Best Colour Carpet for Stairs and Landing – Make Informed Decision

Carpets having stairs and landings have many benefits like it secures stairs from wear and tear, improves the beauty of your home, and stops slips and falls.

There is always heavy traffic and regular use of staircases in a home, so it’s essential to have carpet to tolerate the abuse that happens with regular use.

But you may find it hard to choose the best colour carpet for stairs and landing.

That’s why we have shared a detailed guideline for more ideas on it.

Best Colour Carpet for Stairs and Landing

Carpets are available in different colors and styles, so as per your flooring above and below your staircase, pick the best color of carpets to make your home look elegant.

As per my suggestion, you should have to choose those colors that give a good disguise for dirt and stains.

  • But if you choose a light color, your carpets will give a gloomy and dull look as on stairs because of high foot traffic.
  • Deeper neutral colors are always an amazing idea.

Here, let’s discuss the best color for your carpets.

1. Light Gray Carpet

light grey stair and landing carpet

Light gray color is the new neutral, and having a light gray carpet can make a stunning and stylish look to your home.

Light gray carpet has the most famous trend nowadays as it is very clean and stylish with the proper décor.

It also protects from falls and debris well and hides dirt.

2. Taupe Carpet

taupe stairs and landing carpet

For many years, the taupe carpet color has been widely used and chosen for the carpet for stairs in any home. This color suits all types of styles and makes a timeless attraction.

Instead of going for a trending color, you can go for a taupe color carpet for your stairs and landing to ensure that it will stay suitable through changing trends.

Also, it gives a stunning look with styles that stand out forever!

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3. Dark Blue Carpet

dark blue stair runner carpet

The blue color expresses peace, devotion, and trust, representing the sky and sea wherever it is available.

Unlike other bold colors requiring huge design proficiency to redecorate a home accordingly, dark blue-colored carpets for stairs and landings don’t need all that.

It gives a tropical vibe to you and your home and offers relaxing and soothing effects.

4. Striped Black and White Carpet

black and white stair carpet runner for landing

Any striped patterns are classic patterns that will never go out of trend. A striped black and white carpet is perfect an illusion of the length to make them suitable for narrow spaces like stairs and landings.

Black is a traditional color that presents energy, mystery, and evil, while white represents virtue. So using black and white together gives your home a decent look and a different charm.

Striped black and white carpets can make a great statement in any home.

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5. Brown Carpet

dark brown carpet on stairs and landing

Brown is mostly selected when the flooring is made of hardwood and laminate as they have visibly the same designs and color.

Although we can not get the same replica of patterns in carpets, colors are quite individualistic and impressive.

You can use varied shades of brown on your carpet to give an elegant look.

Best Type of Carpet for Stairs and Landing

Choosing carpets for your stairs and landing can be more challenging than picking carpets for other home places.

When picking stairs and landing carpets, pick the most enduring fabric you can afford and the style you want.

To choose the best type of carpet for stairs and landings, consider durability, thickness, colors, patterns, etc.

1. Carpet Runner

A stair runner is a carpet piece that doesn’t cover the complete staircase width.

It is a wonderful way to decorate your stairs without installing a fully-fitted carpet.

It is generally put over hardwood or tiled stairs and landings.

Runners are generally available in colors and designs with different widths and lengths to suit even the most awkward areas.

2. Carpet Stair Treads

Stair carpet treads are a kind of carpet designed so that you can stick it on each step on your stairs and landings.

It is the best option because it makes traction to lower the falling or slipping chance.

Also, stair carpet treads can guard your stair against scrapes or damage. It works best on laminate and hardwood floors.

You can use carpet tacks or glue to stick your treads to each stair to assure that it won’t move.

Should Carpet on Stairs Match Throughout the House?

It is a big decision to choose the carpets for stairs and other floorings, and you may have many questions like whether it makes it weird to mix and match carpets, or should the stairs carpet match the rooms’ carpet? or any other.

Then we have an answer for you!

Different locations of the home need different carpets. You can make a suitable look by simply making the matching carpet of all the rooms.

But stairs and landings are high traffic areas, requiring more durable carpeting.

You can choose a coordinated yet another type of carpet for the rooms.

Also, the stairs are built up as a focal point in some houses. While in some homes, stairs open up a stunning landing.

So to draw the attention of anyone to your stairs or landings, you have to pick the best carpet, which is something different that isn’t available anywhere else in the house.

It will heighten the fact that this area is unique.

Useful Tips for Choosing the Right Color Carpet for Hall Stairs and Landing

There are so many stairs and landing carpet options available nowadays. And all these kinds of carpets differ in color, style, material, pattern, price, and more.

So when you have a question on how to pick the best color carpet for stairs and landings, its essential to include all these points.

Many people use carpeted stairs and landings in their homes with no issues. But when falls happen, they may be harmful.

Choose carpets that are more secure on stairs than others.

1. It is good to go for good materials which are not slippery, so do not buy polyester and other slick material-based carpets to avoid falls. Suitable materials for these are sisal, polypropylene, or nylon carpet.

Stairs are generally a high-traffic area, so you need something durable that will stay in good condition in the future without considering how much abuse they have.

2. You must avoid thick carpets as it decreases the area available for feet, causing falls more likely. So it is good to choose one with a pile of 3/4-inch or lower.

3. Also, include your room color; if everything, including furniture, decor, plants, wall, and appliances, is colorful in your room, then use carpet with some neutral colors like beige, gray, or blue for stairs and landings.

But if most of the room decors have neutral colors, you can use a patterned or colored carpet.

4. If your stairs are smaller and you want to look larger, use some colors that make illusions.

5. Even the most stain-resistant carpet also can not stop all stains, so it is good to choose a solid dark-colored carpet to hide the stains.

And go for multicolor or flecked carpet to hide the dirt from your carpet.

6. Also, each color impacts our mood, so go for such a color that gives you relaxation and calm to your mind.