6 Best Carpet Color with Oak Trim and Choosing Guide in 2022

Oak trims have been a popular home d├ęcor for a long time. It doesn’t matter whether you add them to the bedroom, lounge or living room. The warmth of the wood adds an amazing aesthetic to all interiors.

Plus, they are extremely versatile and easy to stylize. Browse the internet, and you’ll come across tons of beautiful decoration ideas. You can pair them with almost any flooring, wallpapers, and furniture.

One of the most trending combinations is oak trims and carpets. This particular combo makes the indoors look incredibly warm and welcoming. However, the carpet color you choose can make a world of difference.

It is why we’ve dedicated this post to walk you through the best carpet colors with oak trim. We will also discuss the rules to choose the right color. So, let’s dive in!

Best Carpet Color with Oak Trim

Typically, the wooden oak trims look best with neutral and earthy tones.

But, you can create a stellar contrast by using other solid colors, like red and green.

Below, we have listed the top carpet color choices.

1. Gray Carpet

grey carpet with oak trim

Gray is the most-preferred carpet choice for oak trims. Its neutral tone creates a nice base and background color.

You can use it to enhance the existing furniture regardless of the type (retro, minimalistic, contemporary, etc.)

Although gray is versatile, it looks perfect with light oak trims.

These include white, light brown, blonde, and other oak tones. The color adds an instant touch of modernization and coolness.

2. Blue Carpet

blue carpet for rooms with oak trim

Another popular neutral option is blue, especially in lighter shades. The soothing and comforting color gives a peaceful vibe. That said, it doesn’t attract all the attention to itself.

Instead, the color blends into the background and improves the overall look.

For example, when used with honey oak trims, the blue carpet balances the yellow and orangish hues. As a result, the room looks inviting and beautiful.

3. Beige Carpet

beige carpet with oak trim for small rooms

Beige is a much better choice if you prefer traditional and classic looks. The warm undertones of the color don’t contrast or overcome the richness of the oak. They work the opposite way and define it.

It is why people pair beige carpets and light oak trims together. The matching combo creates a gorgeous blended look.

However, you can also contrast a dark beige carpet with light oaks to add a subtle finish.

4. Brown Carpet

brown carpet with oak trim and dark blue walls

The earthy brown color represents safety and dependability. It makes an excellent contrasting shade to your white and blonde oak trims.

But, it’s not advisable to use bright, extremely dark shades of brown.

They can add a weighted feel to the room, which can be exhausting.

Instead, use the lighter ones. They create warmth and hide stains well too.

5. Cream Carpet

cream carpet with oak trim and light blue walls

The cream is the perfect middle ground. It has beautiful butterscotch undertones that do not accent or camouflage the oak. The color ever so slightly enhances it.

Plus, it goes well with all oak trims. Pair it with lighter wood, and you can create a welcoming vibe.

Or, use it against dark oak to give an elegant touch.

6. Seagrass Carpet

seagrass carpet with oak trim and light furniture

Seagrass is a beautiful blend of green and yellow. It doesn’t give off the negative feelings that we typically associate with yellow-green.

And so, the color looks great as a carpet flooring.

However, when paired with oak trims, the seagrass carpet appears exceptionally attractive.

The brown-seagrass combo radiates finesse and vintage. You can use it in dining rooms, living rooms, and even offices.

Choosing Rules for the Right Color Carpet with Oak Trim

Most of the time, we only choose a carpet color based on what looks pleasing to our eyes.

But, there are plenty of other important factors that help decide whether a carpet color is right or not. These include:

best carpet color with oak trim

1. Type of Oak Trim

Light, dark, honey-brown, orangish; the varieties of oak trims available are infinite. And so, not every best carpet color will go well with every oak trim. You need to consider the type of oak trim in your home.

For example, if your oak trim has strong yellow or orange hues, it will look incredible with neutral gray and blue carpets.

The coolness of these colors helps balance out the oak’s rich tone.

However, pairing a dark-colored carpet can give a weird, unpleasant look.

2. Room Size

Believe it or not, the colors help alter our perspective of things. Dark colors tend to reduce, whereas light colors expand.

And so, if your room is small, you should opt for light-colored carpets to give an impression of a larger space.

These include gray, blue, beige, white, and other neutral shades.

It’s best to use dark colors, like green, only when the room is sufficiently big.

3. Psychological Impact

It is a well-known fact that colors have a huge psychological impact on all people. They stimulate particular emotions and moods inside us.

Since you won’t be replacing the carpet anytime soon, pay close attention to the color’s impact.

Here’s the effect of some popular carpet color choices:

  • Blue has a soothing effect on the human mind. It represents loyalty and wisdom. And so, it promotes deep relaxation that makes it an ideal choice for bedrooms. But, avoid using it in dining rooms unless you want to reduce your appetite!
  • Red is the opposite of blue. It is an excellent stimulant that may cause increased breathing and heartbeat. The color evokes emotions like hunger, anger, and love. Lighter shades of red make a perfect pick for master bedrooms and dining rooms.
  • Green symbolizes money, nature, and health. It makes a person feel renewed, happy, and positive. However, some shades like yellowish greens can create negativity and jealousy.
  • White is the color of purity and innocence. It makes everything appear clean, simple, and perfect. If kept maintained, white carpets make an amazing choice for homes.
  • Black adds exceptional elegance and luxury to the room. But, it can also promote depression and anxiety if incorrectly used. Be very vigilant with how you use black indoors.
  • Beige, gray, and other neutral shades are quite popular. These colors look beautiful without having any prominent psychological effects. So, if you want to choose a safe ground, these colors are your go-to option.

4. Hiding Stains/Dirt

It doesn’t matter whether you’re choosing the carpet color for home or office.

Spills occur everywhere, making the carpet dirty in no time. Even if you manage to prevent the spills, dust and debris are bound to enter the carpet fabric.

Of course, you can get it cleaned. But, let’s not forget the cost and effort a single carpet cleaning session demands.

So, if you want to save yourself the trouble, opt for dark-colored carpets.

However, if you want to hide stains and dirt without dark colors, you can always choose freckled carpets.

These carpet designs use a light color base with dark color spots. Thus, all stains remain hidden!

Final Thoughts

All in all, carpet colors with oak trims matter a lot. With a single decision, you can either enhance the beautiful wooden trims or ruin the entire look.

We’re pretty sure you don’t want the latter!

So, the next time you shop, be very vigilant about the colors. Do your research, compare the options, and always choose the best carpet color with oak trim.

Hope this guide helps you in every step. Good luck!