5 Best Color Carpet to Hide Stains and Dirt in 2022

Carpets can help in saving money as there are some colors on which stains are not visible.

So, if you have kids or if you are clumsy and easily drop anything then it is better to choose the color of carpets wisely.

Usually, darker colors are preferable as they do not reflect light back hiding the stains. Colors include dark brown, black, etc.

People should avoid brighter shades like white, peach, yellow, etc. as it is difficult to hide and clean stains on them.

We have come up with a guide to help you find the best carpet to hide stains.

5 Best Color Carpet to Hide Stains and Don’t Show Dirt

1. Dark Brown Carpet

best color carpet to hide pet stains

Dirt hides better in darker tones. Dark brown flooring is one such ideal carpeting that will hide all your stains even without a vacuum cleaner. It can easily hide dirt and stains of tea specifically.

Also, it is capable of hiding stains of all kinds almost because it has the darkest tone than stains.

Mostly, it goes best for the tv lounge where most time is spent.

As the lounge is an area specified for family time so members of a family in all age groups spend time here. This makes it a little more vulnerable than other parts of a house.

Also, it sets best with the sofa of the lounge and gives a cozy look.

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2. Patterned Carpet

patterned carpet to hide all types of stains

Patterned carpets are yet another cool addition to your floor to keep the dirt away from the eyes of people by making other things more attractive.

These patterned carpets come in a variety of colors and designs where most designs are of the nature that hides dirt and even most types of stains.

This not only gives a charming look to your floor but diverts the attention of the viewers as well.

You can choose a patterned carpet that goes better with the color of your walls and furniture and also should have a close enough pattern and color to serve the other purpose.

For people who are upset over dirt carried by foot then we will recommend them a bold-patterned carpet whose intricate designs will not only grab praise but will also keep the dirt hidden.

It goes best for hiding both dirt and stains. It can be used in lounges or bedrooms.

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3. Speckled Neutral Carpet

gray and white carpet to hide stains

Many people in their middle ages do not like dark flooring but they have the issue of hiding stains as well.

Speckled neutral carpeting solution is one for such people. Plain white carpeting shows dirt without any filter but there are some brighter light colors that will hide the dirt.

So, you can go with carpeting of neutral colors that has flecks on it.

This type of carpeting also goes best for the lounge and even the drawing-room as it looks good with a sofa and comfy couch.

You can go with beige or gray color carpeting covered in specks so that almost no dirt will show up.

This type of carpeting is specifically for hiding dirt as the darker stains of tea, watermelon, oranges, mangoes, etc. might be visible in the lighter color.

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4. Taupe Carpet

bedroom carpet to hide stians

Taupe carpets are famous for their soft and comfortable nature but we have come up with another feather of these carpets that will not only keep the dirt hidden from eyes but will also keep some stains hidden in their stuff.

The twisted yarns of a taupe carpet will make strains invisible among them and will go best for the lounge and bedrooms depending on the type of furniture you like.

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5. Multicolor Carpeting

best color carpet to hide stains

Multicolored carpeting gives a very aesthetic look to your house and also adds to the boho combination of your house.

There are a number of articles that comes in a mixture of nuanced shades where multiple colors are blended together to give a charming flooring.

Despite its attractive looks, it has the ability to hide dirt, dust, and mud. This is because there is much to be distracted with rather than locating dirt.

When it comes to selecting the combination of multicolors earth tones go best in this regard.

Here again, you should avoid rainbow colors as brighter tones have less tendency to hide dirt.

But collectively there are chances that they behave well. Keep in mind that this carpeting is for hiding dirt rather than stains.

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Carpet Types That are Easy to Clean

1. Nylon Carpet

Nylon carpets are famous for their durability as they are the easiest to keep clean and vacuum as it stands firm against abrasion.

Nylon has got such a texture that keeps its properties for a longer time so giving a fresh appearance rather than a dull or dirty one.

So, it is easy to keep it clean. Moreover, cleaning of nylon carpet is also easy as it may look like a new one by just steam cleaning.

2. Polyester Carpet

If you want to keep the carpets clean it is recommended to place a polyester carpet on your floors as they are easier to keep clean because they resist dirt.

Polyester carpets have oil-based fiber that goes best with the people having pets at home as it repels water-based stains that usually pets bring.

However, if you are willing to place the carpet in such a place where it will be vulnerable to oil-based stains then it might not prove workable there like parlors as beauty products will be difficult to clean.

3. Acrylic Carpet

Acrylic carpets are basically a replacement for wool carpets to keep the stuff comfortable and are hundred percent created with synthetic fibers.

They can easily retain their shapes and comes in a variety of color combinations and designs.

These carpets are mild and hypoallergic but breathing can be made better with an acrylic coating on a cotton base.

They are somehow difficult to clean as dirt gets stuck in fibers and patterns.

4. Triexta Carpet

This caret is stain resistant and has such a composition that its cleaning is a very environment-friendly process.

Triexta carpets are hydrophobic and do not takes in any stain based on watery substance. Moreover, it can be cleaned with water only and protect the fiber from chemical reagents.

So, triexta carpets are easy to clean with less cost.


Carpets increase the beauty of a household but it is important to see if your selected carpet is hiding the dirt or not.

Darker shades are better for carpets to hide stains and dirt. Also, patterned forms go better to hide them.

Nylon fibers are easy to clean so are better suited for houses.