Best Plush Carpet – Velvet Surface Carpet Gives You Softest Feeling

Plush carpet is a cut pile carpet that owns a velvet texture. The top of the carpet fiber is sheared into a smooth and even surface, hence the carpet has a soft feeling when you touch it or lie on it.

Plush carpet is various on the market, and it has a wide application in different rooms and places. This guide will help you choose the best suitable plush carpet.

best plush carpets guides

What to Consider When Choosing A Plush Carpet?

1. Materials

It’s critical to verify what material you will need before buying a plush carpet. The plush carpet can be made in both synthetic and natural fibers.

Different carpet materials will influence durability, stain resistance, and surface softness. Besides, some materials show good waterproofness while some may get damaged by water easily.

2. Style

The plush carpet has different styles to choose from. They vary from each other in shapes, sizes, and designs. The different carpet styles can cater to various demands in your house.

So you’d better make sure what carpet style you want in your room when choosing a carpet. Then you can narrow down your searching range.

how to select a plush carpet

3. Color

The plush carpet can be dyed into different colors and meet your various taste. And the plush carpet color can help adjust or integrate your room style and atmosphere. It’s essential to consider a proper color according to your different room decorations and your preference.

4. Place

A plush carpet is versatile for all kinds of rooms in your house. You can install it in your bedroom, in your kitchen, even in your basement.

The plush will have different functions in these rooms. It can add softness and warmness, absorb humidity and dust. Thinking about where do you wanna place such a plush carpet before purchasing.

5. Price

The price of a plush carpet is influenced by many factors. The size, material, brands, installation, and others all will affect the expense of buying a plush carpet. It’s advisable for you to precalculate the budget for your carpet.

The average cost of buying a plush carpet will cost $1-$3 per square foot of your room. So before you can roughly refer to this to estimate your budget for buying a plush carpet.

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6. Brand

The plush carpet is available widely on the market. A reliable carpet brand can provide you good quality plush carpet, reassuring after-sales service, some can even provide you tailor-made service of your plush carpets such as the pattern, pile height, and size.

Materials Of Plush Carpet Available For You

Materials have a large impact on the quality and properties of your plush carpet. You should pay much attention to the materials according to your room conditions.

1. Nylon

Nylon is the most commonly used material for plush carpets. It’s made of durable synthetic fiber. As the best popular carpet material, you can easily find it anywhere when buying a plush carpet.

So, what’s a good nylon plush carpet for you?

A good nylon plush carpet is durable enough to endure the stomp in high traffic areas. You can put such a plush carpet on stair treads, or living room for its high durability.

Besides, it is highly stain-resistant. So it’s not a big deal if you accidentally get the carpet stained by oil, milk, or ink. It’s quite easy to clean a nylon plush carpet since the nylon fiber is not miscible with these liquids

The nylon plush carpet also shows good mildew-resistance. So you can set a nylon plush carpet even you’re living in wet conditions, such as a lake house, or in your basement.

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2. Wool

Wool is widely used for a plush carpet. Its natural wool fiber is popular on the market. The wool plush carpet provides the softest care for customers. Here are some details about the advantages of using a wool plush carpet.

A wool carpet is non-toxic for its natural material. You can use it freely since it won’t release any VOCs in the air. The wool can also help absorb the dust and humidity in the air to further improve the air condition in your room. It’s friendly even for a newborn baby.

Wool carpet shows good heat insulation in winter. When you step on a wool carpet with bare feet, you will feel the warmth provided by the dense wool. It’s very ideal to install such a wool plush carpet in your bedroom.

What’s more, the wool carpet also shows high durability in daily use. So you can put such a wool plush carpet in some high traffic area such as a living room.

If you prefer a luxury style, the wool plush carpet will be definitely the ideal choice since the attractive appearance will show super elegance in your room.

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3. Polyester

Polyester plush carpet will be a good choice if you find nylon or wool carpet a little bit expensive. The price of buying and installing a polyester carpet is more acceptable in most cases.

The polyester carpet is super waterproof, so it can be kept in good status even in a dim dank environment. If you’re planning a carpet for the basement, this polyester plush carpet will be the best choice.

Besides, the polyester carpet has various colorful designs since it can be dyed with many pigments, so if you care much about the color matching in your room, consider a polyester plush carpet to make it easier.

The polyester plush carpet is also practical in a dry environment since it won’t produce static electricity. So you can freely use it in autumn and winter.

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4. Polypropylene

The polypropylene plush carpet is one of the cheapest carpets available on the market. It’s the top choice if you’re short in budget.

This type of plush carpet is very easy to clean. The stain-resistant surface can be vacuumed effortlessly to keep clean. So if you’re bothered with frequent and troublesome housework, choose a polypropylene plush carpet to reduce your burden.

The polypropylene carpet is durable enough for routine use. The maintenance cost is also low for its owner. So if you’re kind of a beginner using a carpet, consider this ty cope of plush carpet is a good solution!

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Choose A Right Color to Match Your Room Décor

The plush carpet is available in various colors and designs on the market. To better decorate your room, we provide a few color suggestions for you.

1. Neutral color

White, grey, brown, or black are all commonly seen neutral colors. These neutral color carpets, such as a grey carpet shows good stain-resistant for long use. If you don’t have much time doing cleaning, then consider this for your solutions.

The neutral color is unobtrusive, so it can better highlight the original décor in your room. If your furnishing is luxury or extremely simple, a neutral carpet will be your perfect choice.

The neutral plush carpet has strong compatibility with all sorts of room styles. So if you are not experienced in selecting a color, a neutral plush carpet is a kind of one-size-fits-all idea for you.

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2. Macaron Color

The macaron color has now become increasingly popular among young families. A red, pink, or mint plush carpet is a common choice.

Macaron plush carpet shows a delightful and bright appearance in your room. It’s the symbol of a vigorous and optimistic house owner.

These cute colors are also favored by teens, especially in those young girls’ bedrooms. A macaron plush carpet or rug is quite matched with the bright decoration styles.

Besides, the macaron color has low saturations so it won’t be excessively catchy in your room. You can freely install such a plush carpet in your room.

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3. Modern Color

If you have creative ideas for your room’s decoration, you can consider these modern color plush carpets to make full use of your imagination and creativity.

For example, you can choose a green color carpet to match your tropic style room decorations. Or a blue color to fit the space style if you’re an astrophile. To coordinate a complicated room style is a challenging work. But using a modern color carpet to settle the basic color style, then it will be easier for you.

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Choose the Proper Plush Carpet Types to Match Your Room Style

The plush carpets are designed into many styles and shapes. It’s advisable for you to determine a carpet style in advance. Here are some plush carpet styles available on the market!

1. Plush Carpet Tiles – The Best Flexible Choice

The plush carpet tiles, or plush carpet squares, are a versatile and flexible choice for any room in your house. They are assembled piece by piece of little carpet squares.

Due to this high flexibility, the installation of carpet is quite easy. You can cover your room floor with carpet tiles all by yourself effortlessly.

Furthermore, if you drop your drinks on a carpet tile, you can remove the dirty square quickly without dismantling the whole carpet in your room. It’s super convenient and widely adopted now in many families.

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plush carpet squares

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2. Plush Rugs – Good Choice for Small Area

The plush rugs are a small carpet type. They are often used or seen in narrow spaces or beneath the furniture. The plush rugs don’t need an extra installation procedure. So it’s convenient to set or remove.

You can use a plush rug in front of the couch in your living room. When you’re watching TV, or talking to your families. Your bare feet can directly step onto it to feel cozier.

The most common shapes of plush rugs are round and square. A round plush rug is suitable to be put under the tables for decoration. Or you can put it in your children’s room to provide an extra space for them to play.

A square carpet whereas is better to use besides your own bed. It helps enhance the bedroom’s atmosphere. When you get up from the bed, the soft touch sense of a shaggy plush rug surface won’t stimulate you and help you feel more relaxed.

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3. Wall-to-wall Plush Carpet – Provide You All-round Protection

The installation of a wall-to-wall plush carpet is gradually accepted by many house owners or designers. There’re many rooms that are suitable to fix such a plush carpet. Your living room, kitchen, and even the basement can be covered with a fluffy plush carpet.

If you’re frequently bothered by your noisy downstairs neighbor, it’s time for you to install a wall-to-wall plush carpet. The shaggy and thick surface can effectively absorb the noise. So it can keep a quiet environment when you wanna take a break.

Besides your ear, it can also protect your body, especially your kids. If you or your kids fall down, the fluffy pile of a plush carpet can reduce the hurt. Even your pets can avoid the abrasion between their claws and the hard floors.

A Plush Carpet is Widely Applied In Different Rooms And Places

1. Plush Carpet for Living Room

A plush carpet is often seen in a living room. As the center place in your house, the plush carpet can further promote the elegance of your living room.

If you’re choosing such a plush carpet for your living room, then you should consider a durable enough material since the living room is a high traffic area. For this case, a wool plush carpet will be the best solution. It can withstand people’s frequent stomp without getting curled or deformed.

What’s more, the wool texture can primely show your individual aesthetic taste. Your customers will appreciate such a wool carpet in your living room.

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2. Plush Carpet for Bedroom

The shaggy velvet surface of the plush carpet makes it very ideal to be installed in your bedroom. It adds softness and warmth to make you feel more at ease in your private zone.

To select a good plush carpet for your bedroom, you need to choose a mildew-resistant carpet since the bedroom is a place that lacks sunlight. The dim damp environment may germinate bacterias. So, a nylon carpet is perfect since this synthetic fiber material can effectively prevent mildew.

If you find a nylon carpet a little over budget, you can also consider a polyester plush carpet. It’s soft and durable enough. And it also shows good resistance to mildew.

Click to learn more details about how to choose a bedroom carpet!

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3. Plush Carpet for Bathroom

It’s common to install a plush rug at your bathroom door. It can absorb the water under your slipper, and protect your hardwood floor from getting damaged by the water.

So, you should pick a waterproof material to equivalently protect your carpet, too. Hence, a polypropylene plush rug can solve this problem. The thermoplastic synthetic fiber can quickly run dry, at the same time, the plush surface can effectively absorb the water. 

Most bathroom plush rugs are in small size, the polypropylene is also a cheap material. So it’s very affordable and practical to purchase such a carpet in your bathroom!

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4. Plush Carpet for Stairs

Installing a carpet on your stairs can effectively reduce the risk of slipping. And it can help soften the sharp edge of your stair treads, so even though you still get slipped, you will feel less hurt.

The stair plush carpet should be highly durable since when you step on it, all your weight will concentrate on a single foot. So a nylon plush carpet is competent for this task.

The nylon plush shows good resilience in pressure tests. After being heavily stepped, it can recover to its original shape rapidly. So it can withstand the repeated step of passersby through the stairs.

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5. Plush Carpet for Outdoors

There’s always a welcoming mat in front of people’s houses. It can show the enthusiasm of the house owner, and help clean the dust and water under the shoes when coming back home.

So, an outdoor plush rug should be waterproof enough since the raindrops may also get the carpet wet. Choosing a polypropylene carpet is a good choice because the surface of this material won’t be soaked by water. The water drop will be kept on the surface and quickly get evaporated in the air.

>> Consider A Plush Doormat to Keep Your Shoes Clean

best plush carpet for outdoor

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6. Plush Carpet for Basement

If you wanna install a carpet in your basement, you need to consider an anti-mildew and waterproof material. Nylon will be your top choice because it shows strong resistance to these factors.

The basement is a place everlastingly lacking sunlight. The airflow in the basement is also obstructed. In such an environment, nylon can still shows unexpectedly longevity. So you can rest assured using such a plush carpet in your basement for a couple of years.

7. Plush Carpet for Commercial Use

To provide a comfortable working environment for the clerks, and better decorate the office, it’s advisable to choose a commercial plush carpet.

The office is a super high-traffic area, so durability is the prime factor when buying a commercial plush carpet. The wool or nylon can all be used to endure the frequent shuttle of the office workers. After years of use, it can still keep its original shape.

As for the colors, we advise you to select a neutral color for your plush carpet. Light grey, in this situation, is an ideal color choice. It can hide the dirt and stain well. So the office will look clean and tidy if you install such a neutral color.

Why Do You Need A Plush Carpet?

1. Plush carpet give a cozy feeling to your bare feet

A plush carpet has a shaggy and soft surface. The fluffy pile can support your feet smoothly when you step on it. If your kids prefer walking around with bare feet, a plush carpet can give them enough protection.

What’s more, if you have pets in your family, choosing a plush carpet can also avoid wearing their claws. Don’t worry, most carpets can withstand the common scratch of your pets. So, do not hesitate to use such a plush carpet in your room.

2. Plush carpet has various designs for your room style

Plush carpet is one of the most popular carpets available on the market. And the design and style vary a lot, especially those polyester plush carpets, which have hundreds of patterns and colors for you to choose.

So, it’s quite easy to find out a plush carpet that perfectly matches your room style, or caters to your own taste. You can pick your favored plush carpet to better decorate your room and yard.

>> Use Such A Colorful Carpet To Make Your Room More Vivid

use a plush carpet to decorate your room

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3. Plush carpet shows good stain resistance

The long pile of plush carpet can somehow help hide the dirty surface if your carpet gets stained. It’s useful to install a plush carpet in places where carpets can’t get clean too frequently, such as for commercial use, or in your basement.

Or if you’re not willing to clean the carpet oftentimes, choosing a plush carpet can help reduce your clean burden.

4. Plush carpet can endure high traffic steps

Most plush carpet shows good durability compared to other forms of carpet. So it’s the best ideal choice for those high traffic areas such as halls, living rooms, or stairs.

The pile of plush carpet can easily get recovered after being pressured by steps, so even after long use, the appearance of a plush carpet can still keep newly tidy.

5. Plush carpet has an attractive appearance

The plush carpet is adored by many people since the shaggy surface is attractive. If you buy a plush carpet in your room, it will be a practical but elegant decoration. The fluffy and loose pile of plush carpet can add more luxury sense, so it is also widely in the hotel lobby or banquet hall.

How Much Should You Spend On A Plush Carpet?

The plush carpet prices can be divided into two parts. One is the plush carpet materials prices, the other is the installation prices.

The price of plush carpet on the market has a wide range. The main factor is the carpet material. For example, a polyester plush carpet can be lower than $1 per square foot, while a wool plush carpet can reach at most $8 per square foot.

Besides, the installation cost on average is $1-$1.5 per square foot. So the total cost you’ll spend on a plush carpet is $2 to at most $10 per square foot. You can refer to your room size, and then do the budget in advance.

Best Plush Carpet Brands Available For You

1. Safavieh

Safavieh is one of the largest plush carpet manufacturers you can see on the market.

It features various stylish designs of their synthetic fiber carpet, such as polyester, or polypropylene.  You can easily find out a preferred carpet pattern among their products.

All the carpets have been specially treated to remove the toxic element of the materials, so it’s friendly to your baby and your little pets.

Modern, traditional, Morrocan, etc., you can use a Safavieh plush carpet to decorate your room and add more attractive atmosphere.

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2. Noahas

If you wanna search for a more fluffy and shaggy carpet, then you can consider a Noahas plush carpet.

Their area rugs are all made of faux fur sheepskin. The advanced technology makes these carpets share almost the same appearance as a natural wool plush carpet. While it will be further cheaper to buy such a faux plush carpet.

The Noahas plush rugs are very suitable to be settled in your living room or bedrooms. The wool appearance will add much elegance to your room and makes it look more luxurious.

Also, the faux sheepskin is soft and warm, so you can let your bare feet enjoy the soft care of the Noahas plush carpet.

>> Use A Noahas Faux Fur Carpet To Decorate Your House With Less Cost

Noahas plush sheepskin carpet

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3. Shaw

Shaw is one of the largest luxurious carpet manufacturers in the world. Their plush carpets are all made of high-quality superb materials with elaborately shearing and tailoring.

The Shaw carpet is further expensive but quite trustworthy. Their warranty covers the entire carpet lifespan for their customers. And there considerate after-sale service is widely adored by people.

If you pursue extreme quality furnishing in your house, the Shaw plush carpet will meet all your needs.

Use These Accessories to Improve Your Using Experience of Plush Carpet

1. Use a Vacuum to Clean Your Plush Carpet Easier

Using a vacuum can quickly remove the dust from the plush carpet surface. It’s necessary to clean your plush carpet with a vacuum regularly since the long use of carpet will lead to an accumulation of dirt, and even pollute your air condition.

So for your breath health, do not hesitate to buy a reliable vacuum and keep your carpet clean.

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2. Use a Chair Mat to Reduce the Hurt to Your Plush Carpet

When you haul your chairs, the friction may gradually lead to irreversible damage to your plush carpet. They may become shedding, and their shape may even become twisting.

Hence, we advise you put a chair mat beneath your chair if you plan to use a plush rug under your table or desk. It can protect your carpet well and prolong their lifespan effectively.

>> Install a Chair Mat to Protect Your Plush Carpet Well

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3. Use a Carpet Pad to Avoid Slipping

If your floor is too slick or just polished, then when you step on an unfixed plush rug, you may fall and get hurt. So a carpet pet is necessary especially for those carpets installed in high-traffic area.

The carpet pad can enhance the friction between the carpet and the floor. And it can also reduce the wearing of your carpet from the floor.

Besides, it can thicken your carpet, so the softness and sound insulation of your plush carpet will be more effective.

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How Long Does A Plush Carpet Last?

On average, a plush carpet can be kept in a good situation for 5 to 15 years. It depends on your room environment, the climate, the maintenance, and the carpet quality.

If you wanna search for a plush carpet that owns a longer lifespan, wool or nylon will be the best material. They’re durable enough for decades of regular use.

How to Maintain Your Plush Carpet to Prolong Its Lifespan?

1. Clean Your Plush Carpet Regularly

You should vacuum and wash your plush carpet. The long pile of your plush carpet may catch too much dust. It will get invaded and damaged by the tiny dust. So it should be vacuumed at least monthly to keep the surface clean.

Besides, for the area rugs or carpet tiles, you can use your washing machine to deeper clean them. If you install a wall-to-wall plush carpet, you can mix a solution and wipe the dirty spot.

2. Move Your Furniture at Times

If you put a carpet under your furniture like a table or chair, you should consider moving them at times to avoid the plush surface getting flattened irreversibly. Even a few inches of moving can effectively solve this problem.

3. Avoid Letting Your Plush Carpet Exposed to Sunlight Too Long

It’s a good idea to air your carpet under the sun to wipe out the bacterias and humidity in your carpet. But do not let your carpet be exposed to the sunlight directly over 1 day. The fluffy pile may get curled when absorbing too much heat. Then the softness and appearance of your plush carpet will all be affected.


After reading this guide, we hope you can be certain of what materials, styles of plush carpet you will need, and ensure where do you plan to use a plush carpet.

If you still find it troublesome, consider the best versatile plush carpets we picked for you!

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