in your room. If you wanna put it under your lounge table, a 3×3 little carpet can meet your need. If you own a spacious emptiness in your room, you can consider choosing a 6×9 sized carpet to fill the vacancy.

5. Types

Polypropylene carpets occupy a large proportion in the carpet markets. They’re designed into various types and shapes. For instance, a polypropylene carpet runner can cover your stair tread, and an area polypropylene rug can be replaced easily.

Determining the carpet types according to your actual demand hence is important. Otherwise, you may need to readjust your room layout.

6. Durability

Consider the use frequency of your carpet before buying it. If you wanna install a polypropylene carpet outdoor or put it on the entry, then a highly durable carpet is suitable for these high-traffic areas. As for your bedroom, you can choose a more fluffy type to increase the softness.

Types of Polypropylene Carpet – Various Usage for Different Occasions

1. Berber Carpet – Durable Choices for High Traffic Area

Berber carpet is a famous type of carpet composed of bunches of loop pile fibers. Polypropylene is a common material used to manufacture berber carpets.

This type of carpet is of high durability. The loop fiber is strong to resist heavy pressure without getting curled. If you are planning to pick a carpet for a high-traffic area such as your lounge, or your doorway, a berber type carpet will meet your demand.

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2. Saxony Carpet – Long Lifespan Carpet that Easy to Maintain

Saxony carpet is widely adopted in various family and houses types. This cut-pile carpet can easy to keep a tidy appearance. So if you’re bothered by heavy housework, you should consider such a carpet type.

The relatively short carpet fiber won’t be easy to get messed even if your kids are playing or abusing the carpet. You can vacuum to refresh the carpet surface effortlessly.

3. Area Rugs – Flexible Carpet Suitable for Every Room

When you feel troubled by measuring precisely the size of your room, or you find it quite difficult to install a wall-to-wall carpet, you can also directly pick an area rug as a simple substitution.

The area rugs are flexible and convenient. Most of them adopt a rubber back design to enhance the friction between it and ground. So you’ll stay safe when you step on the carpet.

Due to the easy-install properties, the area rug is a versatile choice for any room in your house. You can put it beside your bed, your couch, or under your table. Just make sure the size won’t be too large or too small.

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4. Flatweave Carpet – Lightweight for Great Convenience

Flatweave carpet adopt unique weaving technicals. Instead of knotting and twisting the pile, it is made of loom carpet fiber.

The low-density carpet fiber makes a flatweave carpet super lightweight and portable. You can roll up and store away this carpet quite effortlessly. What’s more, if you find the carpet stained or damaged, it’s quite easy to detach and send it for washing or repairing.

5, Polypropylene Carpet Runner – Designated for Narrow and Long Space

The carpet runner can cover a long area in some peculiar space in your house, such as the doorway, or the stairs.

Using such a carpet in these areas, your room size will get visually expanded since these places will commonly show a sense of crowdedness.

Besides, the carpet runner can help integrate the style of room that it connects. This could help you better create your favored room atmosphere.

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Best Occasions to Use a Polypropylene Carpet

Outdoor Patios or Decks

The polypropylene is an ideal carpet material to withstand outdoor weather conditions. It won’t easily get mildewed or moldy when rinsed by raindrops.

What’s more, this type of material can withstand sorts of chemical substances in the detergent and bleachers. When it gets dirty by dust outside, you can easily get rid of the stains on the carpet.

So, if you wanna put a carpet on your patio or deck outside, the polypropylene will satisfy all your potential needs.

For Stair Treads

If you wanna install a foot mat on your stairs, a low pile polypropylene carpet runner will be a good choice for its high durability.

This type of carpet can withstand the repeated steps on the stairs, after several years of use, it can still keep its original shape.

A low pile surface will not trap your feet, so you get no worries about being trapped when going downstairs.

In Your Kitchen

Polypropylene shows high resistance to greasy oil. The oil molecules won’t soak into the carpet fiber. Instead, it just stays on the top layer.

When you’re cooking in the kitchen, the spilled oil drop on your carpet won’t be great trouble. You just need a paper towel with some detergent solution, then you can blot and remove it effortlessly.

In Your Bathroom

Due to the high resistance to dampened environment, the polypropylene will be fit to be installed at the door of your bathroom.

When you finish a warm shower can step the wet feet outside, you can stand still on the carpet for a while to let it absorb the humidity of your slippers. Then it can protect your hardwood floor from soaking.

For this case, we suggest you choose a low pile type polypropylene carpet since it can be dried quickly after being dampened, and be less easy to catch mildew.

Consider These Polypropylene Carpet Ideas to Embellish Your Room

Oriental Carpet – Classic Pattern for Polypropylene Carpet

Oriental carpet is a typical carpet that mainly adopts red and black as the basic color tone. This carpet pattern can be found in families from various regions and countries. It is widely favored and adopted since the attractive pattern can easily match sorts of decoration styles.

The polypropylene is capable to be dyed in various colors, hence it’s a very suitable material to be used for manufacturing oriental carpets. It can lock the color for a couple of years without getting faded.

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Neutral Color (Grey Black and White) – Stain Resistant Carpet That Easy to Maintain

A neutral color carpet is a wise choice if you wanna find a labor-saving carpet. The neutral color shows high compatibility with different room styles, it will never look weird due to its clean and pure color.

Additionally, neutral color is of high resistance to stain and dust. The dirt won’t show easily on the carpet and influence your carpet appearance. You can save too much time doing your own things instead of cleaning them frequently.

Round Carpet – A Good Underlying for Your Furniture

Round polypropylene carpet can visually expand the room size since it won’t reach the corner of your wall.

It is a good choice to put such a carpet under your table or armchair. One reason is that the carpet can relieve the pressure and decrease the friction between your furniture and your hardwood floor. This can protect your floor from excessive abrasion, and prevent you from slippery when you’re sitting on chairs.

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Square Carpet – A Good Filler in Empty Spacious Space

If you have excessive blankness in your lounge and do not wanna put sundries to take up this spacious room, a large square carpet will be a good solution.

It will keep your room as spacious as usual, but visually improve the emptiness feeling to let your house become more welcoming and warmer.

Such a carpet can provide soft support when your kids are playing in your lounge. It can also insulate the heat from the chilling ground and give warm care to users.

Shaggy Polypropylene Rug – Soft and Warm For Bedroom

Your bedroom will need a shaggy carpet to make it much cozier. The long-pile carpet fibers on the surface form a shaggy plush surface. When you step on it with your bare feet, these fibers will hold you slightly and keep you away from the cold hard ground.

It’s also suggested to install such a carpet in your kids playroom or bedroom. Hence when they’re playing with their dolls or puzzles, they can sit on a soft carpet instead of the hard ground.

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How to Decide A Polypropylene Carpet Size?

3×5 Carpet – For Bathroom Door

The size of a 3×5 polypropylene carpet is enough to be used as a door mat. It’s spacious for an adult to stand on it. Use such a carpet to absorb the humidity after taking a shower.

4×6 Carpet – For Foot Pad in Your Lounge

A 4×6 carpet is quite suitable to be put in front of your sofa. When you sit in the living room and enjoy watching TV, you can step on the carpet to feel more coziness.

8×10 Carpet – For Spacious Empty Area in Your House

If you wanna increase the comfort level or add more decoration to your house, using a carpet of this size will make your room no more tedious and bland. It also brings a good place to do some activities in your room.

9×12 Carpet – Large Coverage for Outdoor Deck

If you wanna take an agreeable teatime outside your house, install such a carpet on your deck, with several chairs, a small table, and a sunshade canopy. Then you just create a simple but pleasing place to take a rest and enjoy a relaxing afternoon.

Wrapping Up

It’s quite a good decision to pick a polypropylene carpet for your house. Since they own such versatile applications, this type of carpet is available in various sizes and types. We hope this guide can help you determine your favored one, and bring more warmness and comfort to your house and your families.